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Unofficial autonomist flags of 1992-1993 (Russia)

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About these flags

In beginning of 1990ths some regional leaders proposed upgrade to autonomous republics. In that times autonomous republics had more rights and more budget than Regions (oblast) and Territories (kraj). People in Regions and Territories considered that this situation was unfair. Main figure in this process was A. Rossel, governor of Sverdlovsk Region. He proclaimed the Ural Republic in July 1st 1993. But official documents about this “proclamation” was not adopted. It was only a verbal act. Analogous processes were in many regions: Perm, Vologda etc. After discussing with federal government, regions obtained equal rights with republics. And the “republican movement” finished.
Victor Lomantsov, 17 Apr 2000

In 1992 or 1993 some regions self upgraded to constituent republics, and used ephemeral unofficial flags. As far I know the main republics were: Cheliabinsk, Khabarovsk, Yenissei (Krasnoyarsk), Perm, Samara, Ural (Sverdlovsk or Ekaterinenburg), Tyumen, Primorski Republic (Vladivostok) Vologda and Zelenchuk-Urupsk.
Jaume Ollé, 15 Apr 2000

I’m sure that majority of these flags are fictions. I don’t know who is author of them… They were adopted never and existed never. Only two real flags: Ural Republic had horizontal white-green-black flag (like in 1918). The flag was not adopted officially. Red flag with bear, book and cross is the flag of Perm (city) now.
Victor Lomantsov, 17 Apr 2000

There have been too much confusion about russian/soviet flags of this period, with unconfirmed reports, incorrect attributions, faulty spellings, fancyful interpretations etc. As many or even much as about flags from much remote geographic locations and historical periods. Let’s face it: 1992-1993 was less than 10 years ago — whatever there is to known about these flags can be very easily re-evaluated still now and it is possible to separate wheat from chaff. We dont need to clinge to the doubt of a shady doubtful eventually errouneous or even false report from nine years ago, for people who did design, manufacture, hoist and follow these flags do still remember them. This material is passible of confirmation, and it should be studied.
António Martins, 18 Apr 2000

List of some autonomist entities

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