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Stralsund Hanseatic City (Germany)

Hansestadt Stralsund, Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Last modified: 2020-05-13 by klaus-michael schneider
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[Stralsund city flag] 3:5 image by Stefan Schwoon, 13 Feb 2001, modified by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 12 May 2020
  • Stralsund Hanseatic City/ Hansestadt Stralsund
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    Stralsund Hanseatic City/ Hansestadt Stralsund

    Stralsund, the old hanseatic city opposite of Rügen Island had a long tradition. In the newer history she was part of Vorpommern-Rügen District in times of the GDR, became a county free city after 1990 and finally became part of the new county of Vorpommern-Rügen and the county's capital on 4 September 2011. Stralsund is a north German city, in the Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, population about 76,000.
    Klaus-Michael Schneider, 2 Nov 2011 and Jan Oskar Engene, 14 May 1996

    Stralsund Flag

    The flag they used [for the Hansa festival in Bergen, Norway], was red with a white cross and arrowhead. A flag version of the arms, canting for German Strahl (=ray), Slavic stral (=arrow).
    Sources: Staack 1997 and Günther 1999a
    Jan Oskar Engene, 14 May 1996 and Stefan Schwoon, 13 Feb 2001

    Stralsund Banner

    [Stralsund city flag] 2:1 image by Jaume Ollé, modified by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 12 May 2020

    It is a red banner with a centred white arrowhead pointing to hoist to a white crosslet patty.
    Source: this webpage
    Klaus-Michael Schneider, 12 May 2020

    Stralsund former Flag

    [Stralsund city flag 1930/38 - 1995] 3:5 image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 12 May 2020

    It was a red flag with a white arrowhead pointing to a white crosslet patty on hoist. It was in use since 1903, at least since 1930, was approved in 1938 and abolished in 1995.
    Source: Erwin Günther: "Wappen und Flaggen der Kreise und Kreisstädte in Pommern" , Usti nad Labem, 2000, p.53
    Klaus-Michael Schneider, 12 May 2020

    Stralsund Coat of Arms

    Shield Gules, an arrowhead Argent pointing to chief under a cross patty Argent.
    Stralsund was founded as Stralow and the arrow (Stral in German) is a canting symbol. (...) The arrow as a symbol already appears on the first known seal of the city, which is known from 1265 and 1274. It shows a small boat under the arrow, as well as two swimming fish. (...) Until the 18th century (...) the arrow is (...) used as arms of the city, but the colours are uncertain. Similarly, the arrow, sometimes accompanied by a cross, is used on the coins of the city.
    Sources: Otto Hupp: "Königreich Preussen, Wappen der Städte, Flecken und Dörfer", reprint from 1896 and 1989, Kulturstiftung der deutschen Vertriebenen, Bonn, 1993; H. Ewe: "Schiffe auf Siegeln", Hinstorff, Vorpommern-Rügen, 1972.
    Santiago Dotor, 27 Nov 2001

    The arrowhead is canting and the proper symbol of the city since the 14th century, known from city seals in different position, even doubled on a flag on a ship's stern. The cross was added in the 16th century as symbol of a court. It first was under the arrowhead and since the 1630ies in the current position. From 29 December 1720 until 1938 the arms were blue with the arrowhead, crested by a crowned helmet, topped by a cross between a pair of spread wings. The shield was supported by a golden lion rampant reguardant and a red griffin. These arms were granted by King Frederik I of Sweden. I am fairly sure, that in times of the GDR also a blue shield was in use until the early 1970ies. The cross was however replaced by a golden coronet. According to Ralf Hartemink this pattern was also painted by Otto Hupp in 1925.
    Sources: Hans-Heinz Schütt:"Auf Schild und Flagge" , Schwerin 2011, pp.332-334 and Ralf Hartemink's webpage
    Klaus-Michael Schneider, 3 Apr 2020

    According to Erwin Günther the current coat of arms was in use since 1628. The cross patty first had been nothing more than a separator within the circumscription of the seal which turned to a charge in later seals. It thus has no profound meaning.
    On 29 December 1720 King Carl XII of Sweden granted new city arms as follows:
    Shield Azure an arrowhead Argent, in chief a coronet Or gemmed Gules, crested by a helmet topped by two wings and the cross patty (however Or) between them, supported by a lion rampant reguardant Or and a griffin rampant reguardant Gules armed Or.
    The arrowhead got the shape of three cornucopias, like in the arms of Anklam. The coronet is the so called "Schwedenkrone". The cross patty was a charge of the old arms. Lion and griffin are representing Sweden and Pommern. From these arms no flag had been derived. The pattern was in use at least until the early years of the GDR, and frequently a mixture was used, displaying the old pattern but on a blue shield. But there had never been blue city flags based on these arms.
    Klaus-Michael Schneider, 11 May 2020

    The current arms were approved on 9 September 1938 by Province Governor (Oberpräsident) of Prussian Pommern Provinz. The flag was designed and in use since 1903. Both were published in the Municipal Roll of Arms Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as no.67
    Klaus-Michael Schneider,31 Mar 2020

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