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Perm Territory (Russia)

Permskiĭ kraĭ

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Пермский край

Flag of Perm Territory
image by António Martins, 17 Jun 2006
See also:

Presentation of Perm Territory

(Note: You need an Unicode-aware software and font to correctely view the cyrillic text on this page. See here transliteration details).

  • Name (english): Perm Territory • (russian): Пермский край | Permskiĭ kraĭ
  • Capital (russian): Пермь | Permh • (english): Perm
  • Area: 127 700 km2 (≅49 300 sq.mi.) • Population: 2 799 300 inhabitants in 2000  (these figures not including Parma)
  • Status: Territory (край | kraĭ) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Volga • Economic region: Ural
  • License plate code: 59 • Ham radio code: PM • ISO 3166-2 code: PER
  • Flag adopted on 2003.05.06 • Coat of arms adopted on 1996.06.05

The name "Perm" originated from the finno-ugric (Votyak) word "permata" which means "far away".
Chrystian Kretowicz, 21 Jul 2001

About the flag

Officially this only flag of the former Region (Oblast’) of Perm`, but not of the Land (Kray) of Perm’. The flag and coat of arms of the Land of Perm’ hitherto officially are not yet adopted. Possible, that flag and arms of the Region (Oblast’) of Perm’ will be without change are approved for the Land (Kray) of Perm’.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 15 Jun 2006

The Law of the Perm region About a flag of the Perm region (#771-150 from May, 6 2003) is placed at the Official web-site of the Perm Regional Legislative Assembly. The image of the Perm regional flag is the appendix to the law. The law is accepted by the Perm Regional Legislative Assembly on 17nd April 2003, signed by the Perm governor on 6nd May 2003, but it will come into force only after its official publication in press. According to this law, the Perm national flag should cause feelings of civilization and respect for historical memory, traditions, national and cultural originality of the nationalities living in the Perm region to strengthen the international consent, the civil peace and mutual understanding between inhabitants of the Perm region.
The Perm Regional flag represents the rectangular panel divided by a white cross on four equal rectangulars: in the top part of red, azure (dark blue) color, in bottom — azure (dark blue) and red color. The white cross has width of strips of 1/4 width and 1/6 lengths of a panel. The Perm regional emblem is represented in the centre of a white cross. The height of the emblem has 2/5 width of a panel of a flag. The ratio of width of a flag to its length is 2:3.
White cross is St. George’s cross of the patron of Russia. Colors of a flag designate: red, dark blue, white colors also will be coordinated to ethnic and cultural features of peoples living in territory of the Perm region; red, dark blue and white colors simultaneously repeat color scale of the Russian National flag; white there is a symbol of cleanliness, virtue. White color reflects a peace life and cleanliness of Permians thoughts; dark blue is a symbol of beauty, softness and heat of human attitudes and symbolizes extensive water open spaces of the Kama river, riches of water resources of the numerous rivers and lakes of region; red there is a symbol of bravery, courage and fearlessness of Permians.
After coming into force of the law, the Perm national flag will be established over buildings of regional administration and parliament, the Perm official representations in Russia and foreign countries. Besides, the Perm regional flag will be established in offices of the speaker of parliament and the Perm governor, the vice-governor, in boardrooms of Legislative Assembly and the regional government, in boardrooms of institutions of local government and in offices of chapters of municipalities.
Rodion Wildonoff, 02 Aug 2003

It’s important and necessary to point to the fact, that shield in the coat of arms has a dark red colour, darker than red colour on cloth.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 15 Jun 2006

Unwanted similarity

Didn’t anybody notice that this flag is way too much like the national flag of the Dominican Republic?
António Martins, 14 Jun 2006

We pointed to this fact to Government of the Region of Perm in 2003, when project of this flag was only discussed. Regrettably, this flag was adopted exactly such.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 15 Jun 2006

Incorrect depictions

The law specifies the cross to be as wide as 1/4th of the flags’s height, or 1/6th of its width, though many images on line, including official ones, have a much wider cross.
António Martins, 14 Jun 2006

I have a table flag from the Perm Region, sent to me from Perm. Pulling it out and comparing it to the image above, the table flag is different. First, the cross is larger than what is legally prescribed, 1/3 of the flag’s height. Two, the arms is outlined in gold.
Zachary Harden, 15 Jun 2006

Flag according to the law image

Flag of Perm region as in the law
image by António Martins, 17 Jun 2006

The law image and the law text disagree in two important points: the width of the cross and the shade of blue, respectively thinner and darker in the text than in the image.
António Martins, 17 Jun 2006

