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Unidentified Flags or Ensigns - Page 4 (2022)

flags submitted in 2022 - Page 4 of 5

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Below is a series of images of flags that have been provided to FOTW; some we have recognized, and some we have been unable to recognize. If you can help us identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the: UFE Editor.

Identification Key:

= Positive ID (Positive Identification)
= Tentative ID (Tentative Identification)
= Some Speculation

Unidentified Flags on Page 1

  1. Possible Russian Rebel Militia Flag? (c1920s)
  2. Unknown flag of Mauritania (MR)
  3. Unknown Flag at a 2010 Football Match
  4. Unknown Golan Heights Armor Unit
  5. Unknown Japanese Unit Flag of the 12th Regiment
  6. Unknown House Flag
  7. Unidentified German Iron Cross Flag
  8. Unknown Sudan Flag
  9. Unknown Japanese Flag
  10. Unknown Red Flag seen in Abu Dubai
  11. Unidentified Bahrain Government Flags
  12. UFE Seen in Luxembourg
  13. Unidentified Israeli Green Flag
  14. Unknown flag on Captains Cap Badge
  15. Two Unknown Iranian Flags
  16. Unknown Iranian Flag
  17. Convoy Demonstration Flag (Victoria BC)

Unidentified Flags on Page 2

  1. German Imperial Pennant Badge
  2. Iranian flag with stylized gold "Allah" logo
  3. Two Unidentified Iranian Flags
  4. Unknown (Yellow/White/Brown) Tribar Flag
  5. Unidentified Flag with Seven Gold Stars
  6. Old German Yacht Flag 1933-45
  7. Three Unknown Cap Badges with Flags
  8. Unidentified US Flag (?)
  9. Mysterious Silk Trinity Flag
  10. Unknown "Free Syrian Army" Sub-Unit
  11. Unknown Israeli Political Party
  12. National Socialist Movement Unknown Variation
  13. Ukrainian Anarchist Flag
  14. Possible Iranian Health and Medical Education Ministry Flag
  15. Unknown Green Iranian Military Flag
  16. Unknown Light-Olive-Green Iranian Army Flag
  17. "Nazi Guard Dog Flag" (Poland)
  18. Bizarre People's Republic of the Congo Flag

Unidentified Flags on Page 3

  1. Unidentified pro-Russian militia (Ukraine)
  2. Ukrainian Wounded Veterans Association?
  3. Help with Identifying Three Banners
  4. Ukrainian Blue Lives Matter Flag?
  5. Israeli "United Jerusalem" Flag?
  6. Unidentified Green Iraqi Flag
  7. Unknown Popular Mobilization Unit?
  8. Unidentified Ukraine Army Unit Flag
  9. Strange Japanese World War II Era Flags
  10. Iranian Security Nuclear Engineering Flag?
  11. Six Unidentified Ministries of Qatar
  12. Unknown Extremist Death Head Flag

Unidentified Flags on this Page

  1. Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew, and Anti-Semitic Flag?
  2. A St. Andrews Cross Flag Puzzle
  3. Flag found in a Mexican Church
  4. Possible Home Secretary of Prussia (DE)
  5. Alsace-Lorraine Separatist Flag
  6. Independentist Chechen flag (RU-CE)
  7. Unidentified Military Unit (Ukraine)
  8. Unknown Kurdistan Flag
  9. Unidentified Flag Captured by Kurds

Unidentified Flags on Page 5

  1. Image from Ukraine Invasion
  2. Unidentified Saudi Navy Units
  3. Some Help with Unknown Text on US City Flags?
  4. Kaiserliche Marine Flag Identification
  5. Possible Ship Pilot Flag (Canada or U.K. or ??)
  6. Unknown Flag Seen in Salou
  7. Israeli Political Party UFE?
  8. Three Strange Ukrainian Flags
  9. New York Yacht Club Flag?
  10. Unknown Ukraine Military Unit Flag

Unidentified Flags on other pages

22-49. Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew, and Anti-Semitic Flag? Some Speculation

