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St. Andrew (Saltire) Crosses on Flags (Overview)

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Below is a selection of flags that have a diagonal centred cross (as in the St. Andrew's Cross or heraldic saltire). Fimbriation colours are indicated in parentheses following. Crosses in italics are proposals, or flags of uncertain or dubious status. Countries are identified by the leading boldface ISO3166 abbreviation, as listed on this page.

Regular Saltire Flags


BR Curitibanos (SC) (red), Flórida Paulista, SP (green and red)
BRC Phonix (blue, white, blue), RV Blankenstein (blue), Preetzer RC (blue)
GB ICV 27 (red)
LV Latvian Army Reserve (red), Latvian Yacht Club (red),
NL Civil Defence (red or blue)

BR Paulista, PE (light blue), Conchal, SP (black)
ES Santa Marta de Tormes

AU Belfast & Koriot Steam Navigation Co., Gippsland Steam Navigation Ltd., Queensland Steam Shipping Co.
BR Anhembi, SP, Guaimbê SP
CH Diesse, Lussy Villaz-Saint-Pierre, Corpateaux-Magnedens, Montcherand, Sigirino, Ticino
CZ Prachatice
DE Todendorf, Orion Schiffarts-Gesellchaft Reith & Co., J. Tideman & Co., RV Waldsee, Erich Sandkamp H.P. Breckwoldt Jr.
FR Yacht club Nautique Taussat-Cassy, Bonnets Rouges, Gascony
GB Galgate Shipping Co., Scottish Jacobite Party (part black), Hampton Poyle
HK Hong Kong, Canton & Macao Steamship Company, Ltd.
IE Castlebar
MD Floreşti
MT Zabbar
MX Veracruz registration flag, 1923
NL Echt-Susteren Maasbracht old flag
PT GNR Territorial Command of Bragança
RU Archangel regional flag (erroneous), Nashi party
SG Singapore Salvage Engineers Pte Ltd.
SK Chmel'nica (yellow), Liptovský Ondrej (yellow), Strážske, Ladce (yellow)
SU Soviet Naval Ensign, 1923
US Nashville TN former flag, Cooper City, FL Navy signal flag 4, Great Northern Pacific Steamship Co.
Others NATO signal flag #4

CN Salt Administration
San Andres and Providencia
ES Tenerife
GB Scotland, British Rail, 1949-65 (red, white),
GE Georgia Coast Guard (blue, green)
KI Abemama, Kiribati
RU Kaliningrad (yellow)
SC Democratic Party of the Seychelles
US Tallahassee, FL
Others Signal Code letter M

Many other flags based on the white cross on blue are listed on this page.

BE Soignies,
BR Caarapo, Mato Grosso do Sul (red), Tres Rios, Rio de Janeiro (thin red), São Simão (yellow, green), Caarapó, MS (red), Campos de Júlio, MT, Dom Eliseu (PA), Catole do Rocha PB, Schroeder SC, São José do Barreiro SP (red), Ibirarema SP, Araguatins TO
CA Cape Breton Island
CZ Partutovice
DE Memeler Dampfsch.-AG, Ölhandel- und Transport GmbH, Alfred C. Töpfer
ES Bérchules, Dólar, Escurial, Joarilla de las Matas, Torrillas, Nueva Carteya
FR Frantz Lesca yacht
GB Palm Line Shipping, Sìol nan Gaìdheal
GH Ashanti flag
Rabaszentandras (red, white)
NL Verenigde Tankkustvaart, Achterhoek
RU Russian Customs
SI Hrpelje-Kozina
SK Liptovsky Hradok, Cary

CH Jaun
DE Seerederei Frigga, Krupp Line (former flag), Frankfurter RG Borussia
ES Catalan Tricentennial
GB St. Catherine's College Oxford
Riouw, Indonesian princely state
MY Trengganu governmental flag
RU Customs flag (1827-1917?)

ES La Ercina

BE Belgian naval ensign (black/red)
BR Araporã, MG (blue), Farol, PR
NL Doeksen houseflags

AH Austria-Hungary Counter-signal
AU Port Jackson Code of Signals
BE Pont-a-Celles, Virton
BR Barra do Jacaré, PR
CH Pont, Porsel, Genthod, Courroux
CZ Carrouge, Křelov-Břuchotín, Zitenice, Hovorčovice
ES Benavent de Segrià, Vilamalla, La Victoria
FR Racing Club de Lens (UJ style)
NL Wijchen, Teteringen
NO Hjelmeland
RU Russia All-People's Union (black/white)
SK Lubeník, Štrba (white), Tajov
UA Andrushivka
FIC Albion in Fable video game