Governor Flag

Flag of Perm governor
image by Pascal Gross, 06 Jul 2000

On 22, november, 1996 Administration (government) of Perm Region adopted «the standard (flag) of governor» (Decision #417). The standard is rectangular banner divided quarterly: azure, red, red, green. The 4 fields divded with white stripe which charged with «golden stripes in the centre». The border is golden. The golden saltire is over all (from corners to corners). The bottom edge of the standard is fringed. There are the coat of arms of the region in the centre of the standard.
Victor Lomantsov, 02 May 2000

Decision Nº 417 of November, 22, 1996, About Official Symbols Of Governor’s Authority And Them Use At The Introduction Into The Post Again The Elected Governor Of The Perm Region (Appendix Nº 1: Standart (flag) of the governor of the Perm Region And its use):

Standart (flag) of the governor of the Perm area represents the rectangular panel shared into four equal rectangulars: in the top part — azure, red color, in bottom — the red and green color, shared among themselves a strip of white color on which centre pass gold strips. Corners of a panel on a diagonal are connected by a wide gold tape. In the centre — the image of the Coat of Arms of the Perm Region. The panel is bordered by a gold tape. The bottom part of a panel — a yellow fringe.
translated by Sergey Filatov, 10 Oct 2005

The governor’s standard of Perm region is interesting as it was created prior to the adoption of a regional flag.
António Martins, 02 Oct 2005

You can find this flag on line.
Pascal Gross, 26 May 2000

Most of these flags are squarish (about 11:12), rigid and fringed variants of the region (Governors) or Republic (Presidents) flags with the regional emblem over all.
António Martins, 02 Oct 2005

Coat of arms detail

CoA of Perm region
image by António Martins, 18 Jun 2006

Law #367-62 on Coat of Arms of Perm Region was adopted by Legislative Meeting (regional parliament) on 28, december, 1995 (signed by governor G. Igumnov on 17, jan. 1996). Coat of arms: Gules, a Bear passant Argent carrying on his back a Gospel Or surmounted with a Cross couped Argent. An 8-pointed cross is depicted on the cover of the Gospel. The shield is crowned with prince’s crown and surrounded with oak-wreath Or tied with a ribbon of Andrew’s Order (light-blue ribbon). Drawing of coat of arms was made by M. Tarasova (woman, famous painter) Law #548-86 adopted 22, aug. 1996 abolished the wreath and blue ribbon.
Victor Lomantsov, 02 May 2000

The bear is a famous symbol of Perm region. He is a sacred animal of ancient inhabitants of this land. Firstly we see bear with the Gospel in first russian heraldry book (1672). It symbolized the victory of Christianity upon traditional pagan religion. The bear without the Gospel known on coat of arms since 1620ths. The coat of arms of city of Perm (adopted in 1783) were same.

In XIX century the arms of Perm Gubernia were used with oak-wreath and blue St.Andrew’s ribbon (main Order in Russia until 1917, reborn now) and Emperor’s Crown. Modern coat of arms have the Prince’s crown — Emperor’s title before 1917 was «Emperor of Russia, Grand-Duke of Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Tsar of Kazan, Astrakhan »…« Prince of Estland, Lifland, Curland, »…« Perm »… et c.

Victor Lomantsov, 02 May 2000

Distinction of emblems of the Perm region and the Perm City: The cross is lifted above the gospel on the city coat of arms, but the cross lays on the gospel on the regional coat of arms. The princely cap crowns the shield on the regional coat of arms.
Rodion Wildonoff, 02 Aug 2003

No previous flag

As far as I know, Perm oblast has officially only adopted coat-of-arms (28/12/95, redacted 05/06/96), the Law about flag is in work.
Michael Simakov, 14 Oct 1998

Doubtful unofficial flag of 1992-1993

Doubt. Perm flag
image by Jaume Ollé, 08 Jan 1997

In 1992 or 1993 some regions self upgraded to constituent republics, and used ephemeral unofficial flags. One of the main republics was Perm, flag was red with cross, book and bear like the arms, identical to the current Perm city flag.
Jaume Ollé, 15 Apr 2000

Very doubtful alternate flag

Doubt. Perm flag
image by António Martins, 16 Nov 1998

Horizontal 1:2 tricolor of white-red-brown, as displayed at the Catalonian Vexillological Association’s on-line database on Russian flags.
António Martins, 16 Nov 1998

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