Image located by William Garrison, 10 August 2022

I am not too sure where this flag might be posted in FOTW. It is related to anti-semitism, anti-Jew, and anti-Israel. FOTW has an anti-Israel (Iran) page, but that pertains to an anti-Israel demonstration in Tehran, Iran - so, probably not appropriate to list it there. FOTW does not have sites for "anti-Semitism" nor "anti-Jew". Therefore, as this flag's design is clearly related to the flag of Israel, I suggest that it be placed somewhere in FOTW's "Israel" section - even though the flag was shown as located in Glendale, California (USA)].
the caption read: "An anti-Semitism/anti-Israel/anti-Jew flag resembling the national flag of Israel found on a fence on "Caltrans" (California Dept. of Transportation) property in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angles, California (USA); c. 7 Jan 2021."
The original online "Jewish Journal Article" noted (in part): "American Jewish Committee - Los Angeles Regional Director, Richard S. Hirschhaut, said in a statement to the Journal, that "The grotesque display of an Israeli flag with the Star of David bastardized as blood-and-bones in Glendale [California] yesterday is an outrageous act of antisemitism. The visual of Israel as the source of the suffering caused by COVID is a modern-day equivalent of the age-old antisemitic blood-libel trope."
The flag does appear to be professionally printed, and not a hand-drawn placard. The news-article refers to it as a "flag," and there are gromets on the "fly" side of the flag. Looking closely at the bottom of the flag, it appears that droplets of blood are dripping onto the bottom white stripe - demonstrating that this "flag" should be flown/shown in this horizontal position, and not rotated to be a mere vertical banner.
William Garrison, 10 August 2022

If the flag was used in California, then it shall go to the US section, unless it was spotted in at least one more country, in which case it should go to the QT section.
Tomislav Todorovic, 11 August 2022

Image by Pete Loeser, 10 August 2022
California Draught/Wildfire Flag

This anti-Semitic flag was found on a Caltrans station in the Glendale area of Los Angeles, but I wondered if it might have something to do with the coronavirus pandemic instead? It is similar to the California State "Draught/Wildfire" Flag that shows the California Grizzly Bear as a skeleton but has the addition of the text "COVID-19." Sadly, I'm probably wrong and this is just an example of extremists trying to blame COVID-19 on an imagined Jewish conspiracy.
Pete Loeser, 17 August 2022

22-50. A St. Andrews Cross Flag Puzzle Some Speculation

Oil, c1863-1883    Model Boat
Images from David Warwick, 15 August 2022

I have an old model in my private collection with the Royal Yacht squadron burgee and the white ensign of course but the blue cross on the fore mast is a real puzzle.
Also a painting I have just bought for home that I believe to be the Falcon of Lord Yarborough RYS of a private yacht with the same blue cross. (Alas, no white ensign showing)
It can't be the Russian Tsar's birthday or his visit surely... Both about late 1800s in date.
Any ideas! I have tried the obvious places but can't get far enough back and the old Yacht registers don't help David Warwick, 15 August 2022

Both examples show a blue St. Andrew's cross on a white field on the main mast. A first thought is "artistic licence", but other flags in the model and painting appear to be faithfully represented.
Rob Raeside, 16 August 2022

The oil painting doesn't show any other flags at all on the brig (There is a 2 masted sailing ship crossing just at the stern where an ensign should be.)
The foreground sailing boat looks as if it is carrying an important visitor to the ship., with a red pennant
The artist was John James Wilson 1818-1875, based in Folkestone, Kent, where he exhibited between 1863 and 1873. His work was mainly based on the South Coast of England featuring seascapes in many works after 1849 having moved from London
David Warwick, 16 August 2022

I have looked up an old signal book photo copy Marryats of 1873 and there is what could be [ its in black and white] a blue cross on white ground image that reads ALPHABET FLAG to be hoisted over the flags at some other masthead.
Do you think the artist and model maker thought to put a flag at the main masthead and that was the best choice. I wondered if the artist was hoping for the owner of the yacht would purchase the painting and be asked to paint in [later] the flags of his choice...but it never happened ..! Hence no ensign either
David Warwick, 16 August 2022

The composition of the painting suggests the larger ship is calling a pilot. What consequences this has for the flag, I wouldn't know. Is the flag-shape bit behind the ship maybe a white ensign?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 19 August 2022

Your comments are possible, although I thought that signal flags were usually strung between masts.
We have the Marryat signals for 1817 - no St Andrews cross - but they did change from time to time.
Rob Raeside, 19 August 2022

22-51. Flag found in a Mexican Church Positive ID

Image from Daniel Rentería, 27 August 2022

In the Parish of the Risen Christ (Parroquia de Cristo Resucitado), located in Cancún, is a flag similar to the flag of the Vatican. It is most likely a flag for the church, diocese, or archdiocese. I am unsure which it is though, since I am unable to find an image of the shield on the flag.
Daniel Rentería, 27 August 2022

