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Venezuela - States

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by Antonio Broto, 16 July 2001

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States of Venezuela

Venezuela is formed by 23 states, a capital district and some federal dependencies :


Other Federal Entities:

The Venezolan states are adopting new flags. The last only some months ago.
I received information from one of the flags designers, and the flags manufacturer. The official Gazete published the adoption of new flags. I have one of these gazetes and photos of the new flags (in the case of Merida State I have the foto of the day that the flag was first hoisted, and some other information).
The well known flags (white with the shield in the center) are totally unknown by the people, flag designers, flag manufacturers, Interior Ministry, Libraries, etc... and their status is unofficial.
Currently only six states have adopted officially a new flag, but other states are planning to adopt a flag in the next months.
This information was researched by my cousin Antoni Fortuny, who travelled to Venezuela and came back today to Catalonia.
Jaume Olle - 13 February 1997 (list of Dependencias Federales by Jorge Candeias, 26 September 1999)

The Venezolan states that recently adopted a flag are: Miranda, Portuguesa, Yaracuy, Zulia, Carabobo and Mérida
Another state is supossed to adopt (or approve) a flag in January 1997; I have the flag design but I'm unsure about the name of the state. Another state, Sucre, adopted a flag on 8 January 1966, which is well known because shown in the book of W. Smith.
There are no flags for the other states or territories (except unofficial flags of particular use, in fact out of order after some years ago).
All the states, the Distrito Federal and Delta Amacuro Territory have an attribued unofficial flag of white with shield. Not unnoficial flag attribued to Amazonas territory.
Jaume Olle, 14 Febuary 1997

The Coat of Arms of Venezuela's states are at <>. When using the URL you will get the list of states. choose each one for its Coat of Arms.
Dov Gutterman, 4 November 1998

According to the geographical books I have read there are the states mentioned above, 22 in total, and the Federal District, and the Federal Dependencies (120 sq. km. with 850 inhabitants) - I suppose these consist of the Aves isls.
A map of Venezuela with the claimed territory of Guyana can be found at: <>. There it is called: Guayana Esequibo - zona en reclamacion.
Jarig Bakker, 16 September 1999

at <> There is a list of 23 states of Venezuela, excl. the Distrito Federal and the Dependencias Federales. The 23rd state is Vargas
Jarig Bakker, 18 September 1999

Many of our states have designed their flags since the descentralisation reform of 1989. Some states had old flags as well. Not all the states have flags, and many are not officially approved by the legislatures, since they depict more the party in power than the state they wave on
Guillermo T. Aveledo, 23 September 1999

Vargas state was created in 1997. Delta Amacuro was declared a State during this decade. Formerly it was a Federal Territory, just as Amazonas.To this date, there are 23 States: However, on some proposals presented to and discussed (whenever they get time to do that) on the Constitutional Assembly is a change of the number of States we currently have. The proposals vary from 8 states to 32 states.
Guillermo T. Aveledo, 28 September 1999

As far I know near all the states flags are known except Anzoategui (I'm sure that
has flag) Apure and Monagas.
I don't know if Delta Amacuro and Amazonas has flag.
I assume that federal dependencies don't have flag .
Flag of Barinas, Bolivar Guarico and Trujillo are unconfirmed.
Jaume Ollé, 8 November 1999

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