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Sulina, Paraná (Brazil)

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[Flag of Sulina (Paraná), PR (Brazil)] image by Dirk Schönberger, 30 September 2011
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About the Flag

The municipality of Sulina (3,394 inhabitants in 2010; 17,076 ha) is located 500 km west of Curitiba.

The flag and arms of Sulina are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 12 promulgated on 25 September 1989.

Article 3.
The flag of the municipality of Sulina was conceived by Carla Sangaletti, a 7th grade student at Colégio Estadual Nestor de Castro in the municipality of Sulina, and designed and adapted to municipal heraldry by vexillologist and heraldist Reynaldo Valascki.

Article 14.
The flag of the municipality of Sulina is in proportions 14 units in width on 20 units in length.
§1. The municipal flag's rectangle is divided into four parts, three irregular rectangles and one lozenge triangle placed on the left (sinister) side at hoist. The upper rectangle in dark blue (azure), the central rectangle is white (argent), the lower rectangle is red (gules) and the lozenge triangle is green (vert) placed in the sinister (left) side of the municipal flag's rectangle. The municipal coat of arms is placed at the center of the rectangle.
§2. The proportions of the municipal flag of Sulina are identical to those of the national flag.
§3. On the municipal flag's obverse and reverse, the parts that constitute it must be identical, since the flag of the municipality of Sulina, in compliance with the rules of vexillology, has a reverse.
§4. In compliance with good style in vexillology and heraldry, the flag of the municipality of Sulina shall be designed within greater simplicity, so that any child of school age can reproduce it.

Article 15.
The irregular, blue (azure) rectangle at the top of the flag symbolizes the infinite sky that covers the entire territory of the municipality of Sulina; it is also the color that symbolizes justice, nobleness, praise, perseverance, zeal, sweetness, dignity, vigilance, perfection and incorruptible firmness (Guelfi, 64: Asercio, 63; and Rocheti, 126). The irregular, white (argent) rectangle in the center of the flag rectangle in white (silver metal) symbolizes peace, friendship, purity, innocence, beauty, happiness, integrity, equity and truth. The red color (gules) of the lower rectangle of the flag symbolizes devotion, authority, greatness, majesty and triumph (Rocheti, 798; and Asêncio, 66). The green (vert) lozenge triangle on the left (sinister) side of the flag symbolizes hope, happiness, and the greatness of the countryside and rural areas of the territory of the municipality of Sulina.
The coat of arms in the center of the municipal flag symbolizes the municipal power that spreads to all the parts of the territory of the municipality of Sulina.

Article 17.
The coat of arms of the municipality of Sulina, conceived and designed by Nilson Edimar Marx and executed by vexillologist and heraldist Reynaldo Velascki, is described in proper terms as follows.

Article 18.
The Samnite coat of arms (French modern) select to represent the arms of the municipality of Sulina, is of French origin, being the first style of shield adopted in Portugal, serving as a reference to the colonizing race and main builder of the Brazilian nation.
§1. The mural crown that surmounts it, being in or with eight towers, only five of them visible, identifies a domain's coat of arms and a 3rd rank town, that is, the seat of a municipality.
§2. Gules (red) used in the windows of the mural crown and in the scroll symbolizes audacity, intrepidity, valor, gallantry, nobleness and dominion, which are attributes of immigrants, first settlers who, with the courage and audacity that identify them, left their homeland and settle here in spite of the adverse conditions of climate and language to lay the foundations of the town that is the municipality of Sulina.
§3. Above the coat of arms between the mural crown and the shield, a fleur-de-lis symbolizes the purity, faith, and religious spirit of Sulina's citizens.
§4 The shield is divided into five quarters and another two escutcheons.
The escutcheon on the left (sinister) symbolizes education and culture in Sulina's territory.
The escutcheon on the right (dexter) features the Cross of Christ on a field argent symbolizing people's faith and religious. It symbolizes the municipality's patron saint, the Holy Family.
§5. The shield is divided in the center by a pine (Araucaria brasiliense - Paraná pine) symbolizing the beginning of the clearing of the territory of the municipality of Sulina, these trees currently existing only in small reserves.
§6. The first, left (sinister) quarter features a farmer in his daily work, using an ox-pulled plow, a primitive tool still used in the municipality.
§7. The second, right (dexter) quarter features a farmer cultivating his land, which symbolizes mechanized agriculture.
§8. The center of the shield features a sinuous celestial blue line that symbolizes river Capivara, the main river that passes through the territory of Sulina.
§9. The lower left (sinister) features an ox head, which symbolizes livestock, and a pig's head, which symbolizes pig farming, two sources of income for the municipality of Sulina.
§10. The fourth, right (dexter) quarter features a cog wheel superimposed to a winged helmet of Mercury that symbolizes commerce and industry in the municipality.
§11. Below the two quarters two sources of water symbolize one of the natural and healthy resources located along the banks of the Capivara, the Sulina spa, where water gush forth with a temperature of 38 degrees.
§12. Beneath the shield two rice panicles symbolizing the typical product of the land.
The red (gules) scroll beneath the shield features the inscription "SULINA", surrounded on the left (sinister) with the date of creation of the municipality, "01.21.87", and on the right (dexter) with the date of inauguration of the municipality, "01.01.89".
The shield supported on the right (dexter) by bean and corn plants and on the left (sinister) by soybean and wheat plants, symbolizing the resources of the municipality of Sulina.
Leis Municipais database

Ivan Sache, 9 February 2022

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