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Hungary - Religious organizations

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Hungarian Baptist Church

Ned Smith sent me a link <>. It shows a photo of the flag of the Baptist Congregation of Székesfehérvár City and some with the Christian Flag. István Molnár translated the text on the church flag. It reads: "Baptist Congregation of Székesfehérvár City" (above) and "Here I gave you an open door" (below) which is an excerpt from verse 3:8 from the book of Revelation which says in an other translation: "I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name."
Martin Karner, 13 November 2004

Hungarian Maltese Charitable Service Trust

image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 28 January 2007

Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat - Hungarian Maltese Charitable Service Trust. Based on photo by István Molnár. It is a red ~1:2 flag with a white shield outline charged with the SMOM Grand Master arms (Gules a maltese cross Argent) off set to the hoist and lettering "Magyar Máltai" and "Szeretetszolgálat" in two lines left-aligned and centered on the remaining area set in what seems to be Times New Roman bold face.
António Martins-Tuválkin, 28 January 2007

Hungarian Reformed Church

image by István Molnár, 30 November 2000

The flag of The Hungarian Reformed Church. Here is a photo.
István Molnár, 30 November 2000

On the church flag there is the Coat of Arms of the Hungarian Reformed (or Calvinist) Church. This Coat of Arms is the original Coat of Arms of Debrecen. Debrecen City is the largest center of the Hungarian Calvinism (and Pápa, Sárospatak, Kolozsvár Cluj). Above the Coat of Arms: A HAZATÉRÉS TEMPLOMA - appr: The Church of the Coming Home (I think my translation is not entierly correct. The word: hazatérés is more patriotic. For example: "Hazatérés", when the soldiers returned from the war to the homeland or a boy returned to our mother...). Under the Coat of Arms there is the motto of the Hungarian Reformed Church: "Ha Isten velünk, kicsoda ellenünk. (Róm.8.32)" .
István Molnár, 1 March 2006

"If God be for us, who can be against us?" according to The Holy Bible, Authorized King James Version, published 1611 (Romans 8:31).
Colin Dobson, 2 March 2006

Most modern translations say "If God is for us...", this form of the subjunctive of "to be" in modern English usually being reserved for matters that are completely in doubt, and even then being rarely used.
Joe McMillan, 2 March 2006

Hungarian Unitarian Church

image by István Molnár, 30 November 2000

The flag of The Hungarian Unitarian Church and The Transylvanian Unitarian Church. The Coat of Arms can be seen at <>. It is used on a white field as a flag
István Molnár, 30 November 2000

I have just returned from Prague. In Prague, I took part in the council meeting of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists. I had the chance to look at some of the materials of the Hungarian and Transylvanian Unitarians, and it seems that they use a banner like the flag above, but with some additional text.
Ole Andersen, 10 June 2003

Here is a photo of the Flag of the Hungrian Unitarian Church.
István Molnár, 31 July 2003

The photo of the flag is at <>. Information in English about the church at <>.
István Molnár, 21 January 2006

Western (Transdanubian) Lutheran Church District

Obverse and reverse of the flag and information in Hungarian at <>. See also drawings here and here. Coat of Arms is here and seal is here with also the historical seal.
István Molnár, 21 January 2006

Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem - Grand Priory of Hungary

Rob Raeside forwarded: "Flags of the Order's jurisdictions feature an argent shield, quartered with a cross vert, with a national symbol placed in the chief sinister quarter. Grand Priory of Hungary jurisdictional symbol is the crown."
However, <> shows, the national symbols in the canton, which is the chief dexter quarter.
Ole Andersen, 20 Febuary 2003

I reported the flag used in Hungary by the branch of the Order there when I was reporting my visit to Budapest in May 2001. It was shown on the exhibition of the church heraldry among only several flags shown there.
Željko Heimer, 20 Febuary 2003

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Saint Stephen Order of Knighthood

image by Ivan Sache, 14 October 2000

The St. Stephen (Szent Istvan) basilica construction started in 1848, stopped immediatly, was resumed in 1851 after the War of Independence, followed by the immediate death of the two architects, and even the dome collapsed during the works. The church was finally consecrated in 1905, and in 1931 it was awarded the title 'basilica minor' by the Holy See. The right hand of Stephen I, the first Hungarian king, the 'Holy Right', is preserved here in a shrine exposed in a side chapel close to the church entrance.
One of the flags are displayed in the chapel is a vertical banner of proportion 2:1, vertically divided red and green, with a white Hungarian cross with curved edges. Flag has a golden fringe on the lower edge. Looks like a typical procession banner.
Ivan Sache, 14 October 2000

The "Hungarian cross flag" is the flag of the "Saint Stephen Order of Knighthood" (in Hungarian: Szent István Lovagrend).
István Molnár, 16 October 2000

Hungarian Ecumenical Charity Organization

The flag of Magyar Ökonomenikus Szeretetszolgálat was located at (defunct)
István Molnár, 1 December 2002

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