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Unidentified Ecuadorian flags

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Green-yellow-red horizontal tricolour

image by Santiago Dotor, 26 January 2001

Yesterday the Spanish Undersecretary for Immigration travelled to Ecuador to negotiate an agreement on the immigrants' quota. Images on TV showed crowds of people waving small plastic flags. Some looked handmade, others more or less industry manufactured. There were of course many mistaken variants, for instance the Spanish flag was shown with stripes of equal width, the Ecuadorian flag with the stripes in reverse order, also in mistaken order.
However there was one flag, apparently a variant of the Ecuadorian one, which struck me particularly. Firstly because it had too many differences with the national flag, secondly because many people were displaying exactly the same flag, thirdly because it did not look like being homemade but printed on plastic.
It was a triband of light green, yellow, red, in proportions 2+1+1. It does not seem to appear in any of the Ecuadorian flags' pages in FOTW.
Santiago Dotor, 26 January 2001

Could that be a version of the State Flag of El Oro, without the national flag at the canton?
Miles Li, 26 January 2001

Well, it could, but... it looks more like a coincidence. To start with, El Oro is quite far away from Quito (the Ecuadorian capital) to drive so many demonstrators over there. Secondly, the flag mentioned by Miles Li appears under the heading "Previously reported two WRONG flags" and with a footnote "by Željko Heimer, 15 July 1996 (flag according to W. Smith (insecure))". Thirdly, it certainly has a canton which the flags I saw lacked. Fourthly, the shade of green was much lighter in those flags.
Santiago Dotor, 26 January 2001

I saw that flag too for a few seconds, but to me it seems as 2:1:2.
At <> there is a image is related with the one reported by Santiago. It seems to be a Bolivian flag (caption say Ecuadorian flag bust is clearly wrong). Perhaps people from Bolivia is between the immigrants. I agree with Santiago, the yellow stripe in the flag seen was narrower
Jaume Ollé, 26 January 2001

No, I could see it for longer period and it was definitely 2:1:1. No doubt about that point, nor about the (light) shade of green. That flag at <> is probably nothing to do with the one I spotted. It is being flown by South American immigrants in Spain, so it might be any South American flag, and most probably it is Bolivian immigrants who appear in the picture.
The flags I spotted were being flown at the Ecuadorian capital (Quito), by many people (all waving the same flag, all new, manufactured flags) welcoming (or perhaps demonstrating against!) the Spanish Undersecretary for Immigration. And the colours showed regular shades for both red and yellow, but a very bright green.
Santiago Dotor, 29 January 2001

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