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Peabiru, Paraná (Brazil)

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[Flag of Peabiru, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 6 February 2022
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About the Flag

The municipality of Peabiru (13,622 inhabitants in 2010; 46,950 ha) is located 500 km north-west of Curitiba.

Peabiru is named for the famous Peabiru Trail designed by the Guarani and Kaingang natives between the coast of São Vicente and river Paraná. Of more than 3,000 km in length, the trail crosses rivers Tibagi, Ivaí and Piquiri. It was used in 1769 by the expedition led by Captain of the Sea Afonso Botelho de San Payo e Souza.
The origin and exact route of the Peabiru Trail are disputed. Some say it was designed by the Macro-Jê natives, connecting the Brazilian coast to Paraguayan Chaco; other say it was a part of the Inca trail connecting Atlantic Ocean to Peru through Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. It is sure, however, that one of the numerous branches of the trail followed the western bank of river Mourão, crossing the site of present-day's Peabiru.

The modern development of Peabiru was initiated in 1903 in an area then known as Sertãozinho, limited by rivers Dezenove and Ivaí. Lázaro de Morais (Lazinho Emídio) settled Peabiru in 1916 with his family. The town of Peabiru was established in 1942 by Engineer Sady Silva. Chief of the 5th Land Inspectorate. Large-scale clearing was initiated by Ernesto and João Matheus under the coordination of Júlio Regis, with the support of forest ranger Cezinando Ribas. In 1945, Peabiru had several shops, a sawmill, a petrol station and a pharmacy. Successful Sady Silva was succeeded in 1947 by Genésio Marino. The first mass was celebrated in Peabiru on 24 June 1948.
The municipality of Peabiru was established on 14 November 1951 and inaugurated on 14 December 1952.
Municipal website

The flag of Peabiru is green with the municipal coat of arms in the center.

The coat of arms of Peabiru is prescribed by Municipal Law No. 4 promulgated on 13 April 1972.

Article 1.
The coat of arms of the town and municipality of Peabiru is described as follows.
A Portuguese shield azure divided per fess. In chief dexter a Brazilian pine (Araucaria angustifolia) eradicated proper charged with two arrows or in saltire, in chief center argent a Cross of the Society of Jesus, in chief sinister the bust of a pioneers' captain from the 17th century looking to the center. A fess or bordered vert. The shield surmounted by a five-towered mural crown or, each tower with a gate. The shield supported dexter by a wheat plant sinister by a coffee branch the two fructed proper. Beneath the shield a scroll or (gold) inscribed sable (black) with the municipality's date of inauguration. As the motto, the municipality's acrostiche.
Leis Municipais database


In 2015, the municipal administration appointed a commission to revise the municipal symbols, whose proposals were presented on 29 April 2016.
The commission pointed out flaws in the symbols in current use, especially the coat of arms (the flag was never officially adopted).
The golden crown surmounting the shield is inappropriate, being proper to state capitals according to the rules of Brazilian heraldry. The colors of the central fesses should be swapped and a charge highlighting the historical connection of the town with the Paebiru Trails should be added.
The design of the cross of the Society of Jesus was amended. The positivist motto coined by historian Nelson Bittencourt Prado, designer of the original coat of arms, "Paz, Educação, Amor: Bens Integrantes da Razão Universal" [Peace, Education, Love: Integrant Parts of Universal Reason] was replaced by the municipality's name and dates of emancipation and inauguration.
The commission noticed that Bittencourt's design superseded a first coat of arms of Peabiru, seemingly not registered, featuring the name of the municipality and its natural resources.

[Flag of Peabiru, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 6 February 2022

The proposed flag is diagonally divided white-blue by two yellow and green diagonal stripes running from lower hoist to upper fly. The new coat of arms is placed in canton, scroll omitted, since "adding town's names on flags is considered as an heraldic heresy". The blue part, recalling the "beautiful blue" mentioned in the municipal anthem, is charged with the Southern Cross.
Municipal website, 29 April 2016

Image from the municipal website

Ivan Sache, 6 February 2022

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