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Airai, Palau

Palau, Belau

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[Airai flag] by Jens Pattke, 16 January 2010

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Description of the Flag

Based on a personal web site at (no longer available), developed by an inhabitant of Palau, which shows the flags of all the 16 states of Palau.  The flag is blue, with a white disk surrounded by 6 yellow five-pointed stars, and bearing 6 fish around a sprig of red ti plant.
André Pires Godinho
, 30 March 2003

Sky Blue Color of the sky, rivers, and ocean surrounding Airai State
Yellow Color of shining star representing the wisdom of six traditional chiefs of the six hamlets of Airai State
White Representing peace
Gray Color of the famous rabbit-fish of Airai State
Red Color of the Sis el Yanged (ti-plant) that Medechiibelau used to lure the meyas (rabbit-fish) to Airai. This special ti-plant is used to keep away the curse and garner the goodness in life.

When Mechii-Belau came to Imeliik, he saw Itungelbai carrying the ti-plant running from the shore to the reef and back to the shore with rabbit-fish running after him. Medechiibelau came close to Itungelbai and started asking him how this ti-plant worked and Itungelbai began to explain how to use the special ti-plant. Medechiibelau coveted this special ti-plant and asked Itungelbai if he could try it. Itungelbai gave the Sis el Yanged (ti-plant) to Medechiibelau and he ran back and forth between the reef and the shore and the school of rabbit-fish followed him. Medechiibelau realized that he really wanted the ti-plant and rabbit-fish so after the next round he took the ti-plant and ran to Airai with the rabbit-fish following him and planted the ti-plant in Airai. That is why rabbit-fish only spawn in Airai. The six rabbit-fish represent the six Chiefs and the six stars represent the six Hamlets of Airai State.

The six Hamlets are Ordomel, Oikull, Ngchesechang, Ngerusar, Ngeruluobel, and Ngetkib. The Sis el Yanged (ti-plant) is planted in the middle of the flag by Medechiibelau to bring goodness to Airai via clean, white and lasting peace now and forever.
Source: and
Paraskevas Renesis, 14 January 2010

Reported Flag

[Airai flag] by Jaume Ollé

[Ed Note:] This flag was reported by Jaume Ollé in 1997 as displaying a Medeii Belau (a mythical creature) centered on a blue field. 

The state flag of Airai is not the two headed mythical creature Medeii Belau, but a shell fish which we call Sa'ng.
Julius Iechad, 12 December 2001

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