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Cabanas Department (El Salvador)

Departamento de Cabañas

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image by Fred Drews and Jaume Ollé, 18 August 1999

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Flag at Website

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Fred & Jaume reported the department's flag as vertical blue-red separated by a S-like wavy white line. However, report the flag as blue-red charged with bold S.
Dov Gutterman, 13 June 2003

I believe that is same flag. Lack of regulation derive that each manufacturer or artist interpret it in own way. The description in Spanish for the flag is not corresponding to the image in the reported page:  "Un listón angosto blanco, en forma de S, letra inicial del nombre de la ciudad que abraza el ancho del emblema, es representación de los ideales de paz" - A narrow band in form of S, capital letter of the city name, that has the wide of the emblem (This mean, IMHO, the wide of the flag, from top to the bottom), represent the peace ideal. This description is adequate only for the flag reported by Fred. Its article was published in Flag Report 1, and images put in the web page of ACV. Surely for the artist that made the flag, it was easier to put a "S" in any font, but this is not accurate.
Jaume Ollé, 14 June 2003

The guanaquin publication has a lot of errors they do not have the software to create or people that know about flags so they can create faithful reproductions, so they use or interpret things that seem similar, as it also has happened with the flag of Usulután and Morazán. In the first case they put the stars at random on the flag, on the second they used the flag of the city instead of the department.
I have met with the governor of Usulután and Cabañas and others and have had the flags in my hands as well as the government documents where it appears and  was given photocopies of them. I am working with a top consular official from the  foreign relations ministry to create the web page on the national emblems of the country and their history, because there are a lot of misconceptions on flags, specially with the 1865-1912 flag, due to people interpreting them wrong. I have  gotten most of the laws describing them and have met with most of the governors of the departments or their secretaries.
Fred Drews, 14 June 2003

Coat of Arms

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