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Ukraine – Political Flags

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Donbass People's Militia / Narodnoye Opolchenye Donbassa

Donbass People's Militia flag image by Esteban Rivera

The Donbass People's Militia (Russian: "Народное ополчение Донбасса") is an armed pro-Russian group that declared allegiance to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.
Esteban Rivera, 20 April 2014

Euromaidan protests

images by Victor Lomantsov
Several flags seen in Euromaidan in Kiev 2013–2014.
Demonstraters used many types of flags:
  1. national Ukrainian flags with hand-made inscriptions (very often the name of the home-city of demonstrants)
  2. different variants of "Ukrainian-European" flags, for example: European flag with Ukrainian symbol in the centre (see photo)
  3. European flag with inscription "Ukraine is Europe" (see photo)
Victor Lomantsov, 22 July 2014

"self-defense units"

image by Victor Lomantsov

In november 2013 Maidan self-defense units were organized. 5 January 2014 several flags for companies of Maidan self-defense ("sotnia") were sanctified and presented to the units. At the photos I saw flags of 2nd. 5th, 6th, 9th, 16th, 19th, 25th companies with respective ciphers. All flags have standard design – yellow field with blue shield contains number of the company. Inscription – "SAMOOBORONA MAIDANU" ("Maidan self-defense").

Main flag of Maidan self-defense have the same design but the trident depicted in the blue shield instead of company number. Colour of the shield is dark. (photo)
Victor Lomantsov, 22 July 2014

Liberal Party of Ukraine

image by Victor Lomantsov

Flag of Liberal Party of Ukraine (Liberalna Partiya Ukrayini) – Adopted in 1993.
Source: Ukrainian bulletin "Znak".
Victor Lomantsov, 26 February 2002

The Political Handbook of the World 1997 qualifies it among the centrist and centrist-leftist groups.
Jarig Bakker, 26 February 2002

Libertarian flags

image by Martin Karner

A German flag seller offers this unofficial "Libertarian Flag", created by Rostislav Sinitsyn and David Zurabov in March 2020. It shows a Gadsden-style yellow-black rattlesnake centered on the Ukrainian National Flag. A blue shield (fimbriated yellow) with yellow trident is placed in the canton. The term "libertarian" might imply a rather socio-political (liberty) than a national meaning (freedom), but this question remains open until we have secured information from the creators or from anywhere else. No doubt this and similar flags are being used today also in the sense of national freedom from Russian occupation.
Martin Karner, 22 December 2022

Million Marihuana March

image by Mikhail Revnivtsev and Antonio Martins-Tuvalkin

On (in Russian), there is a flag of Million Marihuana March, which is planned to march on May, 7, 2005 in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, in support of of legalization of marihuana.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 2 May 2005

Interesting that the design shows no hint as to what it's about; most such flags and banners here have the marijuana leaves prominently displayed.
Albert S. Kirsch, 3 May 2005

This march has no any relation to Parade of the Victory (Pobedy), which will take place in Kiev and in Moscow on May, 9. Besides, the mayor of Kiev yet has not given the sanction to carrying out of this march in support of marihuana (in Ukraine, as well as in Russia, marihuana is forbidden with other drugs).
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 3 May 2005

I believe this flag is based on the various other type of "Rasta" flags that are sold in the US and other places.
Zachary Harden, 3 May 2005

A 4:5 horizontally stripped flag of green, yellow, red and black. I must say that, design wise, this flag may not be specifically Ukrainian, even though it was perhaps created and used only in this Kiev march.
It seems to be a mix of the pan-african colors (red-yellow-green) and the Garvey colors (red-black-green), certainly based on their popularity among rastafarian (or rastafarian-looking) circles.
The horizontal stripes may also be inspired in another pride and protest flag: the gay pride rainbow flag.
António Martins-Tuvalkin, 3 May 2005 and 8 August 2007

National-Democratic United Ukraine

image from, located by Valentin Poposki

The symbols of the "National-Democratic United Ukraine" are shown at
Valentin Poposki, 6 October 2005

National People's Front of Ukraina "Rukh"

image from, located by Dov Gutterman

National People's Front of Ukraina "Rukh".
Jens Pattke and Victor Lomantsov, 11 May 2002