AU R.W. Miller & Co. Pty. Ltd.
BE Balen, Zingem
BR Cipó, Bahia, Rolândia, PR (white), Bocaina, SP (white), Biritiba-Mirim, SP
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Courchavon, Vendlincourt
CH Lamone, Ticino, Switzerland
CZ Jasenná, Kladníky, Budìtsko, Sulikov
DE Lufthansa, Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft mBH & Co., TSV Otterndorf Rowing Club, Heyne & Hessenmuller shipping, "Kette" Deutsche Elb Schiff Gesellschaft (1898), Rhederei A.-G. 'Oceana'
ES Aviá, Real Sitio de San Ildefonso, La Vid y Barrios, Eo-Naviego language
FR Versonnex
GB Mercia, England (historical) Hawick, Scotland, Kennaugh & Co., St. Albans, England
NL Pijnacker
NO Krødsherad
NZ Otago, New Zealand
PT Portulloyd, Scaniberia Line
RU Kaliningrad
SD Lado Enclave
SE Transatlantic Rederiaktiebolaget Line, Ragne, Svenska Sydafrika Linjen, Transatlantic Rederiaktiebolaget, Transocean
SK Vysoká pri Morave, Rožňava, Mosovce (white)
UA Armed Forces Air Force flag, Solomianskyi District
US Davie County, NC

BR S.A. Lloyd Nacional do Brasil, Ico, CE, Icém SP, (white) Mococa, SP, Valinhos SP (white)
CN Chinese Customs, Inspector General of Customs, Lay-Osborne Flotilla, European Chinese Naval Forces
CZ Kunratice u Cvikova
ES El Papiol, La Peña (red border)
Four Elms
NL Aa en Hunze
RU Federal Security Service
SK Láb,
Inspector of Customs
US Lima, NY, African-American Confederate flag (red)
VE General Captainship of Venezuela 1777, War Flag, 1830

BE Dessel
CZ Zitkova
GB Wigtownshire
ID Penjingat, Indonesian princely state
IE Water Wags of Dublin Bay
US Jasper, AL, Atomwaffen Division

ES Agencia Maritima Portillo SA (black)

ES Mantinos

CL Valdivia
CN Shanghai International Settlement
ES Burgundy Cross, GB Royal Mail Lines,
IE Kildare, Ireland: St. Patrick's Cross, JE Jersey
PR Burgundy Cross (raguly)
US Alabama, Florida,
: Signal Code letter V

Many other flags based on the red cross on white are listed on this page.

AR Sociedad Anónima Importadora y Exportadora de la Patagonia
Schöftland, Oceana Shipping
CO Corporación Universitaria del Meta
DE A.H.Wappäus shipping, Siedenburg, Wendt & Co., Rowing Club Wertheim
ES Burgundy Cross, Palau de Santa Eulàlia(yellow, black), Paradinas de San Juan, Villagarcía de la Torre
MN merchant flag (1939)
NL Binnenmaas, Mijnscheerenland, Westmaas
NO Odd Godager &Co.
NZ Takapuna Tranways & Ferry Co.
UA Zhmerinka
US Santa Barbara Co.

AU Sydney Ferries, R.S. Lamb & Co. Ltd.
BR Aracruz, ES (white), Andarai, BA, Alferas, MG (white), Rio Brilhante, MS (white), Marialva, PR (white), Corumba, MS (yellow), Goianésia, GO (yellow), Paranaiguara, GO (yellow), Aiuruoca, MG (yellow),  Carlos Chagas, MG (white), Diamantina, MG (white), Governador Valadares, MG (white), Muriaé, MG (yellow), Bela Vista, MS (yellow), Rio Brilhante, MS (yellow), Ponta Porã, MS (white), Barão de Melgaço, MT (white), Nova Bandeirantes, MT (white), Cachoeira do Arari, PA (white), Salinopolis, PA(yellow), Campo Largo, PR (white), Cianorte, PR (white), Matinhos, PR (white)
União da Vitória, PR (white), Barra do Ribeiro, RS (white), Nonoai, RS (white), Cacador, SC (white),
Gravatal, SC (white), Itapira, SP (white), Nova Europa, SP (white), Herculândia SP (yellow), Marabá Paulista SP (yellow), Morungaba, SP (white)
GB British and Commonwealth Steam Navigation Co., Stephenson Clarke Shipping, Union-Castle Line (white), Ulster separatists
GR Greek merchantman signal flag alpha
IE Blueshirts
IT Adria Lines
HR Adria Shipping Co.
LB Compagnie Libanaise de Navigation Côtière et d' Outre-Mer SAL
NL EIRAM III house flag,
NZ Wairoa Steamship Co. Ltd.
Jack (1948) (yellow), Jack (1952) (yellow)
SK Rožňava (1941)
RU Helsingfors Angfartigs A.B.
US Pierce County, Georgia, South Florida (fanciful flag), Woodbridge Township, NJ, 2nd Louisiana Cavalry, Third Texas Infantry CSA 1861 (white)
ZA Voortrekkers flag, South Africa, Potchefstroom Burgers' flag, South Africa, Other Karting flags: pit stop flag

