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Dictionary of Vexillology: R (Rod of Asclepius - Rowel)

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See ‘Staff of Asclepius’.

Asklepian Asklepian
Flag and Emblem of the 52nd Field Ambulance, Canada (fotw)

Alternative heraldic terms for a caduceus - see ‘caduceus’.

[rod of Hermes example] [rod of Hermes example]
Flag and Arms of Holwerd, Netherlands (fotw)

In Middle European heraldic usage, the Polish term for a charge in the form of a stylized arrowhead or spear point, often with a decorated shaft and generally (but not invariably) pointing upward (see also ‘arrow cross’, ‘shafted’ and ‘barbed’).

Rogacina Rogacina Rogacina
Flag and Arms of Baranów, Poland (fotw): Flag of Górno, Poland (fotw)

In naval heraldry the rope decoration that often surrounds a ship’s badge – traditionally but incorrectly referred to as a ship’s crest – see ‘ship’s crest’ (also ‘badge 3)’ and ‘ropework border’).

rope grommet
Flag showing the Ship’s Badge/Crest of HMS Gloucester 1975 (fotw)

1) A cross of any type, but one whose arms appear fastened together with rope – a cable, cabled or corded cross (see also ‘cross 2)’).
2) The term may also be used to describe a cross that is made entirely from rope, cord or cabling.

Roped cross Roped cross Roped cross
Example; Flag of Svatý Jan pod Skalou, Czechia (fotw); Example (

See ‘running eye and toggle’.
A term used to describe the border of those shields that appear on the Italian civil and naval ensigns - see ‘civil ensign’ and ‘naval ensign’ under ‘ensign’ (also ‘rope grommet’ and ‘tricolore, la’).

[ropework border example] [ropework border example] [ropework border example]
Naval Ensign and Arms, plus Civil Ensign Italy (fotw and wiki)

In Norwegian heraldic usage an alternative term to in annulo - see ‘inannulo’.

[rosette example] [rosette example] [rosette example]
Flag of Selbu, Norway (fotw); Arms and Flag of Tingvoll, Norway (fotw)

The term used when an emblem, badge, set of armorial bearings or any part thereof is turned so that it appears upright in a flag intended for vertical (or occasionally oblique) display - but see ‘slanted display design’ (also ‘armorial bearings’, ‘badge’, ‘emblem’ and ‘hanging flag’).

Montserrat Montserrat rotated Vietnam Vietnam rotated
Flags for Horizontal and Vertical Display, Montserrat and Vietnam (fotw and CS)

See ‘square lozenge’.

[rotated square example]
Flag of Tremelo, Belgium (fotw)

See ‘radial orientation’.

Flag of Johore, Malaysia (fotw)

Please note that the moon and star on the flag of Johore are orientated on an imaginary line running downward from 1/3 below the top to 1/3 above the base of the canton, and that the star has its outward point centred on that line.

1) The term to be used for a shield whose base is semi-circular but whose sides are not parallel.
2) See ‘Spanish-style shield’. 

round-bottomed shield round-bottomed shield

Arms of Braga, Portugal (fotw); Arms of Čebín, Czechia (fotw)

A form of the cross pattée in which the outer ends are in the form of a convex arc (as if the charge was created from a circle) – an orbicular cross, a Cross of the Portuguese Knights Templar, a Templar Cross, a cross pattée/formy rounded or a consecration cross – see ‘cross pattée’ (also ‘bauceant’).

Outeiro Major, Portigal Pacos de Ferreira, Portigal rounded cross
Flag of Mogadouro, Portugal (fotw); Flag of Paços de Ferreira, Portugal (fotw); Flag of Penamaior, Portugal (fotw)

See ‘lanceolate

Leśna, Poland
Flag of Leśna, Poland (fotw)

1) See ‘descate’.
2) A variation of the swallow-tail in which the cut in the fly of the flag is shaped by a single curve – but see ‘hussar cut’ (also ‘swallow-tail(ed)’).

[swallow-tail example]  [swallow-tail example]
Guidon of the Blues and Royals, UK (Graham Bartram); Guidon of the 2nd Dragoon Regiment, Prussia c1740 (fotw)

1) A circular emblem of nationality employed on the fuselage and wings of military aircraft and on some Air Force flags - generally (but not exclusively) consisting of concentric rings of the national colours and based on the cockade (see also ‘aircraft marking(s)’, ‘cockade 2)’, ‘fin flash’ and ‘national colours 2’). See supplemental note
2) See ‘fuselage markings 1)’ and ‘wing marking(s) 1)’.
3) The heraldic term for a disc (see ‘bezant’, ‘hurt’, ‘plates’ ‘pomme(s)’ and ‘torteau’).

Romania Apples, Switzerland Spain
Aircraft roundel: Romania (fotw); Flag of Apples, Switzerland (fotw); Aircraft Roundel Spain (fotw)

An alternative heraldic term for a plate - see ‘plates’.

Ichtegem, Belgium
Flag of Ichtegem, Belgium (fotw)

An alternative heraldic term for a hurt - see ‘hurt’.

[hurt example]
Flag of Lenzburg, Switzerland (fotw)

An alternative heraldic term for a fountain - see ‘fountain 1)’.

Flag of Il-Fontana, Malta (fotw))

An alternative heraldic term for a torteau - ‘torteau’.

torteau example
Flag of Asendorf, Germany (fotw)

An alternate heraldic term for a bezant - see ‘bezant’.

Duke of Cornwall
Flag and Arms of Gáfete, Portugal (fotw)

An alternate heraldic term for a pomme - see ‘pomme(s)’.

Example; Flag of Uelsen, Germany (fotw)

The heraldic term for a mullet or star-like charge that usually (but not exclusively) has with five or six radiating points, but which is pierced in its centre and is meant to represent the rowel of a spur – a spur rowel or pierced mullet – but see mullet (also ‘pierced 2)’ and ‘star 1)’.

Rowel Rowel Heinenoord
Flag of Norden, Germany (fotw Example; Flag of Heinenoord, The Netherlands (fotw)

Please note, we suggest that a glossary or dictionary of heraldry be consulted regarding use of the terms given above.

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