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Moriles (Municipality, Andalusia, Spain)

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Flag of Moriles - Image from the Símbolos de Córdoba website, 11 April 2014

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Presentation of Moriles

The municipality of Moriles (3,985 inhabitants in 2008; 1,954 ha; municipal website) is located 65 km south of Córdoba. The municipality was formed by the Law of 1 June 1912, with effect on 1 January 1913, which transformed the village of Los Zapateros, then dependent of the municipality of Aguilar de la Frontera, into the new municipality of Moriles.

Still a very small settlement in the middle of the 18th century, Los Zapateros experienced a dramatic growth in the 19th century, its 200 inhabitants being granted in 1818 with an independent parish; 122 families were registered in 1849, for a total account of 543 inhabitants, more than 75% of them being younger than 40. In the early 20th century, Los Zapateros was a big village, with 1,500 inhabitants scattered over 16 streets. The separation from Aguilar became a hot issue; it took four years to the villagers, led by the Conservative Representative José Ferná:ndez Jiménez, to obtain the municipal status.

The main activity in Moriles is wine-growing; a local motto says that "the Moriles wine shall always preside the table". The Moriles vineyards are part of the Montillas-Moriles production area, encompassing 11,000 ha scattered over 18 municipalities, producing 800,000 hl of wine every year. The best soils, locally known as alberos, are found on the heights of the Sierra del Montilla and Morila Altos; due to the warm climate, grapes are harvested in mid August, which is the earliest harvest in Spain. The best Moriles wines, sold as finos, produced from the local grape variety PX (Pedro Ximénez), are straw-coloured, dry and aromatic wines, particularly suited as starters and with seafood.

Ivan Sache, 6 July 2009

Symbols of Moriles

The flag and arms of Moriles, adopted on 7 December 2006 by the Municipal Council and submitted on 12 January 2007 to the Directorate General of the Local Administration, are prescribed by a Decree adopted on 3 December 2007 by the Directorate General of the Local Administration and published on 6 February 2007 in the official gazette of Andalusia, No. 27, p. 33 (text).
The symbols are described as follows:

Flag: Rectangular flag, in proportions 2:3, divided in two equal parts by a virtual diagonal descending from the upper left corner down to the lower right corner. The left, lower triangle, has the green colour of the flag of Andalusia. The upper, right, part has the yellow colour of the flag of Spain. The traditional coat of arms of Moriles is placed in the geometric center of the flag.
Coat of arms: Made of a crown in its upper part, shaped as an arch, with three central, flower-headed points, two middle outer points, dexter and sinister, and four lesser points inserted between the central and outer points. Below the crown's arch and above the shield is a red area. The shield is made of seven horizontal stripes, covering the half of the shield, in turn yellow and red, starting and ending by the first [or three fesses gules]. The lower half of the shield, ending with a central point, is made of a blue background, with, centered, a bunch of grapes with green leaves. The shield is surrounded, dexter, sinister and in base, with a contourned parchment, of color old gold, with, in its lower part, centered and in a slightly ascendant arched pattern under the base of the shield the writing "AÑO MCMXII" [Year 1912].

The upper part of the shield represents the arms of the Córdoba family, recalling that the village once belonged to the Marquis of Priego, of the Córdoba lineage. Grapevine is the main source of income, prestige and fame for the municipality. The writing recalls the year of municipal emancipation of Moriles.
[Símbolos de las Entidades Locales de Andalucía. Córdoba (PDF file)]

Ivan Sache, 16 July 2009

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