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Kap Hoorners

Amicale Internationale des Capitaines au Longue Cours Cap Horniers

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[Kap Hoorners flag]
image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 09 September 2013

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Description of the Flag

"Kap Hoorners" are captains, having crossed the Kap Hoorn at Tierra del Fuego by a sailing ship. They had had an association. As meanwhile for a Long time merchant shipping has been done by steam vessels, the "Kap Hoorners" are simply dying out (or have meanwhile). The association had an own flag. One of them is in Hamburg Maritime Museum. I believe, the main branch was located in St. Malo (Brittany; France). The association, as far as I know, has been dissolved a few years ago.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 08 September 2013

I believe this is what you're looking for:
- Old seagul logo with St. Malo inscription - Source:
- Another old logo version - Source:  )
- Yet another old logo version - Source:  )
- New logo, displaying seagul, boat, yacht and initials IACH -  Source:  )
- New logo (with initials in Spanish) - Source:
- IACH (International Association of Cape Horners, established as Amicale Internationale des Capitaines au Long Cours Cap horniers in 1937 in St. Malo, France) official website: and official Facebook page  , and history:  ,  ,  and founding and Congresses
- Cape Horn Race:  under IRC Handicap See:
There are several countries' associations as well:
- and  (France)
-  (Italy)
-  (Chile)
-  (Netherlands)
-  (Plaisance)
-  (Finland) and many others...
Esteban Rivera, 08 September 2013

It’s emblem was the albatros’ head caught in a special albatros trap, surrounded by a red ring with white letters on a blue flag. Several maritime museums show such flags in their displays, for instance, as Klaus-Michael states, Hamburg, but also the tiny museum at near-by Bruhnsbüttel, located at the entrance to the canal linking the North-Sea and the Baltic. Here is a picture of the AICH flag in 2007. And, of course, in St. Malo, where the Solidor Tower hosts the museum of the Cap Horniers. To my knowledge, there is but one flag design of the AICH, I have never seen any other type of AICH flags, like branch flags or the like.
There are quite a few websites dedicated to the AICH, just search by Google "cap hornier".
Emil Dreyer, 08 September 2013

There is a successor-organization in Chile with a yacht within the logo. I believe, for most countries that doesn’t count. Required is a merchant vessel without any auxiliary engine.
There had been branches of the organization in: Aaland Islands, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, United States of America, England, Finnland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
The name probably has changed twice from: Amicale des Capitaines au Long Course - Cap Horniers (ACLC - CH) into Amicale des Cap Horniers (ACH) and finally into Amicale Internationale des Cap Horniers - St. Malo (AICH - ST. Malo)
Source: I spotted this flag in Hamburg Maritime Museum on 25 Sep 2008.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 09 September 2013

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