This flag reported by Daniel Rentería is actually a variant of the "Legionaries of Christ" with the cravat on top.
One can see members of this Cancún congregation gathering at church here wearing RC T-shirts with a simplified logo. (source)

Cristo Resucitado (RC) Logo       Photo: Cristo Resucitado Service (flag on right)
Images from Esteban Rivera, 10 September 2022

This is the Cristo Resucitado Logo. (source - July 5th posting) There are several RC flag variants: One features the logo on a plain white field while another places the RC logo on the white vertical stripe (or right fly side) on a maroon/white bi-colored flag. (source)
For additional information on the Cancún Parish go to Cristo Resucitado Cancún's official website.
Esteban Rivera, 10 September 2022

22-52. Possible Home Secretary of Prusia (DE) Positive ID

Image from Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 17 July 2022

This general design is somewhat familiar to me, but I can't pin-point it. Anyone else?
Auction house identifies it as: "Hermann Göring - personal standard as Home Secretary of Prussia, white silk." (source)
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 17 July 2022

Image from Pete Loeser, 22 July 2022

I think it is a flag design based on the one the one used by the Free State of Prussia (under Nazi Germany) between 1933-1935. It was used in the area of old Prussia during the time that the NSDAP was consolidating its hold on Germany.
In 1933, in the the Preussenschlag (Prussian coup), Reich Chancellor Franz von Papen overthrew the democratic Free State of Prussia's government under Otto von Braun under the pretext that it had lost control of public order. This was triggered by a shoot out between SA demonstrators and Communists in Altona, Hamburg. After this emergency decree, Papen appointed himself and took control of the government. This made it easy for Adolph Hitler to assume control over Prussia in the following year. (source #1) (source #2)
The flags use was very short lived since individual state flags virtually disappeared in Germany after 1935. I think Hermann Göring was Reichskommissar für Preußen (Reich Commissioner for Prussia) from 1935-1945, so maybe this was the flag of the office. After 1945 the office was abolished with the fall of the Third Reich.
Pete Loeser, 22 July 2022

We already have a reference mentioning Prussia's administration during Nazi Germany on FOTW. Also, as mentioned by Pete, here are some additional sources that mention its existence and evolution during the Machtergreifung (seizure of power), also known as Machtübernahme (Takeover) and even Machtübergabe (transfer of power). (source #1) (source #2) (source #3) (source #4)
As for the images attached, the one labeled as #52b is in fact the Staatsflagge des Landes Preußen (1933-1935) (obverse). This item should be included in its respective section, "Kingdom of Prussia."
Now, it seems that there was also yet another historical Prussian flag which we do not currently feature in the above mentioned section, but it is discussed here. The "Republic of Prussia 1919-1935 (Germany)," and that is the immediately previous flag, or Staatsflagge des Freistaats Preußen (1922-1933), which features the respective CoA". By the way, here's an example of the use of that CoA in Gelsenkirchen-Buer and here.
The following images were all sent 20+ years ago, so I attach better images for reference only.

#52b    #52c

#52d    #52e
Images located by Esteban Rivera, 22 July 2022

  • #52b - (CoA in GIF format) Copied image from the original located here. (source)
  • #52c - (CoA, recreation in GIF format by David Liuzzo, based on Die Wappen der Deutschen Landesfürsten - J. Siebmachers großes Wappenbuch I. Band 1. Abteilung 2-5. Teil Nürnberg 1909-1929) Copied image from the original located here. (source)
  • #52d - (Flag in jpg format) Copied image from the original located here. (source)
  • #52e - Copied image from the original located here. (source)
Picture #52e caption reads: "We fly the Free State of Prussia flag to honor the first democratic parliament of Prussia which met #OTD in 1919! Prussia was a bastion of democracy in Germany as extremists gradually gained power, culminating in the Nazi takeover in 1933."
Esteban Rivera, 22 July 2022

22-53. Alsace-Lorraine Separatist Flag Some Speculation

Image from Andy Behrens, 17 August 2022

Can anyone identify the rightmost flag in this photo?
The red-and-white bicolor is the flag of Alsace, and with the addition of a yellow Cross of Lorraine in the canton, it's the flag of the separatist Alsace-Lorraine National Forum. But what is the meaning of the wolf in the lower hoist?
Andy Behrens, 17 August 2022

