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Sumaré, São Paulo State (Brazil)

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Sumaré, SP (Brazil) image by Ivan Sache, 2 January 2013

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About the Flag of Sumaré

The flag is from the municipal website.
Dov Gutterman, 27 February 2002

The municipality of Sumaré (236,358 inhabitants in 2010; 15,303 ha) is located in Campinas Metropolitan Area, 120 km of São Paulo.

Sumaré originated in a chapel dedicated to St. Ann, consecrated on 26 July 1868. In 1876, the Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro inaugurated a railway station, named Antonio Pereira Rebouças Filho for one of the most famous Brazilian engineers. The nearby village, originally known as Quilombo, was renamed Rebouças. Since another town named Rebouças also existed in Paraná, the law of the time required the adoption of a new name, which was selected in a plebiscite organized in 1945. Sumaré is the name of a local orchid*. The municipality of Sumaré was established on 1 January 1953, seceding from Campinas.> - Municipal website

*"sumaré" is a generic name, of Tupi-Guarani origin used in Brazil for different species of orchids belonging to genus Cyrtopodium R. Br., especially C. eugenii Rchb.f. & Warm. - Photos

On the flag, the coat of arms represents the municipal government while the lozenge represents the town as the seat of the municipality. The stripe represent the power spreading form the center to the whole municipal territory.

The five-towered crown surmounting the shield recalls that Brazil was colonized by Portugal [the historical explanation is usually given for the shape of the shield, while the mural crown is presented as the symbol of a municipality - the two explanations seem to have been mixed here.] The winged cap is a symbol of commerce; it is known as Mercury's cap, recalling that the Greek god Mercury protected commerce. The cow symbolizes one of the main sources of income for Sumaré, which for long lived from cattle-breeding. The gear wheel is a symbol of industry. In the middle of the shield, an orchid plant with four flowers represents the town's namesake. The bordure of the shield is made of bricks, recalling the numerous brickyards present in the town for ages. The plant of cotton, dexter, and the sugarcane, sinister, represent two significant agricultural resources of the municipality. The two years on the scroll represent the foundation ("1868") and municipal emancipation ("1953") of the town, respectively. - Municipal website

The flag in current use appears to have a big lozenge, nearly touching the borders of the flag, thus matching the drawing shown on the municipal website. - Photo, flag row in front of the town hall.

Another photo, however, shows the flag with a smaller lozenge. - Photo, flag row on Flag Square

- Flag with big lozenge - Flag with smaller lozenge (approximate rendition)
Ivan Sache, 1 January 2013

Variant flag

 Sumaré, SP (Brazil) image by Ivan Sache, 2 January 2013

The variant has a smaller lozenge.

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