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Unidentified Flags or Ensigns - Page 5 (2021)

flags submitted in 2021 - Page 5 of 5

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Below is a series of images of flags that have been provided to FOTW; some we have recognized, and some we have been unable to recognize. If you can help us identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the: UFE Editor.

Identification Key:

= Positive ID (Positive Identification)
= Tentative ID (Tentative Identification)
= Some Speculation

Unidentified Flags on Page 1

  1. Two Unknown Water Sports Pennants
  2. Unknown Rowing Club Flag
  3. White & Green Striped Flag with Misplaced Canton
  4. Unidentified Flag in a Painting
  5. Two unknown German Rowing Clubs (UFE/DE)
  6. Unidentified Flag from Civil Rights Era
  7. Unidentified Swedish Military Colour
  8. Unknown Yellow/Red Pennant with Wheel
  9. Possible German Federation Navy Ship Flag
  10. Unknown flag, Unknown Origin #1
  11. Unknown flag, Unknown Origin #1
  12. Unknown Israeli Military Flag
  13. Israeli Independence Day Flag
  14. Unknown Greek Ministry of Defence Flag

Unidentified Flags on Page 2

  1. Flag with Blue Mermaid
  2. Flag in Rural Kenya
  3. Inquiry on Wallon Flag
  4. Unknown Nigerian Flag
  5. Three Guatemalan Sporting Flags
  6. Flag in Confederate Cemetery
  7. Unusual flag seen in Canada
  8. Israeli 'Jerusalem Day' Flag 2021
  9. Possible ABDF Flag (Vietnam)
  10. Two Unknown Jerusalem Day Flags 2018
  11. Defaced Palestinian Flag
  12. Israeli 'Jerusalem Day' Flag 2016
  13. Israeli 'Jerusalem Day' Flag 2019
  14. Jewish Deportees Families? (French)
  15. Unknown Flag on Men's Jacket
  16. Unknown IDF Flag? (Israel)
  17. Unknown Flag above Dartington Hall (GB)

Unidentified Flags on Page 3

  1. Another Unidentified Israeli Flag
  2. Hezbollah Flag? (Lebanon)
  3. Coat of Arms to Identify c1820
  4. Odd Cuban flag
  5. Unknown Pink Flag (Ukraine)
  6. Kriegsmarine Signal Pennant?
  7. Unknown Capitol Riot Flag
  8. Unknown Purple Flags (Palestine)
  9. Unidentified Ministries? (Kuwait)

Unidentified Flags on Page 4

  1. WWII "Liberation Day" Memorial Vexillum (IT)
  2. Taliban flag 2021
  3. Two Unidentified Flags in Afghanistan c2019
  4. Mystery "Pleiades" Flag
  5. Unknown Gay Freedom Flag
  6. Meaning of a Strange Flag Display
  7. Royal Navy Pennant
  8. Unknown Hazaristan Flag? (Afghanistan)
  9. Marryat Flag Code in Difficult Order
  10. Iranian Flag, possibly Iran Atomic Energy Organization?
  11. Strange Texas Lighthouse Flag
  12. Unrecognized Srpska Flag (Serbia)
  13. Identification of An Emblem Requested
  14. Flagge KPD Ortsgruppe Marne
  15. Unknown Flag on the Tusitala (UK)
  16. Unknown pro-Muslim/Islamic Flag
  17. Unknown Palestine Authority Flag
  18. Unknown Israeli Flag
  19. Unknown Israeli "Territory" Flag
  20. Color Code for Nazi-German Swastika Flag
  21. Old Ship Yard-Long Photo
  22. Unidentified Flag Found in My Possessions
  23. German Yacht Club Stick Pins
  24. Flag Found in a Thrift Store
  25. Unknown Tank Unit (Kuwait)
  26. Canadian Indigenous People's Flag
  27. Georgian Flag with Mikheil Saakashvili

Unidentified Flags on this Page:

  1. Unidentified Flag Stick Pins
  2. Unknown Type Ship and Unknown Flag
  3. Unrecognized Pakistan Flag with Army Chief?
  4. Unknown Pakistan Army Flag
  5. Unknown Iranian National Flag Variation (I.R. Iran)
  6. Mystery OPCC Flag
  7. Unidentified Green Iraqi PMF Flag
  8. Four Unidentified Flags (3 white & 1 green)

Unidentified Flags on other pages

21-68. Unidentified Flag Stick Pins Some Speculation

#68a    #68b
Images from Werner Müller, 14 November 2021

These are not pennants or flags made of fabric, but rather miniatures made of metal that can be attached by a pin. They show the respective club burgees, or pennants, which can be attached to the boats or yachts. They are, so to speak, miniature versions of the actual pennants or flags of the respective yacht or water sports club. As an addition, this time I scanned the back showing the needle. Can any of these clubs be identified?
Werner Müller, 14 November 2021

