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Iretama, Paraná (Brazil)

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[Flag of Iretama, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 3 February 2022
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About the Flag

The municipality of Iretama (10,602 inhabitants in 2010; 57,046 ha) is located 430 km north-west of Curitiba.

The flag of Iretama is horizontally divided (1:2:1) red-white-green with the municipal coat of arms in the center.

The coat of arms of Iretama was designed by heraldist and vexillologist Reynaldo Valascki.

The classic Flemish Iberian style of shield, used to represent the coat of arms of the municipality of Iretama, is of French origins, and was introduced in Iberia during the struggles against the Moors. Used in Portugal armorials, notably in domains' heraldry, this style was inherited by Brazilian heraldry as an evocative of the colonizing race and main builder of the nation.
The shield is composed of a rectangle divided into six parts, two rectangles and four triangles that are represented as follows:
- A beehive and combs with bees, represented in the first left quarter, in yellow (or), which symbolize work;
- A book on a table, terrestrial globe, inkpot, pen and a map of Paraná hanging on a wall, represented in the second, right quarter, which symbolize teaching and education in the municipality;
- The cropping system in the territory of the municipality of Iretama, represented in brown in the third and first, left right-angled triangle, which symbolizes the fertility of the valuable lands.
- A farmer, represented in the second, left right-angled triangle, driving a tractor, symbolizing mechanized agriculture; the municipality's territory has little land (30%) that can be mechanized;
- A plow, represented in the third, right triangle, symbolizing one of the most used tools in agriculture since the creation of the municipality by the first founders, used to date due to the mountainous and sloping land in the territory of Iretama, whose rich and fertile land allows cropping of all kinds of plants.
- A pair of scales and a sword, represented in yellow (or) in the fourth, right-angled triangle, symbolizing justice that exists in the municipality and allows peace to reign in the heart of the working people and also in the Three Powers: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.
- A mural crown surmounting the shield, which is the universal symbol of domains. Represented in yellow (or) with eight towers, only five of them visible in perspective view, it classifies a 3rd rank town, that is, the seat of a municipality.
- Windows, represented in red (gules) which, through the meaning of this color in heraldry, represents the municipality's resources and sovereignty. Black (sable) is a symbol of prudence, moderation, austerity and firmness of character.
- A yellow (or) fleur-de-lis below the mural crown, symbolizing Iretama's patron saint, St. Rose of Lima.
- Two green (vert) crosses surrounding the fleur-de-lis, which represent people's religious spirit.
- Coffee and cotton branches on the right of the shield, beans and corn on the left, representing the crops of the time.
- A red (gules) scroll, a color symbolizing dedication, love for the country, intrepidity, courage, and bravery. In the center, in black letters on a red background, the inscription "Iretama". On the right side, the date of Iretama's political emancipation [inauguration], "10-11-61", and on the left side the date of creation of the municipality, "25-07-60".
- Three gears between the coat of arms and the scroll, which represent industry in the municipality of Iretama.
Municipal website


[Flag of Iretama, PR (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 3 February 2022

The flag is also used with equal stripes and the coat of arms overlapping the three stripes.


Ivan Sache, 3 February 2022

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