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Unidentified Flags or Ensigns - Page 2 (2022)

flags submitted in 2022 - Page 2 of 5

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Below is a series of images of flags that have been provided to FOTW; some we have recognized, and some we have been unable to recognize. If you can help us identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the: UFE Editor.

Identification Key:

= Positive ID (Positive Identification)
= Tentative ID (Tentative Identification)
= Some Speculation

Unidentified Flags on Page 1

  1. Possible Russian Rebel Militia Flag? (c1920s)
  2. Unknown flag of Mauritania (MR)
  3. Unknown Flag at a 2010 Football Match
  4. Unknown Golan Heights Armor Unit
  5. Unknown Japanese Unit Flag of the 12th Regiment
  6. Unknown House Flag
  7. Unidentified German Iron Cross Flag
  8. Unknown Sudan Flag
  9. Unknown Japanese Flag
  10. Unknown Red Flag seen in Abu Dubai
  11. Unidentified Bahrain Government Flags
  12. UFE Seen in Luxembourg
  13. Unidentified Israeli Green Flag
  14. Unknown flag on Captains Cap Badge
  15. Two Unknown Iranian Flags
  16. Unknown Iranian Flag
  17. Convoy Demonstration Flag (Victoria BC)

Unidentified Flags on this Page:

  1. German Imperial Pennant Badge
  2. Iranian flag with stylized gold "Allah" logo
  3. Two Unidentified Iranian Flags
  4. Unknown (Yellow/White/Brown) Tribar Flag
  5. Unidentified Flag with Seven Gold Stars
  6. Old German Yacht Flag 1933-45
  7. Three Unknown Cap Badges with Flags
  8. Unidentified US Flag (?)
  9. Mysterious Silk Trinity Flag
  10. Unknown "Free Syrian Army" Sub-Unit
  11. Unknown Israeli Political Party
  12. National Socialist Movement Unknown Variation
  13. Ukrainian Anarchist Flag
  14. Possible Iranian Health and Medical Education Ministry Flag
  15. Unknown Green Iranian Military Flag
  16. Unknown Light-Olive-Green Iranian Army Flag
  17. "Nazi Guard Dog Flag" (Poland)
  18. Bizarre People's Republic of the Congo Flag

Unidentified Flags on Page 3

  1. Unidentified pro-Russian militia (Ukraine)
  2. Ukrainian Wounded Veterans Association?
  3. Help with Identifying Three Banners
  4. Ukrainian Blue Lives Matter Flag?
  5. Israeli "United Jerusalem" Flag?
  6. Unidentified Green Iraqi Flag
  7. Unknown Popular Mobilization Unit?
  8. Unidentified Ukraine Army Unit Flag
  9. Strange Japanese World War II Era Flags
  10. Iranian Security Nuclear Engineering Flag?
  11. Six Unidentified Ministries of Qatar
  12. Unknown Extremist Death Head Flag

Unidentified Flags on Page 4

  1. Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew, and Anti-Semitic Flag?
  2. A St. Andrews Cross Flag Puzzle
  3. Flag found in a Mexican Church
  4. Possible Home Secretary of Prussia (DE)
  5. Alsace-Lorraine Separatist Flag
  6. Independentist Chechen flag (RU-CE)
  7. Unidentified Military Unit (Ukraine)
  8. Unknown Kurdistan Flag
  9. Unidentified Flag Captured by Kurds

Unidentified Flags on Page 5

  1. Image from Ukraine Invasion
  2. Unidentified Saudi Navy Units
  3. Some Help with Unknown Text on US City Flags?
  4. Kaiserliche Marine Flag Identification
  5. Possible Ship Pilot Flag (Canada or U.K. or ??)
  6. Unknown Flag Seen in Salou
  7. Israeli Political Party UFE?
  8. Three Strange Ukrainian Flags
  9. New York Yacht Club Flag?
  10. Unknown Ukraine Military Unit Flag

Unidentified Flags on other pages

22-18. German Imperial Pennant Badge Positive ID

front view   rear view
Images from John ,23 February 2022

Klaus Michael suggested you may be able to help identify this enamel badge. Could it be a veterans badge? It was attached to a German-made Elbe hat.
John , 23 February 2022

I believe this is a patriotic badge of the Imperial Naval Association in the form of the Reich War flag of the First World War. For those not familiar with the Imperial War Flag I direct you to "The History of the Imperial German War Flag (1867-1921)" and on FOTW more information is found here.

