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Afghanistan May 1974 - April 1978

Republic of Afghanistan, Da Afghanistan Jamhuri Dawlat

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[Afghanistan May 1974-April 1978] 2:3 image by Mark Sensen

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According to Baert 2001, a Republican flag was introduced on 9 May 1974. The flag had three horizontal black-red-green stripes, with the new coat-of-arms in yellow outlined in brown on the canton.

The arms showed a stylized eagle spreading its wings. On the eagle's chest was placed a pulpit inscribed in a prayer niche, symbolizing a mosque. A wreath of wheat spikes surrounded the eagle and a rising sun surmounted it. The eagle recalled the legendary bird which placed the crown on the first Aryan King, a shepherd named Yama. The rising sun symbolized the new Republican era.

The wheat spikes recalled how the Durani tribe got the power in 1747. After the murder of the Persian king Nadir Shah, the leaders of the Pashtun tribes met to decide of the future of the country. During the meeting, a dervish showed up and placed a wreath of wheat on the head of Ahmad Shah, who was immediatly proclaimed King.

On the scroll between the spikes was written in Pashto Da Afghanistan Jamhuri Dawlat (The Republic of Afghanistan) and the date of the proclamation of the Republic according to the [solar] Islamic calendar 26 Changash 1352.

The colours of the flag received a new interpretation, black for the obscure past, red for the revolution and blood shed during the independence war, and green for prosperity given by agriculture.

The image in Baert 2001 is similar to the one above, the only difference between both images is the placement of the emblem, which is centred over the two black and red stripes in Baert 2001.

Ivan Sache, 12 April 2002

Variant with stripes of equal width

[Afghanistan May 1974-April 1978] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 16 September 2008

It is a black over red over green horizontal tricolour. In this variant the stripes are of equal width. The coat of arms is in the upper hoist. It is yellow and transparent. You can recognize the black and red colours below.
I spotted this flag on 7 March 2008 in Afghanistan Museum in Hamburg's Speicherstadt.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 16 September 2008


[Afghanistan May 1974-April 1978, detail of coat-of-arms] image by Peter Laursen

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