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Ameland (The Netherlands)

Fryslân province

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[Municipality flag of Ameland] Shipmate Flagchart :

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Municipal flag

Four horizontal stripes, blue-yellow-blue-yellow. Each blue stripe has one white crescent in the centre, open side towards the fly. Each yellow stripe has 3 blue (shortened right bends [in Dutch called "verkorte rechter schuinbalken", MS]) in a line across the middle.
(Source: Dutch atlas made by Delisle in 1739)
James Dignan, 14 November 1996

After due consultation in A Glossary of Terms used in Heraldry by James Parker I have decided that perhaps the right word [for "verkorte rechter schuinbalken", MS] is baton.
Rich Hansen, 20 November 1996

What about billet oblique sinister?
Željko Heimer, 22 November 1996

This historical flag was confirmed for use by the municipality of Ameland on 27 June 1950.
(Source: Sierksma 1962[sie62])
Mark Sensen, 28 March 1998

Ameland/It Amelân is one of the Frisian Wadden islands and in summer a very popular holiday resort.
The flag consists of four equally wide horizontal bars of blue and yellow; on the middle of the blue bar a white inverted crescent; on the yellow bar three black shortened right bends alongside. This flag was adopted 27 June 1950, but in variable forms depicted from 1711-1870. The crescent is a reminder of the crusades and the bends stand for the three villages Nes, Hollum and Ballum. (source: Sierksma, Nederlands vlaggenboek, 1962, [sie62], a bit adapted). Municipal seat: Nes.
Jarig Bakker, 18 August 1999

Scans of official documents were provided to FOTW. In translation, they read as follows:

Proposal by Mayor and Aldermen, which translates to:

"To: the City Council
You are probably aware that a municipal flag has been established in various municipalities in our country. We consider it fit to establish a flag for this municipality too, which will be raised from the Town Hall at municipal heydays or heyday days for residents of this municipality. Due to the inquiries, carried out by Mr Woudstra, we believe we can offer you a flag design for adoption, that is based on historical data. The flag will consist of four stripes running in the horizontal direction from top to bottom, coloured blue-yellow-blue-yellow, while in each of the blue stripes there is an inverted crescent and in each of the yellow stripes 3 black bends.
We propose that you wish to proceed with adoption.
Ameland, June 22, 1950.
Mayor and Aldermen of Ameland."

Minutes of 11 September 1950
Relevant part translates to:
"Mayor and Aldermen propose to decide that the flag of the Municipality of Ameland will consist of:
Four horizontal stripes from top to bottom blue-yellow-blue-yellow. In each of the blue stripes a silver inverted crescent and in each of the yellow stripes three black bends."

Additional comments refer to the difference in the direction of the crescent between flag and shield, and the use of the flag in previous centuries as ensign of the island.

The flag was adopted unanimously.

The language of the original proposal is worse than that represented in the minutes, however, neither describe the flag correctly. In the arms the ribbons are throughout, but in the flag they are not. Though it's not mentioned, the ribbons are couped.

Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 29 April 2019

Ameland Coat of Arms

Ameland Coat of ArmsInternational Civic Arms :

The shield is: Divided per pale: I. In gold three black bends; II. In blue a silver crescent.
Franc van Diest, 1 February 2001

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