Images located by Pete Loeser, 25 February 2022

I share these images of almost identical German Reich War pennants (Wimpels) that your badge appears to be based on. Mostly these pennants, table flags, and badges were made for veterans organizations, commemorative events, or for individuals - and more often than not, they are rectangular shaped like the actual War Ensign were. Exactly what event, reason, or purpose your particular badge was manufactured for would be impossible to determine. Just consider it a nice example of a veterans commemorative hat badge.
Pete Loeser, 25 February 2022

This Reichskriegswimpel seems to be a pennant version of the Reichskriegsflagge, but I doubt, if such a pennant really existed historically, though I see the three examples above. Stick pins often were worn by members e.g. of shipping companies, and maybe former naval officers. That hat is called an Elbsegler. The late German chancelor Helmut Schmidt wore that kind of hat. But the Imperial Navy is gone since about 1918. That's more than 100 years ago.
The Reichskriegswimpel you found may be simply souvenirs. The German service flag is also manufactured for touristical purposes or souvenirs, although it is forbidden for private persons to hoist that flag in Germany, they are all "unofficial". The only thing I can definitely say with certainly is these pennants are more or less the same pattern as the Reichskriegsflagge and now banned in Germany.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 17 March 2022

I have a small caveat about this information supplied by Klaus Michael on his item - despite the heading he calls it a pennant version of the Reichkriegsflagge and quite rightly states that any flag bearing a swastika is banned, however, this is actually a pennant version of the Kaiserlichekriegsflagge which (at least as far as I know) isn't forbidden to the general public?
Christopher Southworth, 4 April 2022

I believe in Germany, because of the use of both the Reichkriegsflagge and the Kaiserlichekriegsflagge by modern extremist groups, they have both been banned for display in public, especially at football/soccer games. I may not be correct, however, as I don't live there.
Pete Loeser, 9 April 2022

A pennant version of the Reichskriegsflagge does not appear in the 1905 version of Flaggenbuch nor in the 1926 version. It might be that naval veterans had permission to use a pennant version as a cap badge, but it is not an official flag of any kind of German Naval Association. Flaggenbuch 1939 would be too late late, as the Reichskriegsflagge then had been already replaced by the National Socialist version.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 14 April 2022

22-19. Unknown Iranian Flag
with stylized gold "Allah" logo

Image located by William Garrison, 1 March 2022

The caption on this flag reads: "Unidentified green-field flag with stylized gold-colored "Allah" logo (with slogan below logo); from religious sermon by Abolghasem Tatari in mosque in Garmeh, Iran; c. 25 Feb 2022." (source)
William Garrison, 1 March 2022

22-20. Two Unidentified Iranian Flags
Possible Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization HPA

detail   original photo
Images located by William Garrison, 2 March 2022

On February 8, 2022, in Tehran, the Syrian Ambassador to Iran, Shafik Ali Dayoub, met with Seyyed Abdul Fattah Nawab, the Representative of the Supreme Leader for "Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs." The photo caption reads: "The meeting of the supreme leader's envoy on pilgrimage affairs with the Syrian ambassador to Tehran. (IRNA, February 8)" (source) These two unknown flags may be related to Nawab's office, particularly the green-field one, as its logo pictures the holy Kaaba Shrine that many Muslims attempt to visit during hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia." (source)
The Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs Organization (سازمان حج و زیارت) was founded in 1979 and before that Hajj Pilgrimage matters were managed by the Ministry of Interior. " In Iran this organization is a subset of the Ministry of Culture and_Islamic_Guidance. Does anybody recognize these flags?
William Garrison, 2 March 2022

22-21. Unknown (Yellow/White/Brown) Tribar Flag Some Speculation
Associated with Pennsylvania before 1959...

