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Wymbritseradiel (The Netherlands)

Fryslân province

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Wymbriseradeel municipality Shipmate Flagchart :
adopted 1984

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Wymbritseradiel municipality

Fryslân/Friesland is bilingual (Dutch/Frisian). Municipalities are allowed to use either Frisian or Dutch as their official language. Wymbritseradiel/Wymbritseradeel opted for the Frisian language. Names used here are in Frisian with the Dutch name in (brackets).
Number of inhabitants (1 Jan 2003): 16.207; area: 162,72 km²; Settlements: Drylts (IJlst, seat), Abbega, Blauwhuis, Folsgare, Gaastmeer, Gauw, Goënga, Greonterp, Heeg, Hommerts, Idzega, Indijk, Jutrijp, Koufurdurrige, Nijland, Oosthem, Oppenhuizen, Oudega, Sandfirden, Scharnegoutum, Smallebrugge, Tirns, Tjalhuizum, Uitwellingerga, Westhem, Wolsum, Woudsend, Ypecolsga
Wymbritseardeel (Wymbritseradiel) is in southwest Friesland
The flag (adopted 1984) contains the lily, which probably symbolizes the medieval feuding party of 'Schieringers'. The ship is a medieval 'koggeschip', representing the town of Drylts (IJlst), which was incorporated in Wymbritseradiel and became its seat.
Jarig Bakker, 7 September 1999

Wymbritseradiel old flag

[Wymbritseradiel old flag] Shipmate Flagchart :
adopted ?; design ?

The old flag (adoption date unknown, designer unknown) was:
Blue, with halfway a narrow horizontal yellow stripe and at the hoist a fleur-de-lis over all countercharged.
The fleur-de-lis is taken from the municipal arms.
Source: Encyclopedie van het hedendaagse Friesland, 1975
In 1984 the municipality got its present flag.
Jarig Bakker, 8 Apr 2005

Wymbritseradiel Coat of Arms

[Wymbritseradiel Coat of Arms] image from the Wymbritsteradielster webpage.

Granted 16 Mar 1984

Doniawerstal [former municipality]

former municipality of Doniawerstal Shipmate Flagchart :

Doniawerstal was a municipality in southwest Friesland, south of Sneek. It consisted mainly of grassland and lakes. Capital: Langweer (well known with nice weather sailors :-). The municipality was dissolved in 1984; part went to Wymbritseradiel and part went to Skarsterlân. At the time of its dissolution it had its Dutch name; in Frisian it was Doanjewerstal.

Flag adopted 23 August 1963. Design by the 'Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk' (Frisian Council for Heraldry). Yellow is the color of the field of the municipal Coat of Arms; blue of the globe in the Coat of Arms and black of the cross on the globe. Red is the color of the arm holding the globe. Source: Vexillia Nostra 124, p. 17.
Jarig Bakker, 1 October 1999

Drylts town (IJlst)

village IJlst Shipmate Flagchart :

IJlst - Drylts is one of the eleven Frisian cities, just south of Sneek. The name is derived from the river Ee - Ie, slowing through the town. It was founded when that river flowed southward from the 'Middelzee'. Compared with Sneek IJlst remained a small town, although it was renowned because of its skate-manufacturing company 'Nooitgedacht'. Shipyards abounded in its environment. Now it is virtually part of Sneek.
The ship on the flag is a 'kogge', a medieval vessel, symbolizing the shipbuilding tradition of the town. IJlst was made part of
Wymbritseradeel in 1984, but will continue to use this flag (I presume).
Jarig Bakker, 29 October 1999

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