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Nyberg Three Percent Flag (U.S.)

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[Nyberg Three Percent Flag] image by Pete Loeser, 27 December 2010

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This flag is called the "Nyberg Three Percent Flag" and is being sold in the United States. Its name is based on the belief that during the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists, and groups of gun owners calling themselves by such names as the "Three Percenters," (Threepers), the "Sipsey Street Irregulars," and the "Oath Keepers" (led by Nevada lawyer Stewart Rhodes, a former staffer of Congressman Ron Paul), have sprung up expressing anti-government and anti-gun control sentiments during President Obama's first year in office: especially against the current administration which favors gun control laws. They claim to be the ones who "the founders counted on to save the Republic when everyone else abandoned it."

Basically, however, they are extremist groups of American gun owners who are preparing to "defend" themselves and "their right to bare [sic] arms" against "enemies, foreign and domestic," and warn those they call "collectivists," those who favor gun control and who they feel control the government, to leave them and their guns alone.
Pete Loeser 27 December 2010

The flag is named for Gayle Nyberg, but some obvious websites do not say if that is because she designed it, popularized it, or sold it. See and

But a Google cache retrieval of a now superseded page (not on WebArchive) says "RWE started this process because they felt that Threepers should have an patch to help identify friend from foe. This too was "a goodness thing." Then Gayle Nyberg designed the Threeper battle flag and we put it up on Sipsey Street. This led to demands for a place to buy them."

So evidently Ms. Nyberg was the designer- from browsing Google it appears that she is a right-wing activist, involved in protesting illegal immigration. For instance
Ned Smith, 28 December 2010

Black Three Percent flag

[Black Three Percent Flag] image by Randy Young, 25 August 2021

Flag seen in front of a house, displayed on a flagpole, with a blue Trump 2020 campaign flag at the top above an upside-down American flag, itself above an upside-down Virginia flag. There were two additional flagpoles attached the house and flanking the front door. The pole to the right of the door held a tattered and barely recognizable white Trump 2020 flag. The pole to the left carried a black and white "III percenter" flag that I hadn't seen before. The flag seen today had the same Roman numeral III in white above the year "1776," all within a ring of 13 white stars and centered on a black field.
Randy Young, 25 August 2021

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