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Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade


Last modified: 2022-10-08 by zachary harden
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Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG is a multinational unit consisting of subunits from the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Agreement on its creation was signed on the 19th of September 2014 in Warsaw. The Brigade was finally formed in the fall of 2015. This model of cooperation has been previously carried out in the frame of Polish-Ukrainian Battalion (POLUKRBAT, 1998-2010) and Lithuanian-Polish Battalion (LITPOLBAT, 1997-2008).On the 14th of June 2007 during an EU Defence Ministers' meeting, Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian ministers agreed to create a multinational unit Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian peacekeeping battalion LITPOLUKRBAT. In the fall of 2008 the proposed unit type was specified as a brigade. The Ministers of Defence of the establishing countries endorsed the agreement on forming the trilateral Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG in Warsaw on the 19th of September 2014. The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, and the Government of the Republic of Poland, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on creation of a joint military brigade was issued. (Source) The current Command structure (as of September, 2019) is seen here and the current (as of March, 2019) Order of Battle is seen here in the following chart.
Esteban Rivera, 8 September 2022

Brigade Badge

[LITPOLUKRBRIG logo flag] by User:VileGecko, Wikimedia Commons

Brigade Badge is a Gothic shield emblem. It depicts three silver swords directed downwards, placed on the cornflower background. The number of swords directly relates to the three countries forming LITPOLUKRBRIG. Below the hilt there is a ribbon on which the national colors of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine are presented. Above the swords there is the “LITPOLUKRBRIG” inscription in white. Brigade Badge is worn on the uniform sleeve by soldiers as a symbol of membership of the Brigade. It also reminds us constantly of the idea that guides us - UNITED FOR PEACE. Source:
Esteban Rivera, 8 September 2022

Unit Colors

[LITPOLUKRBRIG logo flag] by Zachary Harden, 8 September 2022

There is a formal unit flag as well at, and
Zachary Harden, 8 September 2022

The Unit Flag is the most important LITPOLUKRBRIG sign. Its lobe is made of blue, satin fabric in the shape of a 100x100 cm square and with the exception of the side attached to the pole, it is trimmed with a silver fringe. All the inscriptions and symbols shown are embroidered. There are three honorable nails on the flag pole from the Minister of National Defense of Poland, Minister of National Defense of Lithuania and Minister of Defense of Ukraine. The sashes (ribbons) in the national colors of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine are attached to the pole below the base of the head, which has the shape of a pyramid.

Obverse In the lobe centre there are three crossed silver swords, with the blades directed downwards. Under the blade of the first sword the are the national colors of Lithuania, under the blade of the second are the national colors of Poland and under the third of Ukraine. In the lobe upper part there is the "GRAND HETMAN KOSTIANTYN OSTROGSKI" (patron/role model of the organization) and “LITHUANIAN - POLISH - UKRAINIAN BRIGADE” inscription below.

Reverse In the lobe centre there are national emblems of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, and the “UNITED FOR PEACE” inscription below. Source:
Esteban Rivera, 8 September 2022

Other flags

[LITPOLUKRBRIG logo flag] by Rob Raeside, 16 August 2022

(c. Oct. 2019) unidentified (at the time) white-field flag, maybe of: Multinational exercise started in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. military personnel will be training together in Ukraine, under the mentorship of Canadian Army Personnel and under the leadership of LITPOLUKRBRIG. source: Twitter
William Garrison, 16 August 2022