Opposition Platform for Life

image located by Bill Garrison

Found on eBay:
Flag pro-Russian, Separatist political party in Ukraine "Opposition Platform for Life". In 2014 it was the "Party of the Region" with its pro-Russian leader Yanukovych in Ukraine. Now this party is banned in Ukraine.
Bill Garrison, 24 February 2022

Party of Greens of Ukraine

image by Eugene Ipavec

Party of Greens of Ukraine (Партія Зелених України, Partija Zelenykh Ukrainy, PZU) succeeded in 1990 the Green World Association, itself founded in 1987. The party claimed 5.5% of the votes and 19 seats at the Parliament in the 1998 election, a success which was not confirmed either in the 2002 (1.4%, no seat) or 2007 (0.4%, no seat) elections. Chaired by Vladimir Kosterin and claiming more than 80 000 members, the Green Party of Ukraine has been a member of the European Green Party since January 1994. Website at
The flag of PZU, as photographied by Raimo Oksala, behind two lovely young members of the party during the 2005 conference of the European Green Party, held at Kiev, is white with the emblem of the party, made of its name (Партія Зелених   Party of Greens, "of Ukraine" dropped) in green letters flanked on its right by a suflower with a green central part, the whole being placed over a green horizontal stripe crossing the whole flag.
Ivan Sache, 12 December 2009

Party of Muslims of Ukraine

image by Victor Lomantsov

Party of Muslims of Ukraine. Flag was adopted in 1997. Ratio 1:2. Width of green stripes equal to 1/10 of flag-width. The emblem consists of green Cyrillic letter "M" (stylized to Arabic) and black name of the party in Ukrainian.
source: heraldry bulletin "Znak".
Victor Lomantsov, 23 February 2002

Party of Regions (Partiya rehioniv)

image by Victor Lomantsov

Source:, reported by M. Revnivtsev.
Victor Lomantsov, 30 March 2006

Previous Flags

image by António Martins

image by António Martins, 1 December 2004

"Partiya rehioniv" (Party of regions) flag at It was founded in 1997. This is the party flag.
Dov Gutterman and Andriy Grechylo, 26 July 2004

"Party of Regions" represents generally Donetsk's bandit clan. Victor Yanukovych is a member of Party of Regions.
Andriy Grechylo, 29 November 2004

I saw this flag many times in TV reports. But the flag always was blue (not purple). Background is in darker shade then emblem. The correct Cyrillic name is "Партія Регіонів".
Victor Lomantsov, 29 November 2004

This flag is purple in official web-site, at printed materials, also during the party congresses (in TV) etc.
Andriy Grechylo, 29 November 2004

Youth Wing Flag

image by Victor Lomantsov

At and also here, there are photos of Ukrainian political flag amid sea of Party of Regions flags. The former are blue with very large white oval taking up almost entire field and containing some text plus a (pink?) logo.
Eugene Ipavec, 4 April 2009

It is the flag of the youth wing of the Party of Regions – "Youth Union of Regions of Ukraine".
Victor Lomantsov, 4 April 2009

image by Zoltan Horvath

Here's another version of the flag of the Party of Regions (with a darker blue):
Esteban Rivera, 3 March 2014

There are both Ukrainian and Russian variants of this party flag.
Zoltan Horvath, 3 March 2014

Party of the Consciousness of the Third Millenium

image from, located by Jens Pattke

Party of the Consciousness of the Third Millennium.
Jens Pattke, 11 May 2002

Party of the National and Economic Development of Ukraine
PNERU – Partiya Natsionalno-Ekonomichnoho Rozvytku Ukrayiny

image by Zachary Harden

This is the flag of PNERU – Partiya Natsionalno-Ekonomichnoho Rozvytku Ukrayiny (Party of the National and Economic Development of Ukraine). Flag was designed by member of Ukrainian Heraldry Society Oleksiy Kokhan.
Dov Gutterman and Andriy Grechylo, 26 July 2004

People's Opposition / Natalya Vitrenko

image by Victor Lomantsov, 18 May 2014

Russian Block

image by Victor Lomantsov, 18 May 2014

Slavic Party

image by António Martins

Slavic Party. Photo of the was located by Dov Gutterman at
Jens Pattke, 11 May 2002