BR Jandaia do Sul, PR (white), Pinhalzinho, SC (white), Aramina, SP (white), Bebeduoro, SP (white), Paranaiba, MS (white), Tres Rios, RJ (white), Janaúba, MG (white), Bela Vista, MS (yellow), Miranda, MS (white), Barra do Bugres, MT (white), Capanema PR (white), Florestópolis, PR (white), Missal, PR, Fontoura Xavier, RS (white), Linha Nova, RS (white), Espumosa, RS (white), Marau, RS (white), Descanso, SC (yellow), Seara, SC (white), Campo Limpo Paulista, SP (white), Campos do Jordão, SP (white), Mirante do Paranapanema (white),
BY Belarus Frontier Guard
CZ Lesná
ES Guinicio
PK Khairpur
RU Frontier Troups of Federal Frontier Service 1999-2003 (white)
US Brevard County, FL, African-American Confederate flag (black)

BR Salinas, MG (white), Artur Nogueira, SP (yellow)
ES Morcillo (white)

BR Rio de Janeiro
Nova Scotia,
Campillo de Deleitosa
Kingdom of Greece Civil Air Force Commander,
RU Ensign, naval rank flags, Russian Popular Front
Naval ensign, May 1918
US Army of Northern Virginia, 8th Infantry, UY Uruguay Jack

Many other flags based on the blue cross on white are listed on this page.

CN Manchukuo Customs Ensign
EE Koo
GB China Mutual Steam Nav. Co.
SE Svenska Lloyd
SK Nova Bana, Slovakia
UA Berezne, Ukraine
US Navy signal flag 5
Other NATO signal flag #5

AU Huddart Parker, Tasmanian Steamers,
Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, (white)
BR Piên, PR (white), Colômbia SP (yellow)
Société Maritime Bretonne de Transport et de Pêche
GE Service for State Security (white)
RU Vladivostok (white)
SU New Ensign project, 1941-45 (white)
UA Novorossiya former flag (white)
Army of Northern Virginia (white), Second Naval jack of the Confederacy (white), Winchester, Virginia (buff), Putnam Co., OH, Mt. Zion, Georgia (white) National States Rights Party (white) KKK Flag Variants (white)

BR Agudos, São Paulo, Brazil (white), Porto Murtinho, MS (white)
CA Digby, NS, Abbotsford (yellow)
GB East Lothian (deep yellow)

BR Sinap, Mato Grosso (white), São Simão, Goiás (white, green, yellow), Rochedo, MS (white), Presidente Bernardes SP (white)
CA Abbotsford (yellow)
GE Adigeni (white)
RU Russian Border Guard (white), Maritime Territory (unofficial) (yellow)

PT Os Belenenses Club

US Callaway Co, MO

FR Société des Régates de Brest, Brittany Yachting League

BR Dois Vizinhos, PR, Rodeio, SC
Zaire naval ensign
UCID party
DE RC Normannia (white, green), RC Germania, SVP Hamburg Rowing Club (white, green), Reederei Werner Triebler line, Hansa T shipping, SSV Planeta Radebeul
ES Encinasola, Navahermosa
Wijklijn house flag
PT Portuguese minister
SK Smolnicka Huta
US US Army Military Police Corps, Clay County, Florida, Collier County, Florida, Tennessee State Guard, Battalion Color, Hollywood FL, Apopka, FL

SH Tristan da Cunha 1974 proposal
Lauderhill, FL

BR Frutal (yellow)
Rhederei-Vereinigung, LENOX (white)
ES Basque Country

US Johnson County, Wyoming

BR Brazilian Military College (yellow), Varginha, MG (yellow), Capanema (PA) (yellow), Cajob, SP (yellow), Tupi Paulista SP (white), Oscar Bressane, SP (yellow)

BR Turmalina SP (yellow)

SK Vel'ky Krtíš
US African-American Confederate flag (red)

Savannah - St. Patricks Day

FR Union Régionaliste Bretonne

DE Flügge, Johannsen & Lubinus shipping, German Sailing Union (red), Norderwerft Line (white, red), RC Havel, Landsberger RC 1909, Rhine River Police, Franz Tecklenburg, Reederei Gesellschaft Germania,
ES Spanish Air Force fin flash
FR Plancoët
GB Gavinton, Fogo & Polwarth Community Council
RU Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops (yellow)
US The Southern Nationalist Flag

AH Österreichische Nordwest Dampfschiff Gesellschaft
CA Botwood
CR Liberia
CZ Žitková
DE Chief of Army Staff's Flag
MT Senglea / Isla
RU Front of National-Revolutionary Action (white)
SE IF Elfsborg Club
US Harbeck & Co. Line

BR Lagarto, SE (white), Coroados SP (white), Santa Isabel SP (white)
German Zeppelin Co. (white)
NZ Westport Coal Co. Ltd.
RU National Union Party (white)
SK Nováky (1991)
US African-American Confederate flag (green)

BR Americana, SP, Jaguariúna, SP (yellow), Presidente Epitácio SP (white)
Bonner RG

BR Altamira, Pará (white), Aratiba, RS
ES Pinós(yellow)
US New Afrika(red)

GB Black Country (yellow, red)

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