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Kirovohrad County (Ukraine)

Kirovohrads'kaya Oblast'

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Кіровоградська область - Кіровоград

image by Mello Luchtenberg and Valery M. Napytkin, 19 November 2000

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Cities directly under the oblast / Місто обласного значення

  1. Kirovohrad (Кіровоград)
  2. Olexandriya (Олександрія)
  3. Svitlovods'k (Світловодськ)
  4. Znamyanka (Знам'янка)

Districts (Rayon) and cities within them:

Note: When there is no district flag, link will lead to its capital's flag

  1. Bobrynets' (Бобринець)
  2. Vil'shanka (Вiльшанка)
  3. Vil'shanka (Вiльшанка)
  4. Haivoron (Гайворон)
  5. Holovanivs'k (Голованівськ)
  6. Dobrovelychkiv (Добровеличків)
  7. Dolyns'ka (Долинська)
  8. Znamyanka (Знам'янка)
  9. Kirovohrad (Кіровоград)
  10. Kompaniivka (Компаніївка)
  11. Mala Vyska (Mала Виска)
  12. Mala Vyska
  13. Novhorodka (Новгородка)
  14. Novoarchangels'k (Новоархангельськ)
  15. Novomyrhorod (Новомиргород)
  16. Novoukrainka (Новоукраїнка)
  17. Olexandrivka (Олександрівка)
  18. Oleksandriya (Олександрія)
  19. Onufriivka (Онуфріївка)
  20. Petrove (Петрове)
  21. Svitlovods'k (Світловодськ)
  22. Ulyanivka (Ульянівка)
  23. Ustynivka (Устинівка)

The Flag

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"The oblast' flag was approved in 1999. It have a ratio of the sides: 2:1 and two vertical stripes - red and yellow. There is or oblast' emblem - Scythian eagle - in a red stripe."
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

From <>:
"The flag is a rectangular cloth with wide correlation 2:3. It is divided into 2 parts: one is crimson, the other is yellow. There is a yellow steppe (Scythian) eagle, turned to the staff of the flag, on the crimson ground. There are no pictures on the yellow ground".
Dov Gutterman, 27 January 2002

Coat of arms

image from the site of Ukrainian Heraldry

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"The modern Coat of Arms was approved in 1999. There is or Scythian eagle turning to the right in a gules field. The shield is crowned with an or Trident and within or spikes entwined with an azure ribbon with inscription - "With goods for peoples"
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

From <>:
"The description of the Coat of Arms is confirmed in the following way: On the red rounded shield there is a golden steppe (Scythian) eagle, its head is turned to the right. Over the shield there is a rectangular dark blue gonfalon with a yellow trident, decorated with ornamental tree branches. The shield is framed by golden spikes of wheat and oak leaves, interwoven with a dark blue ribbon. The motto, written on the ribbon, runs: "With the goodness to the people". In Heraldry the picture of an eagle is a symbol of courage and generosity, justice and understanding, power and strength. In the culture of BC epoch the image of an eagle correlated with the sky and the sun, in Christian symbolism it conveyed the idea of eternity of righteous life. In both cases the eagle is an emblem of people's spiritual life. In the coat of arms of Kirovograd Region the golden eagle symbolizes the native land, the spiritual renaissance of the heritage of the past. The dark blue gonfalon with a yellow state trident points out the fact that Kirovograd Region is a part of Ukraine. The golden spikes of wheat emphasize the wealth of a grain – producing land, the golden oak leaves symbolize power and fortitude. The colours used in the coat of arms (dark blue, red (crimson), yellow (golden)) serve to show the ancient cossak traditions and the wealth of the Ukrainian steppe land. The yellow (golden) colour symbolizes wealth, justice, generosity, dark blue – faithfulness, spiritual life, crimson – power, honour, and strength."
Dov Gutterman
, 27 January 2002

The County

Oblast (Region) in Ukraine .Capital: Kirovohrad (in Russian: Kirovograd).Known formerly as Elisavetgrad before 1934 and Kirovo in 1934-1939.
Antonio Martins, 8 July 1999

According to my atlases and geographical dictionaries, in 1924 Elisavetgrad or Yelizavetgrad was renamed Zinovievsk; renamed Kirovo 1936; Krovograd 1939.
Jarig Bakker, 11 July 1999

Concering Elisavetgrad - "Ye" is how "e" sounds in russian; "z" instead of "s" is probably a translator's "liberty".
The only doubt is about when it changed from Zinovevsk to Kirovo, whether in 1936 or 1934. Since the russian city Vyatka was renamed to Kirov in 1934 (one of the few that kept the soviet name after 1992), it may be that the ukrainian name change occured to prevent confusion: either right away or two years later
Antonio Martins, 12 July 1999

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