Image from Dr. Barbara Wert, 26 September 2021
Originally sent to NAVA for identification, forwarded to FOTW by Ted Kaye, 27 March 2022.

I am a member of an historical society and on a committee to catalogue textiles in storage for our society. We came across a flag that none of our current members seem to be able to identify. Can you help? It is about 23" x 33", on a 4 foot Pole with finial and was found with other flags the same size of United States 48 star flags (same pole, finial and size).
It may be local to our area but no one knows. It is a trifold flag with golden yellow, white, and brown (faded) in that order from the pole out to the end. Have you ever seen anything like it or know of ways for my group to research or identify it? Any assistance or direction would be deeply appreciated.
Dr. Barbara Wert, Bloomsburg University, 26 September 2021

If possible, can you send an image of the flag, and of any details (writing on header, for example)? Let us know your location/society name, too - as that might provide clues.
Dyes sometimes fade or change over time - for example blue can turn into brown, so that might be part of the puzzle.
Ted Kaye, NAVA secretary, 27 September 2021

We had just pulled it out of a bag with multiple flags so please excuse the crinkles. Our Society is the Hanover Area Historical Society in Hanover, Pennsylvania. We are located between Gettysburg and York. There is no writing and yes, the colors are faded. The photo may present colors slightly different from the real thing but they seem to be a goldenrod yellow (next to the pole of the flags), white, then brown (or possibly green or possibly another color) at the free end of the flag. They were found with American flags with 48 stars of the same size and with similar poles and finials (simple cone shape). The photo is portrait but the flag is designed horizontal so you will want to turn the photo for realistic viewing.
Dr. Barbara Wert, 28 September 2021

I'm not recognizing it immediately. But I'll work on it. Coincidentally, my son did major research into tribar flags (horizontal and vertical) 20 years ago, so I'm checking his documentation for prospects. Were the others all U.S. flags or were there some others as well? If so, is it possible to list some of the other flags in the set?
Ted Kaye, 27 September 2021

There were only the US flags and several of this flag together . No other flags were found.
Dr. Barbara Wert, 28 September 2021

Information on this flag remained inconclusive and so Ted passed it on to you to see if we could find anything.
Pete Loeser, 27 March 2022

This flag reminds me of some of the National Woman's Party (NWP) flags used by the American Women's Suffrage movement. The "Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage" held their First International Women's Suffrage Conference in 1902, and this was before the gold-white-purple "horizontal" tricolor was made the flag of the American suffrage movement. Perhaps that mysterious faded brown/blue third stripe on those found in storage were actually purple ones and these flags were a set of early demonstration banners or flags used by the suffragettes before they became more standardized. There were many large demonstrations with people carrying both the Stars and Stripes and Woman's Suffrage Movement Flags, displaying them both horizontally and vertically. The NWP became the first group to picket the White House and frequently conducted marches. The 48-Star Flag became official in 1912 and in 1913 Alice Paul organized a large demonstration in Washington D.C., for example. Perhaps this is a set of their early demostration parade flags you have discovered. The gold-white-purple "horizontal" tricolor only became official after 1917 when the "Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage" reinvented themselves as "The National Woman's Party." There were many demonstrations and perhaps "vertical" tricolors, or horizontal ones rotated counterclockwise, like these were used as banners or decorations? Since it is Woman's History month, why not consider this a working hypothesis?
Pete Loeser, 27 March 2022

#21a   #21b   #21c   #21e
Images from Pete Loeser, 5 April 2022

Further research shows that apparently the National Woman's Party displayed their flag vertically quite often and these photos indicate the order the stripes are shown during demonstrations appeared random as the photo (#21a) in front of the White House clearly shows. The March photo (#21b) also demonstrates this disregard to any stripe order. The NWP Convention name tag in photo #21c again shows a disregard of the vertical order of stripes. The use of both horizontal and vertical tricolors was also apparent within the British Suffrage Movement as photo #21e demonstrates.
Once again, I emphasize that this hypothesis that the flags are parade or decorative NWP flags is pure speculation at this point, but I hope this generates other theories about the identification of these flags
Pete Loeser, 5 April 2022.

