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Grodziczno commune (Poland)

Nowe Miasto county, Warmińsko-mazurskie vojvodship

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[Grodziczno commune flag] image by Chrystian Kretowicz, 13 Jun 2009
adopted 8 Feb 2008; design: Lech-Tadeusz Karczewski See also:

Grodziczno commune

Grodziczno - rural commune, Nowe Miasto County, Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship.
Gmina Grodziczno is a rural commune in Nowe Miasto County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, in northern Poland. Its seat is the village of Grodziczno, which lies approximately 12 kilometres (7 mi) east of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie and 64 km (40 mi) south-west of the regional capital Olsztyn.
Area: 154.27 (59.6 sq.mi); Population: 6,195 (2006); Land under cultivation - 75%; forests - 14%.

"The Community of Grodziczno is located in the district of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, in the south-west of the province of Warmia and Mazury. Its neighbouring districts are those of Lubawa, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Kurzętnik, Rybno, Lidzbark Welski, and Brzozie. The Community extends over 154.3 sq. km, and has a population of 6685 inhabitants. The community consists of 17 village administrations, and its average population density amounts to 41.4 person/sq. km. The community has railway connections with the cities of Gdańsk and Warsaw, and its road network provides good internal and external communication, as well. Thanks to the crossroads of two regional routes, namely Łasin-Nidzica and Lubawa-Żuromin, as well as to the direct vicinity of the railway, the community has a particularly convenient location for investors.
The history of the land of Grodziczno and its inhabitants can be seen through multiple traces, from early medieval Slavonic fortified towns in the areas of Świniarzec and Trzcin, through the 14 and 15th century Gothic Church and the late medieval knightś village in Grodziczno, the late Baroque church in Boleszyn, to the plaques
commemorating those murdered during World Wars I and II. The original inhabitants of the land were pre-Slavonic tribes. From the 5th century A.D. onwards, it was the Prusians who would come here to settle and build their fortified settlements around lakes and in river bends. While Konrad Mazowiecki spent years fighting to incorporate this land into Mazovia, Pope Innocenti II finally resolved all the strives and disputes by granting it for perpetual possession to the Order of Teutonic Knights by the power of his decree in 1234. Following the (1466) Peace Treaty of Toruń, the land returned to Poland, only to be deprived of its sovereignty with the first partition of Poland.
The Treaty of Versailles again restored the land to the newly re-established country. In 1939, the land lost its identity yet again by coming under Nazi Occupation. 1945 brought with it the end of misery, as this land was reclaimed for good by Poland. The Community of Grodziczno is located in an area with rich wildlife and beautiful landscapes, within the Lubawa Ridge, through which the river Wel carved its deep valley dividing it in half. Numerous hills and valleys, elevations and plains are cut up by lakes and winding rivers. This interesting land configuration makes the area attractive to tourists, as it encourages sport and active forms of recreation.
The community boasts beautiful clean lakes including Lake Kiełpińskie, Jakubkowskie, Linowiec, and Hartowieckie, around which numerous holiday resorts are located. As much as over 37% of the total community area is protected in various ways, including landscape parks, protected landscape zones and rural parks. Among them, it is especially worth mentioning Welski Landscape Park, named after the river Wel, which runs through it. Near the former forest administration region of Straszewy, the river Wel assumes the form of a whispering mountain stream. This particular section is described by kayaking enthusiasts as 'very difficult' (3rd category). There is also the nature reserve of Piekiełko [Little Hell], which was created for the purpose of protecting the landscape, as well as for its educational and scientific value.
The reserve features various rare protected species of plants and animals, which is why a ban is in place to keep the existing water system unchanged and the rivers and streams in their natural unregulated form. In the villages of Grodziczno and Katlewo, there are monuments of nature in the form of tree clusters consisting of maple trees, oaks, sycamores, hornbeams, larches and limes. The community even has its own natural resources, namely deposits of post-lake chalk in the areas of the villages of Rynek and Mroczenko, and of gravel in Nowe Grodziczno and near Trzcin and Mroczno. The unpolluted and often wild natural environment with its rich fauna and flora rank the Community among the most attractive spots for tourism and investment. The Community of Grodziczno awaits tourists and investors. Please accept our warm welcome and be assured that when you leave, your heart will be full of pleasant memories and unforgettable experiences." (from commune's website)

Arms and flag adopted on February 8, 2008 (resolution # XII/96/08)
"Arms: on the green field the golden wooden fortifications with one tower.
Flag: a rectangle in the ratio 5:8 composed of two unequal horizontal bands in proportions 2:1.
Upper, (wide), band is gold (yellow) and the lower one, (narrow), is green. In the center of the flag the Arms are placed."

The Arms and the flag were designed by the graphic artist, Lech-Tadeusz Karczewski, according to the historical research done by Dr.Krzysztof Mikulski in
December 2007.
Chrystian Kretowicz, 13 Jun 2009

Grodziczno Coat of Arms

[Grodziczno coat of arms] image by Chrystian Kretowicz, 13 Jun 2009
adopted 8 Feb 2008; design: Lech-Tadeusz Karczewski

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