Generally, we call these "stick pins" in English. They are often used on ties, suit lapels, etc.
The first three you sent to Klaus-Michael Schneider were posted as UFE21-63 - "German Yacht Club Stick Pins."
Pete Loeser, 15 November 2021

21-69. Unknown Type Ship and Unknown Flag Some Speculation

#69a    #69b (detail)
Images from E. Edwards McKinnon, 24 November 2021

I wondered if you might recognise this type of ship and the blue and red flag? Painting seen in Denpasar, Bali. At a guess, this is mid/late c19th and associated with the NEI.
E. Edwards McKinnon, 24 November 2021

I am afraid I do not recognise the flag, nor the blue and yellow flags also seen there.
Rob Raeside, 25 November 2021

21-70. Unrecognized Pakistan Flag with Army Chief? Positive ID

Enquiry by William Garrison, 30 November 2021

This is the flag of the Pakistani Army Frontier Force Regiment.

21-71. Unknown Pakistan Army Flag Positive ID

Enquiry by William Garrison, 30 November 2021

This is the flag of the Pakistani Army Baloch Regiment.

21-72. Unknown Iranian National Flag Variation Some Speculation
(with "I.R. Iran" text wording)

Image located by William Garrison, 1 December 2021

"After the day of fasting comes the night of feasting. For Iranians, the familiar rhythm of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan brought an entirely different sort of celebration on the night of July 14th." (source).
The caption reads: "Iranian national flag with 'I.R. Iran' (Islamic Republic of Iran) wording, in Tehran, 14 July 2015".
William Garrison, 1 December 2021

This is an odd one - not only is the text in English, but the Farsi text bordering the fields is missing. Note that image dates from 2015.
Rob Raeside, 1 December 2021

21-73. Mystery OPCC Flag Some Speculation

Image from John Crebbin, 17 December 2021

I am wondering if you can identify this one? Probably pre-1970.
John Crebbin, 17 December 2021

One would think OPCC would be good clue, but I don't see anything that might use a fleur-de-lys with those letters. Do you have any provenance information? What part of the world is it in or did it come from?
Rob Raeside, 17 December 2021

A scout group from Canada could well have a flag that does not involve a national emblem.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 17 December 2021

"Country Club" would be another avenue of exploration. More information on the article itself could help. It looks like an inlay on a wooden item of some kind; an award or a trophy, for example?
Russ & Janet Adams, 18 December 2021

My father was Captain F.E. Crebbin and the Marine Superintendent of Lamport & Holt of Liverpool. The Flag is on a wooden tray and was, no doubt, given to him as a corporate gift. My son living in Philadelphia now has it.
John Crebbin, 18 December 2021

21-74. Unidentified Green Iraqi PMF Flag Some Speculation

Image from William Garrison, 17 December 2021

The caption for this flag reads: "c9 Nov. 2021; Unidentified green-field flag with logo containing small Iraq flag in middle, and perhaps the Muslim 'Shahada' (profession of faith) in white area at bottom of flag." As this flag is carried alongside a poster of the Shiite-Muslim leader Muqtada al-Sadr, it appears to be affiliated with the Iraqi PMF (Popular Mobilization Forces)" (source).
William Garrison, 17 December 2021

The technicolor symbol of the arm and fist holding an automatic rifle aloft drawn in this style is commonly in use by Islamic terrorist organizations in Iraq. This can be seen on the Jihad Intel web page, which is located on the "Jihad Identifiers Database" of the Middle East Forum.
I post it here as a good resource for those, like Bill, who are trying to identify these type of flags and organizations.
Pete Loeser, 3 July 2022

21-75. Four Unidentified Flags (3 white & 1 green)

Source   Detail #75a   Detail #75b   Detail #75c   Detail #75d
Images from William Garrison, 14 December 2021

The text for this photo was "The below two photos, on the right, reveal four unidentified flags: three white & 1 green. They may be related to the Shiite-Muslim 'Al-Nujaba Movement' militia in Iraq. The yellow flag appears to be that of the 'Hizbollah Brigades'. All three white flags show Hizbollah/Hisbollah-related imagery. The second-from-the-right white-flag also appears as a desktop flag in the photo. In somewhat of a distraction, at the top right, appears the 'blue flame' logo of MEMRI - which conceals part of the flags [source info: Iraqi Shi'ite militia leader Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi, the Secretary General of the Al-Nujaba Movement, said in a December 10, 2021 address to Iraqi militia leaders that aired on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq)..."
The second photo had this text: "the below photo is similar to the above photo, however, on the right the fright-most white flag does not show the MEMRI 'blue flame' logo, unlike the top photo. Also, an unidentified green flag appears at the far right."
The source of these was on-line "The MEMRI Daily" (The Middle East Media Research Institute"), 14 Dec 2021. (source)
William Garrison, 14 December 14, 2021

The image attached was one of several in the link that shows the flags with slightly different perspectives. The best of the green flag (#75d) is this one.
Rob Raeside, 14 December 2021

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