22-22. Unidentified Flag with Seven Gold Stars Positive ID

Image from Eric Martin, 6 March 2022

Anyone know what this flag represents?
Eric Martin, 6 March 2022

Try Spanish or Brazilian municipal flags at FOTW.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 7 March 2022

There's a place in Brazil with a flag with similar elements. Did your photo chop off an extra star?
Ian MacDonald, 7 March 2022

Nope. Only 7 stars.
Eric Martin, 7 March 2022

It's the flag of Southampton County, Virginia. The image on the FOTW page looks like there might be an inscription on the courthouse with a clue!
Russ Adams, 8 March 2022

Thanks to everybody who took the time to help ID this flag.
Eric Martin, 8 March 2022

Town hall? Maybe not the most enlightening line of inquiry.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 3 May 2022

22-23. Old German Yacht Flag 1933-45 Some Speculation
Alte deutsche Yachtflagge 1933-45

Image from Armin Hertel, 20 March 2022

[This message was translated and edited from German] I am looking for information on an old family flag. My hypothesis is that the mysterious flag may belong to the DSV (German Sailing Federation) cruiser division between 1933-45.
The flag itself has a red bordered (fimbriated) St. Andrew's Cross in black on a white background. The flags manufacturer was Fahnen Fleck in Hamburg. They are still in business.
Instead of a yellow golden oval with black anchor and rope as on the earlier DSV flag, it has a yellow stylized Federal Eagle (Reichsbund Adler) defaced with a NSDAP swastika. My great-grandparents had a dinghy cruiser, so it might make sense.
Armin Hertel, 20 March 2022

Although the contributor made an educated guess, I believe this might be a variant burgee of the Yacht Club of Germany (Kreuzerabteilung of YCvD), which existed between 1937 and 1945. Has anybody more information than I have?
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 20 March 2022

22-24. Three Unknown Cap Badges with Flags One Positive ID and Some Speculation

#24a    #24b    #24c
Images from Ron Flook, 6 April 2022

As you will appreciate many shipping companies used their house flag as the basis for their cap badge. I have a collection of badges and amongst them some have defied identification. Any help in identifying them would be very much appreciated.
Badge #24a could well be a Yacht club badge. Badge #24b is an oddity, it appears to be a Federal/NZSC badge, but the quadrants of the area where the NZSC letters should be are devoid of any letters and are coloured green. They are not discoloured as the thread show through the back and is green. [Badge #24c is shown without comment]
Ron Flook, 6 April 2022

None of the fields on these flags appear to bear any emblems and any detail you might see seems simply to be embroidery. (Much larger images are available directly upon request to me.)
Rob Raeside, 7 April 2022

Ron included three other badges (without flags on them) in hopes sombody might spot one they recognized. Since they didn't have any flags on them they are not included here as UFE items (See: Additional unknown cap badges), however if you recognize one, let Rob know directly, and he can forward the information on to Ron.
Pete Loeser, 9 April 2022

image located by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 9 April 2022

I'd say #24b is the New Zealand Shipping Company (NZSC). I don't know why the specimen has green, but it looks like £70 will get Ron the other specimen for comparison.
Speaking of green: #24a appears to have green for white as well. Someone using the wrong washing powder? Unfortunately, the right company doesn't come to mind. (At least, not today.)
Anyone else who can help us out, now that the green is identified as white?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 9 April 2022

