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Movimiento Traditionalisto Gáucho, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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[Flag of URI (Brazil)] image by Ivan Sache, 11 July 2020

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Movimiento Traditionalisto Gáucho

Movimiento Traditionalisto Gáucho (MTG) is an umbrella organization officially registered on 27 November 1967. MTG has two main objectives:
- federating the Centros de Tradições Gaúchas (CTG) and other affiliated entities;
- preserving the nucleus of Gaúcha education and ideology by studying history, tradition and folklore, according to the Charter defining the principles and objectives of Gaúcha traditionalism, adopted on 20-23 July 1961 during the 8th Congresso Tradicionalista Gaúcho.
The associations affiliated to MTG are scattered over 30 Traditionalist Regions of Rio Grande do Sul. Associations established out of Rio Grande do Sul form the 40th Traditionalist Region.

MTG has its roots in Grêmio Gaúcho, established in 1889 by Cezimbra Jacques. The 1st Congresso Tradicionalista Gaúcho was held in 1954.
The "Group of Eight" re-established on 5 September 1947 in Porto Alegre the Gáucho traditions suppressed during Getúlio Vargas' rule. Eight young students, Antonio João de Sá Siqueira, Fernando Machado Vieira, João Machado Vieira, Cilço Campos, Ciro Dias da Costa, Orlando Jorge Degrazzia, Cyro Dutra Ferreira and their leader, João Carlos Paixão Côrtes, formed a Gaúcho guard that paid a tribute to David Canabarro, the hero of the Ragamuffin War. The next year, 35 CTG were established.
MTG was eventually founded on 28 October 1966 during the 12th Congresso Tradicionalista Gaúcho. - MTG website
Ivan Sache, 11 July 2020


The flag of MTG is white with the movement's emblem in the center.
The proportions of the flag are 20 units in length on 14 units in width. The coat of arms shall be 7 units in length on 8 units in width, leaving 3 units on top and bottom and 6.5 units on the left and right.
White is a symbol of coherence, moderation, prudence, quietness, serenity, compromise and tolerance.

The coat of arms of MTG is composed of a shield bordered in blue and outlined in black. The upper field, yellow, features a sprouting tree proper [green]. The lower left quarter, red, features a a yellow horse passant. The lower right quarter features a mate calabash with straw, all white.
The blue border is charged with two yellow stars in the middle and inscribed in yellow letters, "MTG" (top) and "RIO GRANDE DO SUL" (bottom).
Black represents science; white represents culture; blue represents engineering; yellow represents chemistry; green represents medicine; and red represents law.

The tree trunk represents the past while the sprouts represent present. The seven leaves represent traditionalism as a social organism with nativist, civic, cultural, literary, artistic and folkloric components.
The horse represents freedom and union between people.
Mate symbolizes one of the virtues that best characterize Rio Grande do Sul's people, hospitality. - MTG website


Ivan Sache, 11 July 2020

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