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Bukjeju County, Jeju Province (South Korea)

Bukjeju-gun, 북제주군

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[Bukjeju county flag symbol]
county of Bukjeju

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From the Bukjeju web site:

In 1300 during the reign of the Koryo period's King Chungryol, Tamna was divided into the East-Dohyon and the West-Dohyon which included the Hyonch'ons of Kwiil, Gwakji, Kuidok, Myingwol, Shinchon, Hamdeok, Kimnyong and Jeju, all which were on the northern side of Mt. Halla and are the predecessors of Bukjeju County. In 1416, in the reign of Choson's King Taejong, Chongui-hyon and Tawjong-hyon were designated as controlling administrations south of Mt. Halla while Jeju-mok governed by a 'Moksa' was designed as the controlling administrative unit north of Mt. Halla and present-day Bukjeju County was then a part of Jeju-mok but In 1609, Chwa-myeon, Chung-myeon and U-myeon were established under the Tongsobangni system. In 1874, U-myeon was divided into Shinjwa-myeon and Gujwa-myeon. (Editor's note: A myeon is a district)

In 1910, Chongui-hyon and Taejong-hyon were consolidated as Taejong-hyon and, at the same time, Ch'ujado which had been designated a part of Wando-kun under the administative control of South Cholla Provice was incorporated into Jeju-mok. 1915 saw the abolishment of the 'Kun' system and the establishment of the 'Island" system with Kuu-myeon renamed Hallim-myeon, Shinu-myeon called Aewol-myeon and Shinjwa-myeon designated Choch'on-myeon.

In August, 1946, Jeju was designated as a provice whereas heretofore it had been a country under the administration of South Cholla province and at the same time, Bukjeju(north) Countyvand NamJeju (south) County were established. In 1955, Jeju city area and a part of Bukjeju-kun were elevated to city status and in 1956, Hallim myon was raised to Hallim-eup and Hankyong-myeon were newly established. (Editor's Note: a eup is a town).

On the first day of October in 1961, under the Temporary Measures Regarding Local Autonomy Governance the law that Bukjeju County was a self-administrating country with one Up and five Myon was officially accepted. later, Aewol, Gujwa, Choch'on myons were elevated to Up (township) status and the Yonp'yong branch became Udo-myeon giving Bukjeju County four townships (Up) and three districts (Myon).

On the 15th of April, 1991, local autonomy advanced a further step with the establishment of the Bukjeju County Council and on June 27th 1995, self-governance took on even greater meaning with the election of a provincial governor and country chiefs.

researched by Phil Nelson, 29 March 2005

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