I believe I have an explanation for the UFE 22-53. The picture was reportedly taken in Colmar and features the flag of the short-lived Alsace-Lorraine Soviet Republic (1918), as seen on this page: Flag of Alsace - Wikipedia. Given the fact that the photo is taken during the Alsatian protests in December 2014, the black wolf is likely a reference to the The Black Wolves (Schwarze Wölfe or Loups Noirs), the militant, German-nationalistic organization of Alsatian separatists: Schwarze Wölfe - Wikipedia.
The demonstration was not for Alsatian independence as such but rather against the for the formation of a new region (Alsace fights back: a French David vs. Goliath story | openDemocracy), hence calling upon all autonomous regions in France, which explains the presence of the black-and-white flag of Brittany.
I have not yet been able to find a page that lists this flag, but then again it could be homemade.
Daniel Lundberg, 2 November 2022

22-54. Independentist Chechen Flag (RU-CE) Positive ID

Image from Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 16 August 2022

Seen in the daily video update of the Ukraine War Map is this Independentist Chechen flag, with on it the arms of a lying(?) wolf. I don't know what details we recognise about the moon(?) or its colour.
I know, flags with arms added are quite commons; I just don't know what authority there is to regulate it in this case.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg

#54a     #54b and #54c
Images located by Esteban Rivera, 16 August 2022

This flag's image is also seen here (source), and is basically the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria flag.
They are most likely members of the Ichkerian Special Purpose Battalion. Their full Rusian name is "The Separate special purpose battalion of the Ministry of Defense of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria" (Отдельный батальон особого назначения Министерства обороны Чеченской Республики Ичкерия ОБОН МО ЧРИ). It gets worse, They are also the "International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine" (Інтернаціональний легіон територіальної оборони України) also known as the Ukrainian Foreign Legion (official website #1) and (official website #2), which is a foreign military unit of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Foreign Legion was created in February of 2022.
There are also other Chechen military Units fighting on the Ukrainian side, namely the Dzhokhar Dudayev International Peacekeeping Battalion (Міжнародний миротворчий батальйон імені Джохара Дудаєва, БШМ) and the Sheikh Mansour International Peacekeeping Battalion (Международный миротворческий батальон имени шейха Мансура - BShM), both established in 2014. These units also use the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria as its flag. (source #1) and (source #2 and (source #3) and (source #4).
The Georgian National Legion is also part of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion.
Additionally, there are also Chechen fighters on the Russian side, who bear the Chechnya flag plus the faces of Akhmad Kadyrov and his son Ramzan Kadyrov.
Images attached:

These two flags show Akhmad Kadyrov (left) and his son Ramzan Kadyrov (right).
Esteban Rivera, 16 August 2022

Image by Marc Pasquin, 17 October 2022

This is a flag used by the Dudayev Battalion, a foreign fighters unit fighting alongside Ukraine and composed of Chechen volunteers. The battalion is named after Dzhohar Dudayev, the first president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Most commanders within the battalion fought for the independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (1991-2000) which explains the use of one of its flag variant (during the republic existence, a version of the flag without the emblem was also used). The central emblem can also be seen on the uniform of various members of the battalion.
Since the she-wolf is facing toward the viewer's right, I would assume it's the reverse of the flag we are seeing. Of note is the fact that the unlike most other monochromatic versions of the emblem, the circle above the she-wolf is grey rather than black.
The Dudayev Battalion should not be confused with another Chechen unit, the 141st Special Motorized Regiment (AKA "Kadyrovtsy" ["Kadyrov's followers"]) lead by Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic within the Russian Federation, which is fighting alongside Russian forces. (Source: Al Jazeera English)
Marc Pasquin, 17 October 2022

22-55. Unidentified Military Unit (Ukraine) Positive ID

Image located by William Garrison, 10 September 2022

Information moved to Sixth Division (92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade)

22-56. Unknown Kurdistan Flag Positive ID
Discussion continued from UFE14-45

[Note: Actually this Flag was identified as noted below in 2018 and again in 2022, but somehow it was misplaced on a re-posting on 25 September 2020 as a new and misnamed "Unidentified Kurdish flag" page. For clarification I reenter and link it. - UFE Ed]

Image from William Garrison, 5 September 2022
Kurdish National Council Flag

This flag, located by Esteban Rivera (03 July 20140, on the "Unidentified Kurdish flag" page is shown about half the way down the page. As it looks like the flag shown below, which is identified as "Kurdish National Council" flag in the caption, do you feel confident that it has now been "identified"?.

