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Wolin district (Poland)

Kamień Pomorski county, Zachodnio-Pomorskie voivodship

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[Wolin flag] image by Ivan Sarajcic, 21 Nov 2002 See also:

Wolin flag

Image after "Wappen und Flaggen der Kreise und Kreisstädte in Pommern", by Erwin Günther. Old German name: Wollin.
Slavic Wolin is described in contemporary chronicles as 'Opulentissima civitas Slavorum...' meaning 'The Richest Town of the Slavś; it occurs also as Jumne. It is also identified with praise by Icelandic skalds as Jómsborg and the drawn town Vineta - as the legend says. The times of its greatest excellence fall in the early mediaeval period (VIII- XII centuries).In that times Wolin was a powerful merchant republic situated on the very crossing of great trade routes of the contemporary world. Merchants from Byzance, Central Asia, Russia, Frisia and the nearest Slavic towns arrived here by sea. Because of Wolin's layout and the role that it played together with Swedish Birka and Danish Hedeba beside the Slavs this territory was inhabited by Frisians, Saxons, Russians and Scandinavian Vikings. The latter arrived to Wolin both as plunderers (as happened in 1043 during Magnus the Kind's invasion) and as merchants. Written in the XIIIth century in far Iceland Jómswikingsaga covers the history of the Vikings from Jómsborg (as the Vikings called Wolin). This motif also occurs in the saga dedicated to one of the most famous among Vikings and later King of Norway Olaf Trygvarsson, who lived in Jómsborg during a certain period of his life. The Danish King and the founder of the Danish Country Harald Bluetooth also ran away to Wolin and was given a warm welcome here. He died in Wolin from injuries suffered in the battle with Swen the Forkbeard's army of the rebels. Archeological excavations that have been held in Wolin for more than a century represent a good source of information about both the importance of Wolin as a great early mediaeval centre of production and trade as well as an important role in contemporary Europe.
Source: Wollin commune's homepage.
Jens Pattke, 4 Mar 2003

Wolin Coat of Arms

[Wolin coat of arms] image from this website.

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