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Estância Velha, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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Estância Velha, RS (Brazil) image by 17 July 2020

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Description of the Flag

A green-white-green descending diagonal triband with the municipal arms centred.

Official website at
Dirk Schönberger, 11 February 2012

The municipality of Estância Velha (42,589 inhabitants in 2010; 52 sq. km) is located in the Porto Alegre Metropolitan Area, 50 km of Porto Alegre. Estância Velha, lit. Old Ranch, is named for an Imperial cattle breeding station established on the right bank of the Bells' River (Rio dos Sinos). The ranch was four leagues in perimeter and housed 6,000 bovines. Once known as Entrada de Bom Jardim (Entrance of the Good Garden), the place was renamed Genuíno Sampaio by Decree No. 7,842 of 30 June 1939 and Estância Velha by Municipal Law No. 177 of 10 April 1950. The municipality of Estância Velha was established by State Law No. 3,818 of 8 September 1959, seceding from São Leopoldo, and inaugurated on 20 December 1959.

Ivan Sache, March 2012


The flag and arms of Estância Vela are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 678 promulgated on 9 May 1980.

Article 2.
The municipal coat of arms is described as follows:
A shield divided into two parts by an horizontal line, the upper part itself divided by a vertical line. On the upper left part, on a blue background, a yellow cogwheel as the symbol of industry. In the upper right part, on a red background, a shoe, as a symbol of the leather and shoe industry, which represents the main source of income for the municipality. In the shield's lower part, on a white background, two interlaced green branches symbolizing tannin-producing trees. Beneath the shield a scroll gules (green with silver letters) inscribed "Estância Vela" surrounded by the years of origin and emancipation of the municipality. The shield surmounted by a yellow four-towered mural crown, symbolizing the four main accesses to the municipality."

Article 4.
The flag of the municipality of Estância Vela has for official colors green and white, arranged in three parts, a white diagonal in the center and two green triangles on the ends, representing:
I. Green, the forests, field and people's aspiration to protect them.
II. White, peace, people's harmonious spirit in their different activities.
Centered on the white diagonal stripe is placed the municipal coat of arms.

Article 5.
The dimensions shall obey the following rules.
I. The flag's length shall be composed of 216 units, each covering 64 cm2 (8 cm x 8 cm).
II. The flag's length shall be of 18 units.
III. The diagonal stripe shall be of 6 units in length and in length 1.73 m on its axis.
IV. The two right-angled triangles shall be of 12.5 units in length on 8.5 units in width.
V. The coat of arms shall be of 4 units in width.
Leis Municipais database


Ivan Sache, 17 July 2020

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