We might look under English Shipping Companies.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 12 April 2022

We have had some talk about why shipping lines would necessarily be from the land the name mentions as its target.
It's this, what caused a poster to look for items related to lines targeting New Zealand between the flags of New Zealand. Unfortunately, that cause is not quoted, [someone help that editor out, there] causing my reply that one might look for British lines targeting New Zealand as a rather stand-alone remark.
Also, since the NZSC is already identified one paragraph up, I'd say it's not edited in in the optimal order.
Still, I hinted at something more being available, if only someone would make the right combination. Well, I'm still not sure about all this, but could someone check whether the history at, Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (Canada), would allow for an emblem like that? [Editor: It's nice that I provided so much information about them, but could you throw in a few section headers or horizontal bars to make it easier to read?]
I think that was the one I was thinking of, though it may be it's indeed a house flag that's just related to it.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 4 September 2022

22-25. Unidentified US Flag (?) Positive ID

Image from Ian Sumner, 14 April 2022

I've been asked to try and identify this flag, but it has defeated me so far, so was wondering if someone else might have better luck (or knowledge ).
It comes from a US collection with a maritime bias, based in California, and may date from any time from the Second World War onwards. I can't see anything in the US house flags on our pages, nor in Neale Rosanowski's work, nor on the websites of Josef Nüsse or Marcollect. The logo bears a superficial resemblance to those used in some blood donor campaigns (assuming the droplet "is" blood, and not, say, oil), but none are quite identical - I don't think it's American Red Cross.
Ian Sumner, 14 April 2022

Regarding this flag inquiry from Ian Sumner, as I thought it might be medical related, I contacted the American Red Cross. Their reply below:
"Thank you for contacting the American Red Cross. I am very sorry, that is not one of our symbols. I tried to do an image search on Google and was not able to find anything that matched. - Sharrie T., Customer Service Agent, American Red Cross Training Support Center"
Bill Garrison, 15 April 2022

Does this flag refers to perhaps a blood donor drive?
Esteban Rivera, 17 April 2022

I also looked as well and it reminds me of a blood bank center but I have not been able to identify it either.
Zachary Harden, 17 April 2022

Image located by Masao Okazaki, 17 April 2022

It looked like something from the 60s or 70s, so I searched for "blood donation logo 1970" and I found this image on Pinterest as the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank Logo. Designed in 1970 by Walter Landor Associates.
Regarding the maritime bias Ian mentioned, it might be due to the headquarters of the Landor and Associates design firm once being the renovated ferryboat Klamath docked at San Francisco Pier 5.
Sources: Landor Associates and Wikipedia: Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Company: The Klamath.
Masao Okazaki, 17 April 2022

So now that Masao has located the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank logo, designed by Walter Landor Associates (Landor), here's a little interesting historical insight:

     "On June 17, 1941, the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank opened its doors in response to the lack of a sufficient method of obtaining and storing blood for later use - by both the military and community hospitals in the San Francisco area. The aim was to ensure that patients in the Bay Area would never again be without an adequate supply of blood. Irwin Memorial Blood Bank is credited as the first community blood bank in the United States."
     "The San Francisco County Medical Society granted the fledgling blood bank permission to operate out of the basement floor of an old San Francisco home, the Irwin Mansion. However, after years of growth, the blood bank had expanded its blood collection operations throughout Northern California."
     "In April 1955, Irwin opened its new doors at Masonic and Turk Streets in San Francisco."
[It would later merge with other local community blood banks becoming the "Blood Centers of the Pacific." It remains at the same location today.]

