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Bunyoro Kingdom (Uganda)

Obukama bwa Bunyoro

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[Bunyoro flag] image by John D McMeekin, 07 Dec 2002 See also:


The Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act 2011 was adopted in April 2011 by the Ugandan Parliament, passing into law the Bill which was published on 07 December 2010 as Bill No. 24 in the "Uganda Gazette", No. 72, vol. CIII.

The provision for emblems of Cultural Leaders is outlined in Article 19:
Symbols and seals of institution of traditional or cultural leaders.
(1) Institutions of traditional or cultural leaders may have flags, anthems, seals and logos.
(2) Flags, anthems, seals and logos of traditional or cultural leaders existing before the coming into force of this Act shall continue to be in use.

The list of the recognized cultural institutions and leaders is appended at the end of the Law, namely:

Ker Kwaro Acholi
Ker Alur
Obukama bwa Bunyoro
Buruuli Chiefdom
Obwakyabazinga Bwa Busoga
Obwakamuswaga Wa Kooki
Lango Chiefdom
Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu
Obwakabaka bwa Buganda
Teso Chiefdom
Tieng Adhola Chiefdom
Obukama bwa Tooro
Inzu ya Masaaba.
Ivan Sache, 17 Nov 2012

Bunyoro Kingdom

Bunyoro is one of the traditional kingdoms of Uganda. According to "Nations Without States" the flag of the former kingdom is white, with 2 serrated blue lines*, and a red canton bearing a white drum surmounted by two crossed ?spears? (the description says "swords" but the line drawing shows spears).
* the serrated lines are shown as zigzags running the length of the flag for 2.5 repetitions (the first segment on upper line being obscured by the canton, somewhat like:
/\/\/   but with the angles a bit less acute. The lower points on the bottom stripe touch the lower edge of the flag, and the upper points on the top stripe touch its upper edge.
Ned Smith, 17 Feb 2001

The field is light-cream with the same zig-zag stripes, the "Kondo Crown" (in the red canton) also should be altered as it does not resemble the original crown, below the crown is a chin-strap made from monkey-skin, crossed spears & a drum are below the crown. I will look out the drawing I made at the time.
Source: His Majesty Omukama Iguru I  (before his coronation).
John D McMeekin, 24 Nov 2002

I believe that the flag must be the current one, slightly different from the previous flag but close to the older flag now. The older flag, from a document in the Flag Research Center is based on a memorandum of the District Commissioner of Homia (15 Dec 1934)and the flag is as pictured with arms in white lined black. The inscription was Obukuma bwa Bunyoro-Kitara. Then, from a sheet annexed to a letter of the permanent secretary of Katikiro in Hoima, dated 27 Apr 1965, the flag was then already slightly changed in proportion (now 3:4 before 2:3) and several details, including the width of the zig zag stripes, blue fimbriation in the now white (previously red) square canton (before canton was 1:1,2). Royal drum is blue and maroon, lances maroon, with iron gold and red ropes, royal crown is argent and blue, headed of red, with "gorgerin" (neck-piece) W-B-W-B. The ribbon is yellow, and inscription say ABUKAMA BWA BUNYORO. This flag was used also as royal standard.

The image posted present some variations, and is closer to the old design. Inscription now is BUNYORO-KITARA. Canton is red.
Jaume Ollé, 22 Dec 2002

Bunyoro Kingdom arms

[Bunyoro arms] scan by John D McMeekin, 07 Dec 2002

Bunyoro-Kitara Civil flag

image by John D McMeekin, 31 Mar 2007

The Civil flag of Bunyoro-Kitara has a white background with light-blue, white, light-blue equal horizontal bands top & bottom with an emblem in white, bordered black, with the Royal Arms (modified) in black overall within the shield. The ribbon is white  with the black letters "BUNYORO KINGDOM".
Above this is a Drum, then crossed spears (black) and the Royal Kondo Crown (all inside the shield).  The top of the shield has a thick black band.
John D McMeekin, 31 Mar 2007

Omukama Personal Standard

scan by John D McMeekin, 12 Mar 2013

H.M. The Omukama has a new Personal Standard as shown above.  The stripes are in fact straight as the image was taken from a waving flag.
John D McMeekin, 12 Mar 2013

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