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Tijucas do Sul, Paraná (Brazil)

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Tijucas do Sul, PR (Brazil) image located by Ivan Sache, 9 February 2022

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About the Flag

The municipality of Tujicas do Sul (14,526 inhabitants in 2010; 67,220 ha) is located on the border with Santa Catarina, 75 km south of Curitiba.

Tujicas do Sul originates in the district of Ambrósios, which was renamed to Tijucas by Decree No. 7,573 issued on 14 November 1951. The district was renamed to Aruatã by State Decree-Law No. 199 promulgated on 30 December 1943.
The municipality of Tijucas do Sul was established by State Law No. 790 promulgated on 14 November 1951. Tijucas is named for a Tupi word colloquially used to designate the deposits of dark gray clay found on the municipal territory, used for ages to produce bricks and tiles.
Municipal website

Sergius Erdelyi (1919-2015), born in Neusatz (now, Novi Sad) emigrated to Brazil in 1953 and was granted the Brazilian nationality in 1976. A successful engineer and businessman, Erdelyi produced during his idle time more than 4,000 artworks. Considering his art as a kind of "therapy and regeneration" and his works as his "children", he never attempted to sell any of them. A versatile designer, painter, engraver, mosaicist, tapestry-maker and sculptor, Eredelyi also designed stained glass windows for Tujicas do Sul's parish church.
In 2011, he initiated a reforestation program in partnership with the municipality. The Sergius Eredelyi Art Museum, housed in the artist's former residence, was registered as historical, artistic and cultural heritage by Municipal Law No. 539 promulgated on 29 October 2015.!/map=38329&loc=-25.95641441107189,-49.21550989151,16 

The flag and arms of Tijucas do Sul are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 7 promulgated on 8 October 1999.

Article 2.
The flag of the municipality of Tijucas do Sul, designed by Sebastião Ferrarini, shall be rectangular, in proportion 14 units in width on 20 units in length, in accordance with Article 5 of Federal Law No. 5,700 promulgated on 9 January 1971, with the following characteristics:
a) The flag consists of a green field, charged in the center with a white isosceles triangle, whose angles are 3 units away from the side edges and 2 units from the top edge of the flag.
b) In the center of the isosceles triangle is applied the coat of arms of the municipality of Tijucas do Sul.
c) The green field represents fertile land. The white triangle symbolizes the town as the seat of the municipality, whose precept is freedom, equality and fraternity.

Article 7.
The coat of arms of the municipality of Tijucas do Sul, designed by Professor Sebastião Ferrarini, is a Portuguese shield, quartered by a cross, surmounted by a mural crown argent with six towers, only four of them visible in perspective view, with red. The mural crown represents the municipal authority constituted by the Legislative and Executive of the municipality of Tijucas do Sul.

The upper right field is divided into two parts.
At the top, on a white background, on the right side, a green elevation, of 1 unit in height, symbolizing the Serra do Mar; on the left side, with 1/3 unit, Morro Araçatuba, in green, representing the rugged relief of the Tijucano territory.
Emerging from behind the Serra do Mar, a rising sun proper with 7 rays, which, with its energy-generating force, sheds light and heat over the earth.
The lower part, in green, which represents the thriving vegetation of the municipality, features, in the center, a white area, which projects downwards, of 2/3 unit in width, with five black curved lines, 1/5 unit away from each other, symbolizing waterfalls in the municipality, which are tourist attractions of great natural beauty.
The upper left field, in celestial blue, represents the separation of Tijucas do Sul from the municipality of São José dos Pinhais and has in the center a letter "M" superimposed on a crown with seven thorns, all or (yellow), representing Our Lady of Sorrows, patron saint of the municipality.

In the center of the lower right, yellow field, a white cattle's head, facing the shield's right, representing livestock in the municipality and also symbolizing the Spanish pioneer Álvaro Nunes Cabeza de Vaca [lit. Cow's Head] who, in 1542, passed through the Tijucas' territory, on his way to Asuncion, Paraguay.
In the center of the lower left field, on a green background, a black machine gun, facing the shield's left, remembering the conflicts of the Federalist Revolution and those of World War II, in which Tijucas do Sul actively participated, bequeathing to the fatherland heroes who fell in the line of duty.
The green field represents agriculture and extractive industry in the municipality, in frank expansion.

The shield is supported on the right side by a green pine branch, symbolizing one of the resources of the territory and, on the left side, by a corn stalk fructed proper, representing one of the main crops in the municipality.
Beneath the shield a red scroll bears the black inscription "14 - 11 - TIJUCAS DO SUL - 1951", corresponding to the date of establishment of the municipality and to its toponym.

Blue, the color of the sky, symbolizes justice, truth, loyalty, and beauty.
Green denotes faith, symbolizing hope, freedom, and strength of nature.
Yellow (or) is the image of maturity of judgment, symbolizing nobleness, magnitude, and wealth.
White (argent) is pure light, symbolizing integrity, obedience, vigilance, and peace.
Black belongs to the domain of intelligence, symbolizing prudence, vigor, and honesty.
Red is energy, symbolizing strength, courage, and triumph.
Leis Municipais database


Tijucas do Sul, PR (Brazil) image located by Ivan Sache, 9 February 2022

The flag is also used with a very dark background


Ivan Sache, 9 February 2022

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