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Mikstat district (Poland)

Ostrzeszów county, Wielkopolskie voivodship

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[Mikstat flag] image by Chrystian Kretowicz, 21 Nov 2008
adopted 18 Feb 2003 See also:

Mikstat flag

Mikstat - urban-rural commune, Ostrzeszów County, Wielkopolskie Voivodship - German name: Mixstadt (from: Mücke = mosquito and stadt = town); old Polish name: Komarów (from: komar = mosquito)
Gmina Mikstat is an urban-rural gmina (commune) in Ostrzeszów County, Greater Poland Voivodship, in west-central Poland. Its seat is the town of Mikstat,
which lies approximately 15 kilometres (9 mi) north of Ostrzeszów and 121 km (75 mi) south-east of the regional capital Poznań.
Area: 87.17 (33.7 sq.mi); Population: 6,187 (2006).

The origins of the town of Mikstat date back to the 10th century. During the reign of King Wadysaw II the town was incorporated into the Polish province of Wielkopolska. Plagued with numerous fires and disasters, it was only during the reign of Sigmundus Vasa III that Mikstat could develop economically when the town had been granted some privileges.
In 1793 Mikstat was taken over by Prussia, then it was part of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and in 1915 the town returned to Prussia for 4 years.
Mikstat prides itself on its municipal facilities which go back to the 19th century. Its water supply and sewage systems were developed after World War II.

For economical and ecological reasons the countryside has become the seat of small industry. The advantages of the local commune are: unpolluted natural
environment, favourable climate, a lot of historic sites, convenient location, good road network, easy access to telephone services and the water supply system, gradual development of the sewage system and recycling program, steadily improving infrastructure as well as the local people's activity and enterprise. Other features worth mentioning are the so-called protected environment areas in the Prosna Valley, Grabów Valley and the Barycz riverside. Opportunities of growth should be linked with the residentś professional activity and the development of non-agricultural businesses supported by the European Union funding.
The growth potential also lies in the promotion of hiking and cycling, as the town is a convenient base for tourists making trips along the Kings Route.

Mikstat has always been a place of the cult of Saint Roch. Every year on 16 August a fete is held in the yard around the wooden church, which is a tradition going back to the 18th century. The most important event is the blessing of domestic animals, as Saint Roch is the patron saint of these animals. (website)

Arms and flag adopted on February 18, 2003 (resolution # IV/24/2003).
"Arms: Mikstat's arms called "Gozdawa" includes two white Andegavens (Anjou) lilies with a golden clasp on the red background.
A similar arms belong to Paris, so Mikstat is sometimes referred to as "Little Paris".

Flag: rectangular piece of cloth composed of two identical triangles, white and red, separated with narrow, slanted yellow stripe.
On the white triangle, in the corner of the flag, the Arms of the commune are placed."
Chrystian Kretowicz, 21 Nov 2008

Mikstat Coat of Arms

[Mikstat coat of arms] image by Chrystian Kretowicz, 21 Nov 2008
adopted 18 Feb 2003

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