On September 24, 2018, the Blood Centers of the Pacific joined 120 other community blood banks existing across the United States under the umbrella of the Vitalant Research Institute. For additional information on this see the Vitalant website. Other sources on the history of these blood banks in Wikipedia would include Blood Centers of the Pacific and Vitalant.
Esteban Rivera, 17 April 2022

Oh brilliant! Thanks Masao and Esteban, that looks like the symbol in question.
In further chat with the original enquirer, Jim Scriba of the Sausalito Historical Society, the original owner of the flags was associated with a ship-building company called Marinships, based in Sausalito, California. All the others that came to me for IDing were ensigns or signal flags, so my first thought was that the mystery flag had a maritime origin. But a Second World War-era blood donor drive would fit as well.
Ian Sumner, 17 April 2022

22-26. Mysterious Silk Trinity Flag

Image from BlinxCat, 17 April 2022

I purchased a set of 1900's-1910's era silk flags not too long ago, said set came with 1901 Maine, 1899 Presidential Naval Flag and a Prototype Polish flag, however one flag stood out was this mysterious flag that resembled Ukraine that had "trinity" written on it, me and a friend believe this may have to do with "Trinity College" which uses similar colors but the issue is there is no information regarding them having a flag of some kind similar to this and only having modern-day "sports styled" flags that can be bought online.
BlinxCat, 17 April 2022

22-27. Unknown "Free Syrian Army" Sub-Unit

Image from William Garrison, 21 April 2022

A fighter from the Free Syrian Army fires an anti-aircraft machine gun mounted on a vehicle deployed during fighting against the Islamic State near the northern village of Beraan, north of the embattled city of Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 24, 2016. (Nazeer al-Khatib/AFP via Getty Images) Read more here.
Caption reads: "A white-field flag of an unknown 'Free Syrian Army' sub-unit near Beraan, Syria (north of Aleppo, Syria); Oct. 2016. Nazeer al-Khatib/AFP via Getty Images" (source)
William Garrison, 21 April 2022

22-28. Unknown Israeli Political Party Positive ID

Image from William Garrison, 21 April 2022

Information has been moved to Lehava Party (Israel).

22-29. National Socialist Movement Unknown Variation Some Speculation

Image located William Garrison, 22 February 2022

"Antisemitic rallies were held near Orlando, Florida, on Saturday and Sunday, with some two dozen people in neo-Nazi gear waving swastikas, stomping on Israeli flags, and yelling antisemitic..." insults. (source )
FOTW shows some "National Socialist Movement," but this flag (source) isn't shown and may be a new NSM variation, or a flag borrowed from another neo-Nazi group.
The caption reads: "A flag that mixes the basic (German) Nazi flag with the (C.S.A.) Confederate flag. Neo-Nazi demonstrators with swastikas and 'National Socialist Movement' banners, stomping on an Israeli flag, in Orlando, Florida on January 29, 2022. (screen capture: Twitter/Luke Denton)"
William Garrison, 22 February 2022

I didn't see any flags with this combination on any of Pete's Political Flags of Extremism pages.
Rob Raeside, 22 February 2022

Image located William Garrison, 22 February 2022

Regarding this NSM flag-variation, I am attaching another photo that hopefully "clarifies" the images in the radiating "bars," (in case someone might want to try to draw an image of the flag). (source).
William Garrison, 22 February 2022

The flag might be used by the National Socialist Movement, but it is not "their" flag as such. Also, it does not combine the basic Nazi design with the CSA flag, for there is no blue color - what might look blue, is actually black, and the "saltire" arms width is increasing towards the corners, typical for the pre-1918 German military colors, also used in some "generic" neo-Nazi flags as this one. Two arms of the "saltire" bear a gold crown and two white crosses patty, reminiscing the flag and arms of the city of Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland), while the other two bear the SS emblem. Also, there is the SS skull-and-crossbones superimposed over the swastika.
Tomislav Todorovic, 22 February 2022

The demonstration was organized by the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and was broadcast live on the website of the American Nazi Party (according to the US This loosely ties the flag to the NSM movement, although it is not officially claimed by them. It seems more like a local flag being used by one idividual or small subgroup of extremist. (source)
Anonymous, 4 October 2022

