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People's Liberation Army of Kurdistan

Arteshen Rizgariya Gelli Kurdistan (ARGK)

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[ARGK flag] image by T. F. Mills

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Vertical flag of ARGK

The triangular pennant with green and yellow stripes and a red star represents the ARGK (Arteshen Rizgariya Gelli Kurdistan, the People's Liberation Army of Kurdistan, under the command of the PKK.

Jacob Zhu, 25 May 1998

The triangular version of the ARGK flag is designed to hang vertically from a pike (like certain medieval and ecclesiastical banners) and carried on parad.The HRK also had this triangular flag, with the letters H-R-K in exactly the same position as on the rectangular flag.

ARGK disbanded earlier in 2000 after the 7th PKK Congress. The flag of the organisation will presumably no longer be seen in public, except as an historic artifact.
T. F. Mills
, 27 February 1999 & 10 July 2000

Horizontal flag of ARGK

[ARGK Flag] image by T. F. Mills

The triangular flag of the ARGK was also occasionally seen in a more conventional rectangular form. This conventional rectangular flag was meant to be flown from stationary flag poles. I can't imagine there were many places in Turkey where this couldbe safely done, and Syria recently shut down ARGK bases on its territory.

T. F. Mills, 27 September 1997 & 27 February 1999

Unidentified flag, possibly related to ARGK

[Kurdish unidentified flag] image by Jorge Candeias

I have a photograph of a demonstration of Kurds, probably somewhere in Central Europe. In this picture, there are a lot of flags, being all but one flags of the ERNK (Red flag with red star within a yellow circle surrounded by a green disk). The remaining flag is unknown to me. It is hardly seen on the background but, using a magnifying lens, I was able to make an approximate reconstruction: it is a rectangular flag, divided yellow over green in proportions approximately 4:1, and with a large red five-pointed star centered in the intersection of the two stripes and shifted towards the hoist. The resulting image is quite weird to my eyes, so I'm not 100% sure of it.
Jorge Candeias
, 4 April 1998

I suspect the perspective gave you a distorted impression. Apart from the asymmetrical stripes and star shifted to the hoist, this is the flag of the ARGK . The ARGK flag is almost always triangular in shape, and often carried vertically.
Todd Mills
, 4 April 1998

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