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Dictionary of Vexillology: A (Armed - Armistice)

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1) In vexillology the term relating to a figure carrying weapons – but see ‘armoured’.
2) In heraldry a term used when the claws, teeth talons and sometimes the beak of a beast or bird of prey are shown in a different tincture to the body (see also ‘armed and langued’, ‘attired’, ‘beaked’, ‘langued’, ‘gorged’, ‘harnysed’, ‘jelloped’, ‘membered’ and ‘tincture’).

Spiringen, Switzerland Spiringen, Switzerland Pregrada, Croatia Flanders, Belgium Flanders, Belgium
Arms and Flag of Spiringen, Switzerland (Wikipedia & fotw); Arms of Pregrada, Croatia (fotw); Flag and Arms of Flanders, Belgium (fotw & Wikipedia)

In heraldry, see ‘armed 2)’, ‘langued’ and ‘membered’.

Balzers, Liechtenstein Balzers, Liechtenstein Valdice, Czech Rep. Košice, Slovakia Wiggiswil, Switzeland
Flag and Arms of Balzers, Liechtenstein (fotw & Wikipedia); Flag of Valdice, Czechia (fotw); Arms of Košice, Slovakia (fotw); Flag of Wiggiswil, Switzerland (fotw)

A generic term for any flag that pertains to, or represents a branch of the armed services, or a unit within that branch.

Armed Services, Croatia Armed Services, UK Armed Services, USA Armed Services, South Africa
Naval Jack, Croatia (fotw); Colour of the Royal Navy 1939-1952, UK (fotw); Flag of the Army, US (fotw); Air Force Ensign, South Africa (fotw)

Please note however, that the various types of flags used by the armed services – for example an appointment flag, branch of service flag, camp flag, colour, flag of command, guidon, naval jack, positional or rank flag, etc. – are separately defined herein and are, we suggest, to be preferred in description.

In heraldry a phrase used as an alternative to the term canting - see ‘canting’.

Tři Studnĕ, Czech Rep.  Tři Studnĕ, Czech Rep.
Arms and Flag of Tři Studnĕ (or Three Wells), Czechia (ICH & fotw)

See ‘badge 3)’ and ‘regimental colours 2)’ (also ‘military crest’).

arm flash 
Arm Flash/Patch of The Royal Armoured Corps, UK

(adj) The heraldic term for possessing or showing a coat of arms - see ‘coat of arms 2)’ (also 'armorial bearings' and 'blazon').

armigerous armigerous armigerous armigerous 
Coats of Arms of the 10th Duke of Richmond, the 11th Duke of Marlborough, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch, and the 7th Marquis of Bath, UK (Wikipedia)

See ‘service flag 3)’.

Armistice Day Flag/American War Mothers, US (fotw)

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