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Index of Unidentified Flags or Ensigns

Enquiries about unknown flags

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Policy for submissions and enquiries: Since Flags of the World encourages open discussion of flag related issues, we encourage those with flag identification inquiries to submit them to this website. We will try and identify and answer legitimate questions when submitted with the following information:

  1. An image of the unknown flag.
  2. A brief description of the flag, where it was located, and any other known information pertinent to its history.
  3. The submitter´s actual name is appreciated, not a pseudonym. All discussions on FOTW are held in an open atmosphere, and since our own guidelines say, we as members should always give our names, we would appreciate those making enquiries do the same.
Please note: We cannot guarantee that all enquiries submitted will be posted or identified, but we try.

On the pages linked below are images of flags that have previously been sent to FOTW for identification: some we have identified, and some we are still trying to identify. If you can help us identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the: UFE Editor.

We use the following key to classify each of these Unknown Flags or Ensigns (UFE):

Identification Key:

= Positive ID (Positive Identification)
= Tentative ID (Tentative Identification)
= Some Speculation

Index of UFE Pages:

  1. Top of this page - Index of Unidentified Flags or Ensigns
  2. Unidentified flags submitted in 2002 or earlier
  3. - 1 page, 11 enquiries submitted, 4 remain unidentified.
  4. Unidentified flags submitted in 2003
  5. - 1 page, 12 enquiries submitted, 9 remain unidentified.
  6. Unidentified flags submitted in 2004
  7. - 1 page, 19 enquiries submitted, 14 remain unidentified.
  8. Unidentified flags submitted in 2005
  9. - 1 page, 24 enquiries submitted, 13 remain unidentified.
  10. Unidentified flags submitted in 2006
  11. - 1 page, 37 enquiries submitted, 15 remain unidentified.
  12. Unidentified flags submitted in 2007
  13. - 2 pages, 37 enquiries submitted, 25 remain unidentified.
  14. Unidentified flags submitted in 2008
  15. - 1 page, 22 enquiries submitted, 12 remain unidentified.
  16. Unidentified flags submitted in 2009
  17. - 1 page, 32 enquiries submitted, 11 remain unidentified.
  18. Unidentified flags submitted in 2010
  19. - 3 pages, 68 enquiries submitted, 22 remain unidentified.
  20. Unidentified flags submitted in 2011
  21. - 3 pages, 58 enquiries submitted, 25 remain unidentified.
  22. Unidentified flags submitted in 2012
  23. - 5 pages, 70 enquiries submitted, 30 remain unidentified.
  24. Unidentified flags submitted in 2013
  25. - 4 pages, 52 enquiries submitted, 28 remain unidentified.
  26. Unidentified flags submitted in 2014
  27. - 4 pages, 87 enquiries submitted, 53 remain unidentified.
  28. Unidentified flags submitted in 2015
  29. - 4 pages, 60 enquires submitted, 25 remain unidentified.
  30. Unidentified flags submitted in 2016
  31. - 5 pages, 68 enquires submitted, 37 remain unidentified.
  32. Unidentified flags submitted in 2017
  33. - 4 pages, 42 enquires submitted, 17 remain unidentified.
  34. Unidentified flags submitted in 2018
  35. - 5 pages, 70 enquires submitted, 50 remain unidentified.
  36. Unidentified flags submitted in 2019
  37. - 3 pages, 63 enquires submitted, 33 remain unidentified.
  38. Unidentified flags submitted in 2020
  39. - 2 pages, 44 enquiry submitted, 24 remain unidentified.
  40. Unidentified flags submitted in 2021
  41. - 5 pages, 75 enquiries submitted, 42 remain unidentified.
  42. Unidentified flags submitted in 2022
  43. - 5 pages, 67 enquiries submitted, 37 remain unidentified.
  44. Unidentified flags submitted in 2023
  45. - 1 page, 8 enquiries submitted, 7 remain unidentified.

Please take a look and let's get some more of these identified! Also, be aware that the discussion about UFE flags is on-going. Pages can change weekly and enquires could still be under discussion with new information discovered years after originally posted.

Other Unidentified Flags on FOTW

Scattered throughout our website are many other unidentified flags, where places of origin are known, but they remain a mystery. Some only have text descriptions, without supporting images.   Here is a partial list if you really want to test yourself!

Unknown flags from:

Please let us know if you can identify any of these and let the page editor know. We would like to get some more of these identified!

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Anything below the following line isnt part of the Flags of the World Website and was added by the hoster of this mirror.

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