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El Guijo (Municipality, Andalusia, Spain)

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Flag of El Guijo - Image from the Símbolos de Córdoba website, 6 April 2014

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Presentation of El Guijo

The municipality of El Guijo (408 inhabitants in 2008; 6,728 ha; municipal website) is located in the valley of Los Pedroches, 100 km north of Córdoba, on the borders with Extremadura and Castile-La Manca.

El Guijo was established in the 14th century, as a hamlet of Pedroche, then the capital of the valley. The village was ruled by the Córdoba Council until 1492, when the Catholic Monarchs edicted the Ordinance of the Valley of the Pedroches. Granted at the end of the 16th century to the Marquis of El Carpio, the villages were reincorporated to the Royal domain in 1747.

The Majadaiglesia archeological site, located close to the chapel of Our Lady of the Crosses, 6 km from El Guijo, yielded remains dated from the Age of Bronze to the 12th century. Excavations directed in 1981-1983 by the archeologist Alejandro Marcos Pous supplemented private ecavations performed in the 1930s.
Celtiberian ceramics, confirming the identification of the site with the town of Beturia, mentioned by Pliny the Elder. However, the most interesting remains are related to the late Roman period. Samuel de los Santos identified the place with the town of Solia. A trifinum found in the 16th century in a well, dated from the 2nd century, marked the territorial limits between Solia, Sacili (Pedro Abad) and Epoca (Montoro). Remains of the roads linking the three villages have also been found. The chapel includes baptismal fonts probably re-used from a Visigothic baptistery, whose presence is confirmed by several funerary steles form the time. The sanctuary was mentioned for the last time in 1189, when the chapel of Majadaiglesia was listed, as Villar de Sancta Maria, on a document establishing the limits of the jurisdiction of the Order of Calatrava.

Ivan Sache, 12 April 2014

Symbols of El Guijo

The flag and arms of El Guijo, adopted on 18 February 2004 by the Municipal Council, are prescribed by a Decree adopted on 14 October 2004 by the Directorate General of the Local Administration and published on 28 April 2004 in the official gazette of Andalusia, No. 82, pp. 10,215-10,216 (text).
The symbols are described as follows:

Flag: Rectangular panel, with proportions 2:3, vertically divided in two parts: the first closer to the hoist, blue, twice higher than longer, the second yellow; the latter stripe charged in the center with the crowned coat of arms of the town of El Guijo.
Coat of arms: Quarterly per saltire, 1. and 3. Or a bull sable, 2. Or three fesses azure, and 4. Gules a castle or. The shield surmounted with a Royal Spanish crown or.

The coat of arms superseded the coat of arms previously used, unofficially, by the municipality. The arms are based on those of the Marquis de la Guardia, once lords of El Guijo, "Per pale, 1. Or three fesses azure (Messía), 2. Gules a castle or (Carrillo), a bordure of two orders chequy azure and argent (Toledo).
The bull symbolizes cattle-breeding, the main source of income for the village. Sable is the proper colour of a bull. The background or allows a better contrast.
[Juan José Antequera Lungo. Heráldica oficial de la provincia de Córdoba]

Ivan Sache, 12 April 2014

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