Image from William Garrison, 5 September 2022

The caption reads: "Kurdish National Council flag at oil fields controlled by the Kurdish militia YPG [Getty]" (source)
The article states: "The SDF, who control an area with vast amounts of oil, denies selling oil to Israel." (source)
William Garrison, 5 September 2022

DBK Flag     AANES Flag
Images located by Olivier Touzeau, 10 September 2022

The image attached by William is the flag of the Kurdish Supreme Committee (Desteya Bilind a Kurd; DBK), a self-proclaimed governing body in Northern Syria, which was founded by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC), following the signing on 12 July 2012 of a cooperation agreement between the two parties. It was dissolved in late 2013: the PYD increased its influence and control within Kurdish populated regions of Northern Syria, and increasing marginalization of the Kurdish National Council led to the KNC abandoning the DBK in November 2013.
The Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), a coalition led by the PYD, declared a new administration. The party flag pf the TEV-DEM, the yellow-red-green tricolor, entered widely in use as the flag of Rojava. Although the article sent by William is dated 2019, the white flag with DBK logo was not any more in use (at least in theory) after 2013.
The current flag of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), the de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria, is white with the current emblem, adopted in 2018. (source) The Syrian Democratic Forces is the official defence force of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES).
Olivier Touzeau, 10 September 2022

22-57. Unidentified Flag Captured by Kurds Positive ID

Image located by William Garrison, 22 September 2022

In early Sept. 2022, Kurdish militia forces captured portions of the Al-Hawl refugee camp (containing allegedly ISIS/ISIL participants) and several flags, in the Al-Hasakah region of northeastern Syria. The yellow-field flag is that of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF) which allegedly operated the camp. I cannot identify the blue-field with white-logo flag.
Original Photo Caption: "Al-Hasakah region: On September 17, 2022, the Kurdish forces declared that although the second stage of the operation to locate ISIS operatives in the Al-Hawl camp ended, they would continue to fight against ISIS squads in the camp. According to the Kurdish forces, during the second stage, which began on August 25, 2022, they arrested 226 people suspected of activity as part of ISIS, including 36 women accused of murder and terrorist activity." (kurdistan 24, September 17, 2022)
William Garrison, 22 September 2022

Anti-Terror Forces Command Logo (source)    Internal Security Forces North and East Syria Logo (source)
Images located by Esteban Rivera, 23 September 2022

The flag reported is one of many used by the "Internal Security Forces, ISF" (قوى الامن الداخلي), also known as the Asayish (الْأَسَايِش>), which are security police forces in the Jazira, Euphrates, and Afrin Regions.

ASAYISA Rojava Logo (source)     ASAYISA Rojava Flag (image) (source)
Images located by Esteban Rivera, 23 September 2022

They also act as the police force of the autonomous regions of Rojava.

Formed in the early stages of the Syrian Civil War, it had initially been established to police areas controlled by the Kurdish Supreme Committee.
The first mention of the existence of this organization on FOTW dates back to 2014 as (UFE 14-45 as "Three Unidentified flags from Syria") and also as "Unidentified Kurdish Flags," although only briefly mentioned, and not properly identified since there was no flag image.

HAT Command Flag (source)    Variant Command Flag (source)    Former Variant Command Flag (source)
Images located by Esteban Rivera, 23 September 2022

Here are two additional reports on the recent operation in the al-Hawl camp, displaying the logo and flag seen in Bill's image. (source #1) and (source #2)

Logos of the Six Main Anti-Terror Force Units (plus additional subunits)

  Image located by Esteban Rivera, 23 September 2022 (source)

Since the ISF is basically a Police organization, it featured several Directorates, which leads to many flags as well, both local police as well as different service Branches. It is composed of 26 official bureaus that aim to provide security and solutions to social problems.
The six main units of the Asayish are (in no particular order): (source)

- Checkpoints Administration
- Anti-Terror Forces Command (Hêzên Antî Teror, HAT)
- Intelligence Directorate
- Organized Crime Directorate
- (Illegal Drug) Traffic Directorate
- Treasury Directorate

Additional Image Sources:
  1. (source)
  2. (source)
  3. (screenshot from the embedded video at 0:16 onwards)
  4. (source)
  5. (source)
  6. (source)
  7. (source)
For additional information go to Asayish (official website)
Esteban Rivera, 23 September 2022

Female Internal Security Forces H.E.J.

Image located by Esteban Rivera, 23 September 2022 (source)

Interestingly, in the autonomous region of North and South Syria, the Asayish forces are striving for a force based on gender equality. An estimated 25% of Asayish members are women, and both a men and woman have positions in command positions. (source #1 and (source #2)

Female Internal Security Forces Logo

Image by Pete Loeser, 20 November 2022 (source)

Pete Loeser, 20 November 2022

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