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Peritiba, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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[Flag of Peritiba,
SC (Brazil)] image by Dirk Schönberger, 19 July 2012

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The municipality of Peritiba (2,988 inhabitants in 2010; 9,641 ha) is located 475 km west of Florianópolis.

Peritiba was established in the 1920s on plots owned by Companhia Muller & Shen. Originally named Arroio dos Vadeos (Deer's River) or Alto Veado (Upper Dear), the place was renamed to Peritiba, from a Tupi-Guarania word meaning "palm grove", in October-December 1954 upon recommendation of Fathers João Zelesny and Nestor Kuhn, founders of the seminary.
The district of Peritiba was established, within the municipality of Piratuba, by Sate Law No. 728 promulgated on 24 June 1961 and inaugurated on 15 August 1961. The municipality of Peritiba was established by State Law No. 887 promulgated on 14 June 1963 and inaugurated on 15 August 1963.
Municipal website

Ivan Sache, 5 November 2021

Description of the Flag

An upright off-centred black cross, bordered white on a red field, with the municipal arms in a disk on the cross.

Official website at
Dirk Schönberger, 19 July 2012

The flag and arms of Peritiba are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 430 promulgated on 22 November 1983.

Article 6.
The municipal flag of Peritiba, designed by the heraldist and vexillologist Lauro Ribeiro Escobar, is described as follows: Rectangular, red, with a black cross fimbriated in white, superimposed on the arms' intersection with the coat of arms described in Article 19.
The cross' arms are 1 unit in width and the fimbriation 0.5 unit, the median line of the vertical branch being located 7 units from the hoist. The circle is 8 units in diameter and the coat of arms is 6 units in width.

Article 7.
In compliance with heraldic rules, the municipal flag shall have the official dimensions prescribed for the national flag, 14 units in width on 20 units in length.

Article 19.
The coat of arms of the municipality of Peritiba, designed by the heraldist and vexillologist Lauro Ribeiro Escobar, is described as follows: Iberian shield. Argent an eagle sable orled by eight hearts gules. The shield surmounted by an eight-towered mural crown argent ports sable. The shield supported dexter by a maize plant and sinister by a soybean plant all leaved and fructed proper. A scroll gules with the toponym "PERITIBA" in letters argent.

The coat of arms shall have the following interpretation.
a) The Iberian shield was used in Portugal at the time of discovery of Brazil; its use evokes the first colonizers and developers of the country.
b) Argent has an heraldic meaning of felicity, purity, temperance, truth, frankness, beauty, integrity and friendship, alluding to the region's natural beauties, which contributed to fixation of men to the land, and also the municipality's atmosphere of harmony and kindness.
c) The eagle with spread wings is a symbol of prosperity, victory, audacity to accomplish big actions, high achievements, genius and benign-ness, representing the audacity of the region's first settlers, their achievement and victory as the evolution of the town they founded, today a municipal seat. Mostly used in European countries, the eagle recalls the European origin and ascendance of those pioneers.
d) Sable (black) represents strength, constancy, prudence, simplicity, knowledge, science, gravity, honesty, firmness, obedience, moderation, silence and secret, which are the attributes of the citizens, who are leal and honest, which results in progress of the municipality and general well-being.
e) The heart is an emblem of courage, honor, affect, love, sincerity, charity, generosity and religious fervor; gules (red) is the heraldic symbol of audacity, valor, bravery, nobleness, valiance, courage and honor. The hearts gules emphasize the virtues of Peritiba's people: honesty, charity, spirit and religious feelings, now building a hospital to serve the whole region, offering to the country priests and clerics to spread faith, always courageously facing natural hazards [...].
f) The mural crown is a symbol of political emancipation; argent with eight towers, five of them visible, it is proper to towns. The open doors sable (black) proclaim the hospitable character of Peritiba's people.
g) The maize and soybean plants highlight the fertility of Peritiba's generous soil [...]
Leis Municipais database


Ivan Sache, 5 November 2021

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