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Abu Sinan (Israel)

Mo'atza Mekomit Abu Sinan, Majles Abu Sinan El-Mahaly

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Local Council Abu Sinan (meaning Father of the Teeth in Arabic) is situated in the Western Galilee, 9 km SE of Nahariya, on road 70. Est. at the end of 13th century, a Local Council from 1964. Pop: 10,000. In my visit there were no flags to report. In further communication I was informed that in case of need a blue emblem on white is used. This information is not confirmed so the image is only probable. The municipal emblem was published in the official gazette (Rashumot), 'Publications Gazette' section (Yalkut ha'Pirsumim), YP 1453, 30 May 1968. Sources: letter from the Local Council, 25 September 2001; author's own observation, 2 October 2001.
Dov Gutterman
, 21 October 2001

According to the list of united or dissolved local authorities published in the official gazette (Rashumot), section Sefer HaHukim 1897, 5 August 2003, Local Councils of Yirqa, Julis, Abu Sinan and Yanuh-Jat are united into a single local authority.
Dov Gutterman
, 20 December 2003 and 12 January 2004

There is contradiction in the sources about the establishment of the village Some say it was in the 11th C. while other say that it was on the 13th C. Its original name was Nijmat al-Subah (Doe of the Dawn) and was situated on a hill about 2 Km. from its current position. It appeared in Crusaders era document as "Busnan". The population is 10,000 inh (55% Moslems, 25% Druze and 20% Christians)
The origin of the name according to Druze-on-line is as follows: "The village is named after the sword of Sheih Baz who was first of the village leaders in his era. Shiih Baz was known as a strong man who always defend the village, and after experiencing many battles with his sword, the sword had "teeth" (in Arabic: "Sinan") and therefore Baz sword was named Abu Sinan".
Near the village there is a grave attributed to the prophet Zachariah.
According to MOTI plan this village was supposed to be part of the "City of Five" together with neighboring villages as proclaimed in 2003, but this was reversed in 2004 and Abu-Sinan became a independent local council again.
I was quite few times there but never saw a municipal flag. The municipal emblem include two ears and an open book.
Sources: Mapa Site, Galil Merkazi site.
Dov Gutterman, 5 April 2005

Probable Flag

[Local Council of Abu Snan (Israel)]
image by Dov Gutterman | 2:3
Emblem adopted 30th May 1968

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