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Seborga (Liguria, Italy)

Principato di Seborga

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image by Graham Bartram, 24 July 1997

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Current Flag

I have received the new flag of Seborga from the Principalities Internet Office.
Graham Bartram, 24 July 1997

You can have informations about Seborga at <> .Regarding the flag and according to World Flag Database maintained by Graham Bartram at <> the flag of Seborga has been changed in1997.
Pascal Gross, 15 June 1998

Article about Seborga (in Swedish) at <> with detailed picture of the Seborga flag.
Christian Berghänel, 1 December 2005

Previous flag

image by Željko Heimer, 3 April 1996

Belize has 'SUB UMBRA FLOREO', Seborga 'SVB VMBRA SEDI'. Also, the shape of the arms is strikingly similar to the former royal arms of Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy.
Željko Heimer, 7 March 1996

The motto of Seborga is "sub umbra sedi" which translates to "sit in the shade"!
The arms in the flag are derived from those of the order of St. Bernard.
Graham Bartram, 24 July 1997

According to Roberto Breschi presantation titled: "The Small Italian States Which Lasted Beyond 1700" at ICV 19 (York,2001), Until 1729 the flag in use was a diagonal divided (upper hoist-low fly) blue over white, just like we got in above, but without the arms.
Dov Gutterman, 2 August 2001

"independent Principato di Seborga"

On 21 May 1995, the news programme 'ARD Weltspiegel' (German television) reported from the 'indipendent Principato di Seborga' at the foot of the Ligurian Alps in Italy (near the border with France).At the end of April, the majority of the inhabitants (304 against 4) of this tiny village voted in favor of independence.
Jos Poels, 14 June 1995

Giorgio Carbone, the so-called "prince" of Seborga, claims the independence of that village, but it had been annexed by the Kingdom of Sardinia (ruled by the House of Savoia) on 20th January 1729. Before that date the village wasn't a Principality, but a feud of the Cistercian Order. The inhabitants might have voted for the independence in an illegal referendum made by Mr Carbone, but they still vote in the legal elections of the Republic of Italy, as demonstrated by at <> (in the elections of the Senate on 13th May 2001 the affluence of voters was of 84.21 %). And the mayor, Franco Fogliarini, democratically elected by the citizens of the municipality of Seborga on 13th May 2001, is openly against the independence of Mr. Carbone's "Principality", as demonstrated by his interview in article at <>.
Guido Abate, 7 November 2002

The Principality of Seborga (in Italian: Principato di Seborga) is a tiny "State" within the borders of the Italian region of Liguria. Like other small entities, it is not officially recognized by the main part of the countries in the world (I'm not sure if any of them recognizes it, maybe Switzerland or Monaco). Its currency is the "luigino" which has the value of US$6. However, euro is of course, valid there, as it is officially part of the Italian Republic (and Seborga has its elected mayor, too). You can spend luigini also in neighbouring villages and even in the Ligurian Riviera. For further infos: <>.
Paolo Montanelli, 27 December 2003

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