I managed to gain access to the party website, and found that the Slavic Party holds that Ukraine lacks the economic basis for political independence, and should reunite with Russia and Belarus. As far as I could see, only the triband is a flag. The circular design is labeled "emblem."
John Ayer, 14 May 2002

The specs seem to be 2:3 = (2+6+2):15, with emblem and lettering "Slavanskaa partia".
I guess this is not Ukrainian, but Russian, and thus this Slavic party is rather a Russophile party (Soviet-nostalgic, monarchist, ethnic Russian?).
António Martins, 28 July 2002

Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine

image by Victor Lomantsov

Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine. The flag was adopted in 1992. Rose is a traditional symbol of social-democrats, 7 stars symbolize 7 letters in the word "Ukraine", blue and yellow – national colours of Ukraine.
source: heraldry bulletin "Znak".
Victor Lomantsov, 23 Febuary 2002

Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine (Sotsial-Demokratychna Partiya Ukrainy, SDPU), led by Verkhovna Rada deputy Yuriy Buzduhan. It nominated only 127 candidates, few of whom are well-known. Marchuk had originally appeared likely to run on the SDPU list but chose the SDPU (o) instead (Vseukrainskiye Vedomosti, 21 October 1997). Buzduhan called the rival SDPU (o) not a social democratic party but a "financial-petrol clan of Surkis and Medvedchuk" (Vseukrainskiye Vedomosti, 21 October 1997). Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the Lawyers Union, is No. 4 on the SDPU (o) list, and Hryhoriy Surkis, head of Kiev's Dynamo soccer club, is No. 5.
Jarig Bakker, 11 May 2002

Sokil ("The Falcon" – youth movement)

image by Victor Lomantsov, 22 July 2014

image located by William Garrison and Esteban Rivera
Flag, square variant (source)

image located by Esteban Rivera
Flag variant with fimbriations (source)

image located by Esteban Rivera
Flag with motto variant, which reads "Де сила – там воля!" (Where there is strength, there is will!) (source)

image located by Esteban Rivera
Flag with "1894" inscription, seems to be the historical Sokol organization (source)

image located by Esteban Rivera
Logo (source)

Its full name and denomination is: All-Ukrainian Public Organization (UPO) "Sokil" (Ukrainian: Всеукраїнської громадської організації "Сокіл") (since July 2014). It was established (re-established) on October, 2006 as All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organization "Sokil" (Всеукраїнська молодіжна громадська організація "Сокіл") as a NGO. It is a youth military and sports association. The goal of the organization is the development of Ukrainian society and the state on the basis of modern Ukrainian social-nationalism. Its main political ally is Svoboda.
(Ukrainian) Sokil is labeled as "re-established" since it claims to be a continuation of the previous Society "Sokil" which was established on February 11, 1894, being a youth sports organization.
The "Sokol" which started as a Pan-Slavic physical education movement in the 1860's, evolved into a much broader movement and political organization representing Pan-Slavism. The emergence of nation-states in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was marked by the creation of national models of paramilitary and/or physical training including German Turnverein, Swedish gymnastics and "Slavic", or Sokol, gymnastics. The latter was invented in Prague in 1862. During World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution Sokol members went to the Army and were persecuted by the authorities until it was banned in 1923. In Ukraine (at the time part of Soviet Union) it was banned in 1939, again by the Bolsheviks.
Sokol (meaning falcon in Slavic languages) may also refer to a Polish offshoot of the Czech movement, as well as the Ukrainian version, Sokil, mainly present in Slavic countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and the Russian Empire / (early) Soviet Union.
Sokil have been active during the Euromaidan protests as well as during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (website [currently only via Web Archive])
Esteban Rivera, 10 May 2023

Spilna Sprava ("Common Cause")

image by Victor Lomantsov


Yugo-Vostok (Movement "South East")

Victor Lomantsov, 14 May 2014

Victor Lomantsov, 14 May 2014

Third Force (Tretya Sila)

image by Dov Gutterman, 4 June 2006

Symbols of the Political Party "Tretya Sila" (Third Force) are at
Valentin Poposki, 25 May 2006

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