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Acholi Kingdom (Uganda)

Ker Kwaro Acholi

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image Jean-Marc Merklin, 27 April 2022 See also:


The Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act 2011 was adopted in April 2011 by the Ugandan Parliament, passing into law the Bill which was published on 07
December 2010 as Bill No. 24 in the "Uganda Gazette", No. 72, vol. CIII.

The provision for emblems of Cultural Leaders is outlined in Article 19:
Symbols and seals of institution of traditional or cultural leaders.
(1) Institutions of traditional or cultural leaders may have flags, anthems, seals and logos.
(2) Flags, anthems, seals and logos of traditional or cultural leaders existing before the coming into force of this Act shall continue to be in use.

The list of the recognized cultural institutions and leaders is appended at the end of the Law, namely:

Ker Kwaro Acholi
Ker Alur
Obukama bwa Bunyoro
Buruuli Chiefdom
Obwakyabazinga Bwa Busoga
Obwakamuswaga Wa Kooki
Lango Chiefdom
Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu
Obwakabaka bwa Buganda
Teso Chiefdom
Tieng Adhola Chiefdom
Obukama bwa Tooro
Inzu ya Masaaba.
Ivan Sache, 17 Nov 2012

Acholi Kingdom flags

  image sent by Ben Cahoon, 27 Feb 2022

A research paper entitled Ker Kwaro Acholi - A Re-invention of Traditional Authority in northern Uganda by Clare Paine (Aberystwyth University, UK, dated March 2014) contains a photograph of a desk flag for the Acholi Kingdom (Ker Kwaro Acholi) on page 26 which is different to that illustrated below.  It has the same pattern but with slightly different colours and a different seal in the centre.  The seal can also be seen on the Kingdom's Facebook page.
Ben Cahoon, 27 Feb 2022

The flag has the new Arms of the kingdom in centre the replacing the nation/district symbol shown below.
Jaume Ollé, 03 April 2022

image by Chrystian Kretowicz, 02 Mar 2008

The flag credited as being that of the Acholi Kingdom by John McMeekin (below), is most likely just a royal flag.  On 19 October 2004 the Kampala newspaper, The Monitor, reported as follows:
"Sgt.Okot Babu (48), on Wednesday hoisted the Acholi flag alongside the National Flag at 10:22 am in front of the Gulu District Council Hall.  The brief colourful ceremony which was performed amidst ululations from councillors, civil servants and the public was part of the 11th Council proceedings.  The LC5, Lt.Col.Walter Ochora-Odoch, RDC,Mr.Max Omeda, Rev.Willy Olango (Speaker), and Richard Muvule (District Police Commander) later inspected a guard of honour mounted by the district local police led by Gulu Women Empowerment Network (GWENET) brass band.  The motion to adopt the flag was moved by the MP for Koro, Mr.Latim Baltaza and was unanimously adopted by the council.  The flag is designed like the National flag in brown, green and light blue colours.  There is a black elephant in a white background in the middle of the flag which is facing the hoisted side with its trunk down just like the Crested Crane is in the national flag.  Latim said the brown colour signifies fertile and abundant natural resources, green represents evergreen vegetation while light blue represents abundant water bodies and reliable rainfall. He said the black elephant is a sign of supremacy and a peaceful nation."

The Acholi ethnic group lives in northern Uganda, in the districts of Gulu, Kitkum and Pader.  Acholiland and neighbouring districts have been ravaged by the insurgency led by Lord's resistance Army since 1987.  The ruler is at present Rwot Onen David Acana II - Paromount Chief.
Chrystian Kretowicz, 02 Mar 2008

scan by John D McMeekin, 31 Mar 2007

A flag of the Acholi Kingdom in the possession of Prof. Michel Lupant (President of FIAV) is 107mm (at hoist) by 172mm (wide) with a white background with a black elephant walking head-on, slightly walking towards the fly, with 3 white nails of his right foreleg (viewers left).  The ears and head are drawn in white and the tusk, towards the hoist, is also in white while the  the other tusk is black. The trunk swings towards the fly and the elephant is found on a tall grass mount.

scan by John D McMeekin, 31 Mar 2007

Measurement is 22mm in the straight-base of the mount. 22mm top of ears to the base of the mount.
John D McMeekin, 31 Mar 2007

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