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Dictionary of Vexillology: F (FNFL Jack - Fourth Canton)

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See ‘jack of honour’.

FNFL flag, FR
Jack of the FNFL (Forces Navales Françaises Libres), France (fotw)

A homemade national or sub-national flag of simplified design (see also ‘unofficial flag’).

A decorative band usually (but not invariably) placed along the hoist of a flag, and intended to represent an element of cultural identity – a folk ornament – but see ‘national ornament’.

Batken Mulgi people Byelorussian SSR people
Flag of Batken, Kyrgyzstan (fotw); Flag of the Mulgi people, Estonia (fotw); Flag of the Byelorussian SSR 1951 – 1991 (fotw)

These are not established terms, but have been introduced by the Editors since no established alternatives could be found.
b) The terms “National Ornament” and “Folklore Ornament” are often synonymous since the former was often adopted from the latter.

See ‘sports flag’.

Oman Football Association Royal Belgian Football Association
Flag of the Oman Football Association (fotw); Flag of the Gibraltar Football Association (fotw)

The heraldic term used when a horse is seen rearing on its hind legs - but see also ‘rampant’ and ‘salient’.

Lačnov, Czech Rep. Lačnov, Czech Rep. forcené forcené forcené
Flag and Arms of Lačnov, Czechia (fotw & ICH); Flag of Badendorf, Germany (fotw); Arms and Flag of Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany (Wikipedia & fotw)

(adv) The phrase used when a flag is flown at the truck on the foremast of a ship it is described as being ‘at the fore’ – see 'foremast' (also ‘mast’, ‘masthead’ and ‘truck’).

[at the fore example]
Flag of a Vice-Admiral 1864 - 1898, UK (fotw)

Please note  that in the sailing/steam-assisted navy, the command flag of a vice-admiral was formerly flown in this position (also ‘balls of difference’, ‘flag of command’ and ‘flagship’).

The forward line upon which signal flags are displayed when a vessel is dressed overall - see ‘dressing lines’, ‘dress ship 1)’ and ‘dress ship 4)’.

The forward vertical mast in a three or four masted sailing ship or the forward mast of a motor vessel regardless of the number of masts – see ‘fore, at the’, (also ‘mainmast’, ‘mast’ and ‘mizzen’).
The term that may be used for a particularly Germanic form of the cross fourche – a cross formed by what appear to be four musket rests – a kirchensprange – but see ‘cross fourché’ (also ‘cross 2)’).

Forked cross Forked cross Forked cross Forked cross Forked cross
The Arms of Affoltern, Kappel am Albis, Switzerland, Kirchheim unter Teck, Gundelsheim, Germany (Wikipedia)

Please note that this term has been introduced by the Editors since an exact translation of the original German term “Kirchensprange” is not sufficiently descriptive.

Forked cross
Arms of Wohlenschwil, Switzerland showing a musket rest (Wikipedia)

See ‘swallow-tail(ed)’.

Fork-tail flag
Flag of Galanta, Slovakia (fotw)

See ‘swallowtail(ed)’.

Forked ensign
State Ensign of Lower Saxony, Germany (fotw)

In heraldry see ‘cross pattée’.

Formée flag Formée flag
Flag and Arms of Vilamacolum, Spain (fotw & ICH)

The term for a flag, now obsolete, that was flown over military defences (either inland or coastal). In British and Russian usage this was the naval jack, whilst in others the war flag/naval ensign or the state/national flag (or a variant thereof) might be employed.

Union Jack (UK) - 1801 Jack and Fortress flag of USSR, 1924 Spain - Coastal Fortresses and Naval Buildings, 1785
1801 Pattern of Union Jack, UK (Graham Bartram); Jack/Fortress Flag, Soviet Union 1924 – 1932 (fotw); Flag of Coastal Fortresses and Naval Buildings, Spain 1793 (fotw)

a) Some countries use/used ensigns of special design to denote ships belonging to naval fortresses (notably Soviet Union).
b) It is also not unknown for a country to have had sets of rank flags to denote presence of officers of particular rank/position in coastal artillery and fortresses.

In United Kingdom usage and some others, the terms for an anchor entangled with its cable - but see ‘cabled’ (also ‘admiralty flag’, ‘anchor’ and ‘anchor flag’).

Navy Board - UK Naval Board - Canada Chief of Naval Board - Australia
Flag of the Admiralty Board, UK (fotw); Flag of the Navy Board, Canada (fotw); Flag of the Chief of the Navy Board, Australia (fotw)

Please note that in UK usage the fouled (or foul) anchor is considered a symbol of the Royal Navy, and that officers of the British merchant marine show an anchor (of a slightly differing pattern) without its cable on their cap badges and buttons.

1) In traditional heraldry a roundel bearing a number of wavy lines on an argent field which represents an architectural feature – a roundel barry wavy (see also ‘argent’, ‘azure’, ‘barry’, ‘roundel 3)’ and ‘wavy’).
2) In in modern heraldry and in vexillology the (sometimes stylized) pictorial representation of a decorative/architectural device which pours or projects water.

[fountain example] [fountain example] [fountain example] [fountain example]
Flag of Il-Fontana, Malta (fotw); Arms of Glória, Portugal (fotw); Flag and Arms of Castelo Novo, Portugal (fotw)

See ‘gradient fill’.

[Gradient fill example]
Flag of the Christlich-Soziale Union, Bavaria, Germany (fotw)

The Old French for forked – in heraldry see ‘cross fourche’ and ‘queue fourche’).

fourche fourche fourche fourche
Flag and Arms of Vítonice, Czechia (fotw); Flag and Arms of Salgesch, Switzerland (fotw & Wikipedia)

See ‘lanyard 1)’ (also ‘lanyard pennant’).

(marlow white)

See ‘CMYK’.

See ‘honour flag 1)’.

Four Freedoms flag
A Four Freedoms/Honor Flag

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