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Hungary - Millennium Flags

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image by István Molnár, 6 Febuary 2001

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Hungarian Millennium Flag

King Saint Stephen founded the country in 1000. Country of Hungary is 1000 years old. This shows the memorial flag, which appears at all the settlement in Hungary.
István Molnár, 13 July 2000

Some "over-the-border" Hungarian populated settlements asked the Hungarian government for Millennium flag, but neither of them got it. Giving Millennium flags to this settlements is politically impossible. "The neighbouring countries and nations wouldn't be glad if their settlements will got this flag" said the prime minister. Only two "over-the-border" communities got Millennium flag. The Transylvanian Hungarian Roman Catholics (I have seen this flag in the Cathedral in Oradea/Nagyvárad) and the Transylvanian Hungarian Reformed Church.
István Molnár, 14 January 2001

I've got the letter from the "Magyar Milleniumi Kormánybiztos Hivatala" (Office of the Commissioner of the Hungarian Millennium) with two picture about the white and the red Millennium Flag. Above is the white Millennium Flag
István Molnár, 6 Febuary 2001

Red Millennium Flag

image by István Molnár, 26 March 2001

This is the red millennium flag. The image is based on the picture sent by the Office of the Commissioner of the Hungarian Millennium and a picture in the newspaper "Magyar Nemzet".
István Molnár, 26 March 2001

This is church-originated, isn't it?
I asked because the design (and colours) reminded me of some Catholic jubilee banners (the kind of banners that aren't flags, I mean) I saw last year on TV.
Jorge Candeias, 26 March 2001

No. It is used as the symbol of Hungary 1000 years old. I have seen this flag on TV in the offices of the state authorities and now with the Hungarian National flag below on a a new statue.
István Molnár, 26 March 2001

Well, something else in the design that was slightly misleading was the slight 'cross' that can be seen separating the four quarters of the "light-burst". The symbol used itself is the 1,000 year-old sceptre of St. Stephen, Apostolic First King of Hungary. The sceptre, along with the orb, the sword, and the Holy Crown, compose the Crown Jewels, which are on display at the National Museum in Budapest.
Georges G. Kovari, 28 March 2001

No. From 1 January 2000 the Crown Jewels are in the Parliament.
István Molnár, 28 March 2001

Another Millennium Flag

image from <>

At <> there is another Hungarian Millennium flag, It says: "This year, Hungarians are celebrating a two-fold Millennium: thousand years of their Christianity and the founding of their kingdom in Central Europe thousand years ago. This is symbolized by the Hungarian flag with crown and the apostolic cross, which is decorating many Hungarian churches this year".
István Molnár, 5 August 2001

Local Millennium Flags

On last weekend the town council of Pápa gave a "Millennium flag" to its part, to inhabitants of Kéttornyúlak. It is an interesting thing, because only the government has got right to give Millennium flag to communities. The flag which I have seen on the TV is relate to the original Millennium flag - white with wolfteeth and coat of arms but without inscription. I try to get more information. Tapolcafo (part of Pápa town) got a "Millennium flag' on 15th March 2001. Borsosgyőr (part of Pápa town) will get a "Millennium flag" on its "village day"
István Molnár, 18 and 24 June 2001

Yesterday was the day of Borsosgyőr (part of Pápa town). Because the village is not municipality it didn't get a Millennium flag from the government. The Council of Pápa Town gave it to the settlement. This local Millennium flag is white with wolf teeth (like the governmental). On the center there is the coat of arms of Hungary, not gold bordered but black. No silver rays around the coat of arms but green leaves.
I heard some county gave local Millennium flags to their municipalities
István Molnár, 5 August 2001

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