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Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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[Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)] 1:2 | stripes 7 x 1 : 9 : 7 x 1; image by Clay Moss, 12 September 2005

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Federal (capital) territory of Malaysia. The proportions are 1:2. (Source: National State Anthems, Flags and Crests of Malaysia, special issue of the Vlaggen Documentatie Centrum Nederland, April 1993).
Mark Sensen
, 27 July 1996

Cheong Hing Flag Maker in KL made the very first KL flag for government approval and are in the process of digging up the specifications sheet. Besides the national flag, KL is the only Malaysian government flag with an official spec sheet that anyone is aware of. When the flag was first designed, it was specified that it would contain the same colors as the national flag. In recent times though, an edict has come down the line that will lighten the blue. When that "officially" comes out, I will pass it on. Meanwhile, the attached gif can be considered accurate. KL flags fly in abundance in KL, and all of them currently look like this image.
Clay Moss, 12 September 2005

Construction sheet

[Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) construction sheet] image by Clay Moss

Number of Red and White Stripes

The Information Department of Malaysia website shows the flag with 7+7 stripes, and explains:

The Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory flag consists of white and red stripes of equal width, and dark blue bigger stripe at the centre with yellow star and crescent, based on the national flag. These characteristics cannot be separated because Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia's Federal Capital as well as Federal Territory.

The 14 red and white stripes (across) represent the 13 States in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory which are under the Federal Government administration. The crescent and star stand for Islam as the official religion. The 14-pointed star represents the 13 States in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory which acts as the Central Government and Administration.

The dark blue at the centre stands for unity of the multi-racial city folks of Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory.

Red denotes courage and strength of the city in facing the challenges in the quest for development of a dynamic and progressive cosmopolitan city.

Yellow signifies sovereignty and prosperity of Kuala Lumpur.

White symbolises grandeur, cleanliness and beauty of the city in a glittering garden.

Santiago Dotor, 28 September 2001

My name is Azmi Ahmad Termizi. Born in 1962 in the state of Perak, Malaysia. During 984-1994, I use to work with the DBKL - Dewan bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (Cityhall of Kuala Lumpur). Since 1994 I have been working with a private architecture firm. During the end of my time with the City Hall, the then mayor, Tan Sri Elyas Omar instructed my department's deputy director of JAPK (Mr. Hasan Hamzah) to design a flag for Kuala Lumpur. (Before this, Kuala Lumpur only used the Malaysian flag for an occasion). So he asked my friends and me to design a few alternatives of the flag. After a few weeks of amendment, re-touch and redesign, they choose a few of the designs and took them to the then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir. I am glad that Dr M chose my design, that's been used until now. For the record, Mr Hasan Hamzah is now the director of the JAPK (Department of Special Projects) in Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (City Hall of Kuala Lumpur).
Azmi Ahmad Termizi, 17 May 2004

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