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Diese Website beschäftigt sich mit der Wissenschaft der Vexillologie (Flaggenkunde).
Alle auf dieser Website dargebotenen Abbildungen dienen ausschließlich der Informationsvermittlung im Sinne der Flaggenkunde.
Der Hoster dieser Seite distanziert sich ausdrücklich von jedweden hierauf u.U. dargestellten Symbolen verfassungsfeindlicher Organisationen.

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Various Nautical Flags (Switzerland)

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Rhine River Police

[Rhine River Police] image by Željko Heimer

Browsing around the old vex-journals, I found a text by Gerhard Dumke: "Rhein- und Donau-Flaggen", Deutsches
Schiffahrtsarchive 2, 1978, pp. 195–206, available here: in periodical form.
Dumke provides legal sources for those flags with inscription RHENUS, and then he shows various subsequent Rhine River Police flags as used in Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.
Željko Heimer, 6 July 2017

Regioboot Club (Basel)

[Regioboot flag]      [Regioboot logo] images located by Martin Karner

Regioboot is a private club of small ship owners, located in Basel, Switzerland. They represent the interests of the small tenants in Basel marina and take care of a coordinated appearance with the canton of Basel-Stadt, the Swiss Rhine ports and the Rhine police. Among the photos of the club's website there are also pictures of their flag and logo (see above). In the webshop a pennant is offered, among other things with the logo.
Flag and logo (both square) show on a white field a blue stripe that makes a right angle arc from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The stripe has the white inscription "Regioboot". In the right upper corner of the emblem is a ship's propeller whose three blades are designed as the flags of the countries of the tri-border region: France, Germany and Switzerland. The blue stripe represents the "Rheinknie" (knee of the Rhine) as the club's territory (In Basel the Rhine makes a 90-degree right turn to the north). The three-blades propeller stands for the triborder-region as the members' home.
Martin Karner, 4 March 2023

Swiss Motorboat Association

[FSM flag]      [FSM pennant]      [FSM logo] images located by Martin Karner

The Swiss Motorboat Association FSM (French: Fédération Suisse Motonautique; German: Schweizerischer Motorbootverband; Italian: Associazione svizzera per tutti i conducenti di barca a motore) is committed to the interests of private shipping on all Swiss waters. It is committed to sustainable and free shipping, and defends itself against an escalating flood of laws that threatens free navigation. It was founded in 2007 from a merger of the Swiss Association of Motorboat Clubs and the Swiss Alliance for Boating.
Their flag, which is offered in the webshop, is a rectangle Swiss flag with the logo in the upper left corner. The logo shows a yellow ship's propeller on a white ship's steering wheel which makes it not very distinctive. On the right side of the logo are the yellow letters FSM, the lettering runs from bottom to top.
The pennant, which is part of the logo and also offered in the webshop, has a completely different design: on a blue field a Swiss flag in the upper left corner. Three horizontal white stripes are placed on the upper half of the pennant, the lowest one running along the Swiss flag. The Swiss cross on the pennant displayed in the shop is offset to the right, on the logo it's centered.
The logo shows on a white field a black drawn anchor with a rope behind the coloured pennant, surrounded by two concentric circles in which the letters FSM are written on the top. On the sticker, also offered in the shop, there is additionally the inscription "FÉDÉRATION SUISSE MOTONAUTIQUE" at the bottom of the circles. (website)
Martin Karner, 12 March 2023

Tall Ship Friends Switzerland

[Tall Ship Friends] image located by Martin Karner

Tall Ship Friends Switzerland is a club of members who live out their fascination for sailing, and, as their name says, for tall sailing ships. They take part in sailing cruises as trainees and/or help to protect and maintain those ships by donations. The club was founded in 1991 and currently has 66 members.
The pennant (21x39 cm) of the club is offered on an auction platform, and is also being offered on their website. It shows a white three-masted sailing ship on blue background above the club name in white letters.
Martin Karner, 8 December 2023

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