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Dictionary of Vexillology: M (Middle Arms - Mizzen)

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See under ‘arms’.

Bremen middle arms
Middle Arms of Bremen, Germany (fotw)

See ‘banner 6)’ (also ‘sovereign’s banner’).

military banner
Commander in Chief banner, Canada (fotw)

See ‘colour 2)’ and ‘colours 2)’.

military colour military colour
Regimental Colour and Queen’s colour, 1st Battalion of The Black Watch (Graham Bartram)

In largely US usage, the term for that emblem which is displayed by units of the National Guard, and usually taken from symbols contained within the flags, seals and/or coats of arms of the relevant state – a state military crest (see also ‘badge 3)’, ‘coat of arms’, ‘crest 1)’, ‘emblem, military and governmental/departmental’, ‘seal’ and ‘state flag 2)’ and ‘wreath 2))’).

Alabama military crest Texas military crest Mississippi military crest
Military Crests of Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, US (fotw)

See ‘emblem, military and governmental/departmental’ under ‘emblem’.

military emblem military emblem military emblem
Flag/Emblem, People's Defence Force, Tanzania (fotw); Army Badge, RSA (fotw); Flag/Emblem, Air Force, Ukraine (fotw)

The general heading under which all the various flags, banners, pennants and colours relating to the military establishment of any particular country, countries or entity are listed – see ‘colour 2)’.

UK Army flag Military Academy Military Colour
Army Flag, UK (fotw); Flag of the Military Academy, Pakistan (fotw); Armed Forces flag, Kyrgyzstan (fotw)

The alternative heraldic terms for a charge usually (but not invariably) in the form of a curved or wavy X, and meant to represent a mill bearing – a fer de moline, millrine, mill-ink or mill-irons (see also ‘millstone’).

millrind example millrind example millrind example
Flag of Ham-sur-Heure, Belgium (fotw); Former Flag of Courtion, Switzerland (fotw); Flag of Orthen, Netherlands (fotw)

The term for a representation of the large circular stone used for the grinding of wheat or other cereal by water- or windmill, and usually (but not invariably) shown with a square or notched hole in its centre and sometimes radiating ridges – a mill-stone, grind-wheel, grindwheel or grindstone - see ‘waterwheel’ (also ‘millrind’ and ‘windmill’).

millstone millstone millstone
Flag of Sazes do Lorvão, Portugal (fotw); Flag of Choltice, Czechia (fotw); Flag of Porto de Mós, Portugal (fotw);

See ‘waterwheel’.

millwheel millwheel
Arms and Flag of Veliki Grđevac, Croatia (fotw)

The term used when the reverse of a flag is a reflected duplication of the obverse (as seen as in a mirror), and the default assumption in most cases - but see ‘double-sided 1)’ and ‘two-sided 1)’ (also ‘obverse’ and ‘reverse’).

Fiji ensign Fiji ensign
Obverse and Reverse of the Civil Ensign of Fiji (fotw)

In some Christian usage the ceremonial head covering of a prelate (see also ‘crozier’ and ‘stringed’).

mitre mitre mitre
Flag of Bennau, Switzerland (fotw); Flag Bützow, Germany (fotw); Flag of La Rippe, Switzerland (fotw)

In heraldry there are two mixed tinctures, they are brunatre (brown) and tenne (orange) – auxiliary colours – see ‘tinctures’. 

Auxiliary colour Auxiliary colour
Brunatre and Tenne

The aftermost mast in a sailing vessel with three masts (and on a two masted vessel dependent upon the rig) from which the gaff is rigged – but see ‘mizzen, at the’ (see also ‘foremast’, ‘gaff’, ‘mainmast’, ‘mast’ and ‘masthead’).

(adv) The phrase used when a flag is flown from the ruck of the aftermost mast of a three masted sailing warship – see ‘mizzen’. (also ‘masthead’ and ‘truck’).

[at the fore example]
Flag of a Rear-Admiral 1864 - 1898, UK (fotw)

Please note that in the sailing/steam-assisted navy, the command flag of a rear-admiral was formerly flown in this position (also ‘balls of difference’, ‘flag of command’ and ‘flagship’)

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