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Matinhos, Paraná (Brazil)

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[Flag of Matinhos, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022
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About the Flag

The municipality of Matinhos (35,219 inhabitants in 2020; 11,706 ha) is located on the Atlantic coast, 100 km south-east of Curitiba.

Matinhos was first settled in 1927, in the aftermath of the inauguration of the Sea Road connecting Paranaguá to Praia de Leste, by German colonists led by Augusto Blitzkow. The district of Matinhos was established as part of the municipality of Paranaguá by State Law No. 613 promulgated on 27 January 1951, to be elevated a municipality by State Law No. 5 promulgated on 12 June 1967. The municipality was inaugurated on 19 December 1967.
Municipal website

The flag and arms of Matinhos are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 35 promulgated on 13 March 1970.

Article 6.
The municipal flag of Matinhos, designed by heraldist Arcinoe Antonio Peixoto de Farias, shall be composed of eight blue quarters constituted by eight white stripes superimposed with red stripes, placed two by two in the horizontal and vertical directions, per bend and per bend sinister, starting from a central white rectangle where the municipal coat of arms is applied.
§1 - The style of the flag obeys the Portuguese heraldic tradition from which we inherited the canons and rules, which prescribe flags divided in eight, six, four or three parts, with the same colors as those of the shield's field and displaying in the center a geometric figure where the municipal coat of arms is applied.
§2 - The coat of arms in the center of the flag follows the same tradition, symbolizing the municipal government while the rectangle where it is applied represents the town proper, as the seat of the municipality. The stripes symbolize the municipal power that spreads to all parts of the territory and the quarters, thus constituted, represent the rural properties existing in the municipal territory.
Article 7. In compliance with heraldic rules, the municipal flag will have the official dimensions prescribed for municipal flags, that is, the official dimensions of the national flag, 14 units in width on 20 units in length.

Article 19.
The coat of arms of the municipality of Matinhos, prepared in accordance with the heraldic canons and rules under the responsibility of heraldist Arcinoé Antonio Peixoto de Faria, is described in proper terms as follows:
A Samnite shield surmounted by a six-towered stylized mural crown argent. In a field azure a nave argent outlined sable surrounded by two diving fish (dolphins) or a seahorse or in chief cantonned by two stars argent. The shield supported dexter and sinister by two banana leaves proper crossed in base and superimposed with a scroll gules inscribed in letters argent with the toponym "MATINHOS" and the date "19-12-1968".
§1. The coat of arms has the following symbolic interpretation.
a) The Samnite shield used to represent the coat of arms of Matinhos was the first style of shield introduced in Portugal by French influence, inherited by Brazilian heraldry as evocative of the colonizing race and main builder of the nation.
b) The mural crown that surmounts it is the universal symbol of domains' coats of arms; argent (silver) with six towers, only four of them visible in perspective view, it identifies a 3rd rank town, that is, the seat of a municipality. The stylization is the modern conception of the mural crown that, in Brazilian heraldry, appears on the coats of arms of Brasília and of the town of Guaratuba, Paraná.
c) Blue (azure) represents the sky always clear and sunny on the Brazilian coast, which constitutes an invitation to the revelry that the beaches offer tourists; in heraldry, blue symbolizes justice, nobleness, perseverance, zeal, loyalty, recreation and beauty.
d) The sea ​​argent (silver) wavy vert (green) highlights the location of the beach town while the sailboat emphasizes one of the characteristic sports practiced by yachting enthusiasts.
e) Argent (silver) symbolizes in heraldry peace, progress, friendship and purity; green symbolizes honor, civility, courtesy, joy and abundance; sable (black) means prudence, wisdom, moderation, science and austerity.
f) The diving dolphins, being a playful fish, belong to touristic symbology, completed by the seahorse.
g) Or (gold) symbolizes in heraldry glory, splendor, wealth and command.
h) The stars argent (silver) in chief aim to assimilate the two remarkable events in municipal life, that is, the elevation of the village to district category in 1949 and its political emancipation in 1968.
i) The banana leaves reminds one of the characteristics of the region, where the tasty fruit is native and whose trade is intensely practiced.
j) The scroll gules (red) is charged with the toponym "MATINHOS" and the date of emancipation, "19-12-1968".
k) Gules (red) symbolizes in heraldry dedication, patriotic love, detachment, audacity, intrepidity, courage and valiance.
Leis Municipais database

On the flag, the coat of arms is represented with the dolphins and the seahorse gules instead of or and the waves argent instead of vert.


[Flag of Matinhos, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022

The flag also exists with the original arms.

Ivan Sache, 5 February 2022

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