22-30. Ukrainian Anarchist Flag Positive ID

Image from Jaume Ollé, 12 March 2022

Information moved to FC Arsenal (Ukraine)

22-31. Possible Iranian Health and Medical Education Ministry Flag Positive ID

Image from William Garrison, 18 March 2022

The caption on this photo reads: "An unidentified sky-blue flag possibly of Iran's 'Health and Medical Education Ministry'; c. Sept. 2021" (source)
My inference that it is based on as the article reads in part: "Speaking at a meeting to discuss how to curb COVID-19 at Iran's Health Ministry, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi."
William Garrison, 18 March 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) & UN protocol established that this is the flag of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME). (source)
Anonymous, 4 October 2022

22-32. Unknown Green Iranian Military Flag Positive ID

Image from William Garrison, 28 April 2022

According to the AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA), the Commander of Iran Navy said on Tuesday that the country's navy has turned into a determining force in the region. The photo contained these three flags. The caption read: "Unidentified green-field flag with yellow logo &: lettering; Iran navy Rear Admiral Shahram Irani speaking at the 'National Navy Music Festival' in Mashad, Iran; c. Jan. 2022." (source)
The Flags are: (left) Iranian National Flag; (middle) Unknown - no anchor or naval imagery, no obvious musical imagery; and (right) The Iranian Navy flag.
William Garrison, 28 April 2022

I just found this unidentified flag myself, it is the Shia Muslim banner, located by Valentin Poposki on 9 December 2011.
I was able to contact أحمد سميح مصالحة (Ahmad Sameeh Massalha) who kindly helped identify this flag. The gold text عليٌ ولي الله means "Ali is God's liege" or "The liege from God". Ahmad says this is another Shia Muslim banner declaring their allegiance to Ali (Hussein's father), the 4th Muslim ruler...
William Garrison, 28 April 2022

Identifications don't come much faster than this!
Rob Raeside, 28 April 2022

22-33. Unknown Light-Olive-Green Iranian Army Flag

Image from William Garrison, 2 May 2022,

An article from TEHRAN FNA reports that the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami, in a meeting with Iranian Army Commander Major General Seyed Abdolrahim Moussavi stressed the need for the development of more advanced electronic warfare to defend the country.
The photo (cropped here) showed: "Three flags: (left-to-right): Iranian national flag; Iranian Artesh/Army flag; and on (far right) an unknown light-olive-green Iranian Army flag (maybe a new variety of some Chief of Army Command flag?). The caption on read: "Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami (left) in a meeting with Iranian Army Commander Major General Seyed Abdolrahim Moussavi (right).
William Garrison, 2 May 2022,

22-34. Nazi Guard Dog Flag? (Poland) Positive ID

Image located by William Garrison, 2 May 2022

Information has moved to Guide Dog Center for the Blind (Israel)

Image by Pete Loeser, 22 May 2022
Based on this photo located by Esteban Rivera, 3 May 2022

Information has moved to Commemorative flag 30 years March of the Living / 70 years Israel

22-35. Bizarre People's Republic of the Congo Flag Some Speculation

Images from BlinxCat, 2 May 2022

I've spotted this flag once in an old chart once, it's a flag similar to that of the USSR but with two palm trees behind the hammer & sickle.
I've once spotted it again and now two variants exist, I've redraw my memory of it and shown a variant I just recently spotted.
BlinxCat, 2 May 2022

I am not sure which Congo is intended for this flag, and I don't think we have it on FOTW. Can anyone provide more information?
Rob Raeside, 2 May 2022

Could it be a misinterpretation of the 1969-1991 flag of Congo-Brazzaville?
Elias Granqvist, 2 May 2022

Indeed it's label is in Spanish: Congo (República Popular de) (abbreviation of the State in the period 1969-1992).
Esteban Rivera, 2 May 2022

Probably, but a Congo People's Republic existed in the 60s in north-east Congo.
Jaume Ollé, 3 May 2022

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