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Hard Rock Cafe

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[Hard Rock Cafe flag]
image from Hard Rock Cafe website

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Description of the Flag

Hard Rock Cafe is a worldwide "casual dining restaurant chain", which opened its first store in London in 1971 and includes, as of early 2006, 125 branches in 39 countries. Above the main entrance of Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon, in Portugal, (see this photo) four flags are hoisted from identical slanted poles: Two municipal flags of Lisbon flanked by two white flags with the Hard Rock Cafe logo. I noticed that there is no additional inscription with the city name below the logo, as in the famous T-shirts, this being thus a Hard Rock Cafe flag and not a Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon flag.
António Martins, 16 June 2006

Hard Rock Cafe is a multinational business, owned by the Rank Group, headquarters in UK, and with outlets in over 40 countries.

US Variant

[Hard Rock Cafe US variant flag]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 05 January 2006

In my trip to Colorado, I had the chance to go to Denver (very very nice by the way!) Then I came to visit Hard Rock Cafe, and I saw a flag waiving outside of the restaurant. It is the first time I see a flag from this restaurant (I've been to the same restaurant in cities such as Miami, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, etc.) and have never seen a flag waiving outside their facilities. This might be a new policy (who knows). But for the time being, I'll send you the images and hopefully you can work on that. I know that corporate flags should not be displayed on FOTW but this is a very interesting case, sui generis !
Description of the flag: Three stripes, equally divided in a horizontal manner, the top and bottom in black and the middle stripe in white. Logo in front.
I actually was today inside Hard Rock Cafe in Denver, and got a chance to see their flag up close. The coloros on the background are black and white and not maroon. So if Eugene can correct the colors I would really appreciate it. And also the ratio is the top and bottom stripes have the same width (and are black).
Hard Rock Cafe official website:
Hard Rock Cafe official website (History):
Esteban Rivera, 05 January 2006

I'm pretty sure all sorts of corporate flags are already on FOTW, this isn't even the first eatery, I think McDonald's is up somewhere.Why is this one sui generis? Never been to one myself, and likely won't, either, as the local one just closed due to irreversible, terminal trendiness hemmorhage.
I have the photos Esteban sent me right here, and must beg to differ.  The yelow disc is centered; The inscription "Hard Rock" occupies its upper half; and the white stripe is horizontally centered on the inscription. As for the colors, the photos were taken at night; I had assumed the dark parts were the same brown as the inscription.
Eugene Ipavec
, 05 September 2007

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