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Flores da Cunha, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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Flores da Cunha, RS (Brazil) image by Ivan Sache, 18 July 2020

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The municipality of Floriano Peixoto (1,972 inhabitants in 2016; 16,843 ha) is located 350 km north-west of Porto Alegre.

Floriano Peixoto was originally known as Coxilha Seca (Dry Hill). The municipality's namesake is Marshal Floriano Peixoto (1839-1895), 2nd President of Brazil (1891-1894). Known as Iron Marshall for his fierce repression of all his opponents - monarchists, federalists, officers, Peixoto maintained the so-called Sword Republic initiated by his predecessor, Deodoro da Fonseca. Supported by the agrarian oligarchy, his dictatorship was eventually defeated by the "coffee barons" of São Paulo and the "milk barons" of Minas Gerais. The presidential election he was forced to organize was won by Prudente de Morais, leader of the Partido Republicano Paulista.

Ivan Sache, 18 July 2020

Description of the Flag

The flag and arms of Floriano Peixoto are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 56 promulgated on 20 August 1997.

Appendix I.
Meaning of the colors, writings and charges of the coat of arms.
Main star: the municipality's seat.
Fifteen stars: the municipality's fifteen communities.
Soybean and maize: the main crops meaning work, perseverance and prosperity.
Peach and grapes: crop diversification, new alternatives for the municipality generating sources of income.
Cattle-breeding: milk cows and pig breeding are also sources of income for the municipality.
Farmer, plow and oxen: symbol of manual work offered by smallholders, agriculture being the main source of income for the municipality.
Soil: mother earth supplying staple food and prosperity.
Trees / forests: native species, timber, municipality's reserve of flora.
Sun rays: source of light and energy and sign of opening to new investments.
Rivers: municipality's rivers, resources in water that supplies life to all living organisms.
Scroll; on the scroll in red the municipality's name and date of creation, "28.12.95".
Hut: characteristic of smallholdings present in the municipality.

Appendix II.
Meaning of the colors of the flag of Floriano Peixoto.
Green: Power of agriculture, which supplies food and represents c. 95% of the municipality's income.
Blue: the sky over Floriano Peixoto, limpid and clear, visible from one horizon to the other, forming a marvelous contrast with the green fields and forests.
Yellow: the resources supplied by our land, inhabited by hard-working people, committed to search for economic growth and generation of an excellent standard of life.
White: peace and harmony in the heat of all inhabitants, who work hand in hand for the building of Floriano Peixoto.
Leis Municipais database

The flag is horizontally divided blue-green-red-yellow with a white diagonal stripe superimposed, running from lower hoist to upper fly and charged in the center with the municipal coat of arms.


Ivan Sache, 18 July 2020
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